Xia Jian takes this opportunity,What Hu Haiquan did was revealed。Hu Haiquan’s arrogant gas filling,Suddenly dropped to half。Which villagers are going to rush forward,Suddenly became more honest。

“Guilty!The people in our village are so poor,You can actually eat more than 20,000 yuan?You really have a big appetite!“Old man Hu Fusheng,Stomp with anger。
At this time,There was a rapid sirens from the village entrance,The villagers shattered and dispersed。
quickly,Several heavily armed police rushed to the compound of the village committee of Huwang Village。The leading policeman asked:“Which is Hu Haiquan?“
Zhao Ling welcomed the past,Said hello to this person。So I told the police about the situation here,After all, they are a system。
The policeman smiled and said:“Hu San explained something about him and Hu Haiquan,We came to catch him too,Since you are one step ahead,Thank you“
The policeman said,He showed his arrest warrant。This time,Not only Hu Haiquan sat on the ground,Even the few villagers standing on the side booing suddenly resembled a leaky ball。Head drooping one by one,No one dares to speak anymore。
Zhao Chunling gave a few words to the leading policeman,Let people put Hu Haiquan,Hu Liuzi who is playing cards and making trouble,And three other gamblers,Hand it all over。
Wait for these people to leave,Xia Jian said loudly:“The villagers of Huwang Village heard。Among you,Many people are Hu San’s accomplices,There are also people who follow Hu Haiquan in the village。But let me explain one point here,You people will take the initiative to explain your problems to the township government tomorrow“
“Explain clearly,Don’t care。but,If you want to get through,Once found out,Photo capture,I won’t keep any affection。and also,Who of you didn’t pay for dinner at Donglin Restaurant,The boss keeps your account。Today, I have to spit out all the money I have eaten.“
“After today,Will double tomorrow。If anyone wants to fall back, I will let the police station assist,Enforce。and also,If you find someone ran out to do business with people from other places, then what kind of shit protection fees will be charged,Once caught,That is going to jail“Xia Jian yelled,So that my throat became hoarse。
These villagers in Huwang Village,I was completely stabilized by Xia Jian’s momentum。When Xia Jian called,Everyone is listening quietly,No one dared to say a word。
At last,Xia Jian said in a hoarse voice:“As long as everyone doesn’t do anything wrong, Not long,I will make your Huwang Village a happy home“
“Everyone must support the work of our head Xia,He was transferred from Pingyang Town。The development of Pingzhen over the years,I think everyone knows。If you want to live the life of the people in Shangpingyang Town,,You have to cooperate with our work。But I put the ugly words here first,If anyone wants to mess around,Then don’t blame me for being polite“Zhao Chunling also said a few words loudly。
Hu Fusheng said with a smile on his face:“Chief Xia!Our people in Huwang Village are too poor,If you can lead our villagers to a good life,I’ll just stare when I die“
“Old man,You have to live well,I want you to live to be a hundred,Witness the happy moments in Huwang Village“Xia Jian was laughing,Shook hands with old man Hu Fusheng。
The villagers have smiles on their faces,Everyone started talking。See here,Xia Jian’s constricted heart stretched out。To be honest,The scene just now,He is really scared。
When coming out of Huwang Village,The sun has hung on the mountain。Xia Jian glanced at Zhao Chunling who was following him,Asked quietly:“How do you know we are in Huwang Village?“
“As soon as you enter the village,Secretary Liu sent me a text message。I know you’re just trying,Bring someone and hurried over“Zhao Chunling said,Took a long breath。