Li Jiaxing let go of his arrogance,Completely convinced。

Seeing Li Jiaxing’s reaction,Everyone in the Massachusetts Hall was shocked,They quickly asked the organizer to post all the answers on the big screen。
Results ten sets of solutions,All accurate!
Oh my god,I really met a genius!
A more powerful genius than Li Jiaxing!
Mathematicians must pay homage to Qiao Tianyu again,But I don’t want Qiao Tianyu and Li Jiaxing on the podium to have disappeared without a trace.,Everyone feels sorry。
the next day,This explosive news has been published in major American newspapers.。
“The teenager Riemann was defeated by the mysterious youth of China,Another legendary mathematics master is rising!”
Department of Mathematics, Harvard University,Li Jiaxing Research Room。
“what?Let me go with you,Be your little brother?”After Li Jiaxing learned of Qiao Tianyu’s request,Shake your head like a rattle,“No way!No way!Definitely not!”
“why not?The bet we just made,But all the mathematicians in the United States testify,Do you want to deny?”Qiao Tianyu said triumphantly。
“Who wants to deny?!”Li Jiaxing gave Qiao Tianyu a white look。
“Qiao Tianyu,Don’t you think I’ll be pretentious after winning a game by luck,You can win just now,It can only show that you are good at middle school math,On mathematical attainments,You are far inferior to me!”
Whoops,It seems that this buddy wants to lie to the end!
“OK then,It seems you are still not convinced!”Qiao Tianyu smiled and shook his head。
“Speak,How can you be convinced of losing,Willing to follow me?”
Li Jiaxing frowned and thought for a while,However, when he looked down and saw the piles of draft papers on the desk,A cold smile suddenly appeared on his face。