Gave Xiangchen a fist,In no words。

Xiang Chen nodded slightly,Bai Lu and her mother have followed the doctor,The doctor returned to the ward with Bai Lu’s father。
Xiang Chen guarded the door,Don’t know what to do。
Soon after,The door of the ward was pushed open。
“My dad wants to talk to you。”
Bai Lu’s eyes are red,Obviously just cried。
Not long,Bai Lu’s mother also followed,Looking at Xiang Chen, nodded,Then made a way for Xiang Chen。
Lean slightly,Xiang Chen walked into the ward silently。
The ward becomes extremely quiet now,Only Xiang Chen and Bai salute lying on the hospital bed。
“You find me。”
Xiang Chen came to the bed and stood still,Did not sit down,Just bow。
“sit down!Thank you just now。”
Bai Lu’s father smiled at Xiang Chen,Although Xiang Chen’s age is quite controversial,,But it’s not difficult to see that the person in front of me has real abilities,Otherwise, Dean Zhang won’t nod and bow at him。