“Don’t pray,Asyed with you,adaThe farther, the farther, the fare of Wang Bi can’t throw it.,But Amin’s cousin is miserable,Back to the black pot。”

“Humph,妒 使 使 面 面。”Zhou Xingxing snorted。
at this time,Room ring,The characters who have never thought of two people pushed into the door。
“Hello,Zhou police officer,I come”
sandyHolding flowers,Push half of the gates,Looking up, Liao Wenjie,Instantly move no eye,After the brain throwing the star star。
some days ago,Liao Wenjie was invited by Zhou Xingxing to the school to help,Surveysandy,After that, he didn’t have it.。
Pay a first kiss,sandyEveryday tea meal,Interrogative training director,That is, Cao Dawei is undercovering.。
Liao Wenjie said,He is the nephew of the school training director,this issandyUnique clue。
Cao Dahua,Undercover School Playing Training Director,so,in a sense,Liao Wenjie did not lying。
Can Cao Dada doesn’t know this matter,The people of Miss Bang are located in London.,Higher education,Go to the top society,Confucianism,Wild intronious,Never spread in front of the outside。
Character,Emotional level complex plurality,Very tested acting。
whensandyInquire,Cao Dada,He is so perfect,Must be nine generations,How can there be a nephew?,I immediately said that Liao Wenjie has heard of this name.。
sandyDisappeared,More tea rice,Then the flying tiger team battle terrorist,Take all annihilated dramas。
When I saw the colorful wolf classmate Zhou Xingxing is the police,Cao Dada, director of the training, is also a policeman.,sandyI want to pass everything.,Liao Wenjie is also a police undercover,That day encounter is in exploration information。
Several turnover,She passes through various channels,Shuixi to the ward of Zhou Xingxing。
original,She wants to contact Liao Wenjie through Zhou Xingxing,it’s good now,I saw the prostitute directly.。
“Ax Xing,You calculate me again?”
Liao WenjiesandyThe hot eyes are not comfortable,Doubt Zhou Xingxing is helping him Zhang Luo Girl,Otherwise it is not so clever。
Besides,If it is this quality girlfriend,Trouble again,He is bitter, no problem。
“Jiege,Marolle!I don’t know what happened.,Trust me,I don’t have any relationship with me.。”
“I remember this thing.,Please ask me to eat in the next day.,Otherwise I will take Amin.,After you talk about my girlfriend,How much is it?。”
Liao Wenjie whispered threatened,Smilesandy,Plug her flowers in the door handle,I walked out the ward with my shoulders.。
“I rely on,This guy did not talk about love?,Skilled look!”
Hospital garden pavilion。
Liao Wenjong started,Ambient:“sandy,actually, I”
“Jiege,You don’t have to explain,I understand,do not blame you。”
sandyBroken red,Awareness:“You are not convenient to disclose your identity that day.,I am a little angry.,I will later see that the school is so dangerous.,I suddenly realized,You are not willing to say it is for me.。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,Movement:“Since you all know,Then I will not say more.。”
“Ager,Who is this crush?,Your friend?”
Men’s fragrance fluttering,Tang Judi does not ask,Run your hand, the top of Liao Wenjie,Eye:“introduce,Introduce it to it quickly。”
Liao Wenjie:one`′one
He is looking for Judi,I only feel that the man is in the case.,In fact, it is a crown of birds.,The eyes are full of people.。