“You can’t get out!Am I going to come and drive away tomorrow??Don’t want to take the bus,Taxi cost money again,Why bother?I promise to open the first gear slowly,You supervise,If you find that I’m driving fast, just punch me,Is this the head office??”A Bao is so sincere,Chen Wenjin thought it would be more dangerous to leave him alone and drive back,Agreed。

A leopard is still talking,Walk slowly,Although I am impatient, I have no regrets,Take the initiative without waiting to ask:“After the butterfly went to you,I kissed the little fish,Hehe!The relationship is so settled。What do you think of Xiaoyu?”
“pretty good,Pretty cute。”Chen Wenjin is not surprised,Xiaoyu seems to have a certain affection for Abao,Plus Abao is an activist,Clearly did not give Xiaoyu a chance to hesitate,Just saw them come out,I expected the relationship to be finalized。
“I think she is actually a bit fierce,I’m afraid she will take care of me……Hey,wrong!How could I be a big man tied up with a woman?I dumped her when I was upset!rich,I’m afraid there is no beauty?”A Leopard suddenly changed his tone in the middle of speaking,Chen Wenjin laughed and said nothing,I’m too lazy to expose。
In my memory, Abao Zhenger was in charge after talking about his girlfriend.,Chen Wenjin was also suspicious for a while,I think it’s not in line with Abao’s character。I found out later,In fact, it is almost inevitable。A leopard will only be held by the opposite sex with a stronger personality,Being weak will make Abao unscrupulous。
The teenage boy was full of ideas to attract the opposite sex,Even if there is something on my lips, I will change the beauty one by one in the future,Rarely put into practice。Most of the fantasies originate from repression and are unavailable,Actually, I really have a stable relationship,But not so many strong thoughts,Occasionally stealing fishery is the lower limit of most people。
So many singles say all kinds of unbearable things,After really getting rid of being single, he became a dedicated boy,I was turned into a good baby when I got married,A man after having a child,Many are reduced to the point of waiting for the wife to send out pocket money every month。
After all,People are emotional animals,Depression when dissatisfied with desire is pathological,All kinds of abnormal fantasies came out。After leaving this state,Usually recovered,Looking outside, the beauty is so pretty,But in my heart I always think about the one who has shared the joys and sorrows at home for a long time,The strong men outside also let the women at home,Also called leadership,Boss or something。Kind‘afraid’,After all, it’s the love accumulated over a long time,Willing to make the other half feel valued in this way,Be cared。
Chen Wenjin is letting his thoughts go,Abao suddenly said:“It’s so expensive to open a hotel!How nice to rent a house in their school community?Hey,I just don’t know if I’m willing to rent it to us……How about finding a friend who is over 18 years old to put a name on the rent?。It will be convenient for me to meet Xiaoyu in the future,No need to open a hotel when not going back to school,Sure to save it。”
Rents are cheap in this era,It’s enough to open the hotel a few times,This idea is cost-effective。
Chen Wenjin suddenly thought about the cold wind,It is indeed possible to clean up that guy faster by creating a suitable environment,So said:“Half the rent,Use together。”
“Hehe,I still can’t help but prepare to make an appointment with Hui.?”
“That’s not,For one thing,I need your help at that time。”Chen Wenjin has already figured out a solution,It makes it easier,faster,Based on his knowledge of the cold wind,There is no reason to be unsuccessful。
“what’s up?”Leopard pondered,Suddenly,Guess that:“I know!You want to find a chance to do the butterfly,Let me help don’t let Hui know, right?”