As for this bone, no one has passed,that’s not important,Handed bones,You can also lick again.,May not be more fragrant,Right?

In short,Wooden sweat, even if you all join Zhou Guo,In fact, I can’t see the country.,Insert a nail in the Yuxi and Yindian brothers。
What is more than a female two?,The cost spent is low,And what is the result??If you really want to get up,Turkic custom,A woman,I even serve my brother to take my brother.,Serving the younger brother again to take the sage,Allome。
This matter,Yu Hao is dumb loss,Even the anger of the stomach,Also try to swallow the teeth to the belly,Never confront to Turkic!
Almost a moment,Yuxi understands the sinister heart of the wooden pole,Bias,He can’t attack。after all,Now this princess,The name is A Shi Niyi,Instead of Amina。
As for why she is exactly the same as A Shizuz,this problem,Um,Just see how to understand。Anyway,Two countries and pro,Understand,If you don’t understand,Give yourself a few fists,Also learn to understand。
Uncultivated,Situation is strong,It’s that simple。
Yu Hao’s fist,Suddenly just released。His face showed a strange smile,Sighing Yang Jian said:“This matter,I am more uncomfortable in the hearts of the descendants.,朕 是 is the second。”
He also opened it,Give your brother with green hat this kind of thing,He didn’t think about it before.。But now I think,It seems that it is also very interesting.,Anyway,Not that he takes the initiative to do this。Don’t you marry the queen?,I have been watching?
There is a difficulty in mind。
“His Majesty,There is another thing to say Minha.。”
Yang Jian color tangled,His five senses have always seen some old,It looks now,It is like the old man.。
“Have something to say,Don’t swallow。”
Yu Yu is not good.,Almost on the edge of the fried hair。
“His Majesty,In the meeting,Turkic princess more than once vomiting,Weekly experience”
Yang Jian did not say,There seems to be not needed to say anything.。
“What did you say!”
Yu Yu stands up,A charging Yang Jian’s collar。His face,The arms are shaking slightly。
If it is just sending A Shiza jade,So Yu Yu can think that it is wooden foot to sweat, I hope to play a balance game.!However,Pregnant woman who sent a downlink,This is really a hidden disaster!
“This matter is really?”
“Minister seemed to see,As for true,Minachen also dares to determine。”
“Turkic,Deceive too much!”
Yushu pushed Yang Jian to the ground,Hard students who have neverned them before going to punch the impulse。
He is like a hurtful beast,Standing in place。
obviously,A Shi Nati is not aware of,Some people around Zhou,Especially in the royal family,An attitude towards wild,It’s totally different from the grassland.。
This involves just rigid,Relationship to the throne inheritance,Not far from picking up, simple。
For example, Gao Huan,For when the pick-up is not placed,It’s even more than the son who is suspected.。From this perspective,Gao Huan this person is really a big person。
Northern Dynasty Relie,However, it is not a barbarian society that is rampant.。When the traditional thought system is disintegrating,Often it will be replaced by other new ideas。
For example, Buddhism。
Looking at the people in the future,Often not get the correct conclusion。
However,Yu Yu is still anger by such a behavior!