Pudong awarded the first batch of "one industry one certificate" upgrade version of the industry comprehensive license

Pudong awarded the first batch of "one industry and one certificate" upgrade industry comprehensive license company truly realized "a certificate", "Protection" this newspaper (Reporter Hu Yixiang) Yesterday, a megadownload of Fitness, Manner Coffee, etc. "One Industry One Certificate" Upgrade Edition Industry Comprehensive License.

This is also the first Pudong New Area Regulation "Shanghai Pudong New Area Deepening" An Industry One Certificate "Reform Regulations" issued the first batch of industry comprehensive licenses, marking the new stage of the "one industry and one certificate" reform in Pudong New Area.

"With the ‘one industry one certificate’ enters the Difficulty in the ‘deep water area’, the difficulties faced in the reform practice, the plugging points have become more prominent. For example, it is subject to the specific provisions of the upper law, and the industry comprehensive license cannot replace some single license paper. Certificate, industry comprehensive license and various single licenses have difficulty matching. "The relevant person in charge of Pudong New District People’s Congress said that these issues have been surrendered by the Pudong New Area, need to make full use of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee for the Municipal People’s Congress and The authorization of the Standing Committee is appropriately changed by introducing laws, regulations, and regulations by incorporating Pudong New Area. Therefore, "Shanghai Pudong New Area deepened" a certificate "reform regulations" not only cured multiple reform results in the market access field in Pudong New Area in recent years, but also further deepened reform and innovation, "upgraded" for industry comprehensive licenses : The implementation of the industry comprehensive license "monorail system" reform, no need to issue a single license after the comprehensive license of the market main system. After industry reform, the individual licenses involved are no longer accepted, issued, and relevant departments may not require the market entities to provide a single license, and truly realize the enterprise to obtain "one certificate" to "accurate".

In addition, Pudong New Area has also established an industry comprehensive license and unified and validity period system. The comprehensive license of the latter industry is determined to determine the validity period.

A Member of the Manager of the Message Public Relations Department tells the reporter that the gym is operating in need of fire, public health, high-risk sports, and the validity period of each certificate is also different. In the past year, they must be reviewed separately. Once the omissions are not handled before the expiration, they have to be re-verified.

After the reform, just a cycle to go to a window to pay one material review once.

These two initiatives have been made to multi-laws, administrative regulations, and departmental regulations. Pudong New Area adheres to "managed to live" to "put", establish and deepen the industry integrated supervision system that is adapted to the industry’s comprehensive license. The reporter learned that the Pudong New Area regulations clearly, the industry incorporated into the "One Industry One Certificate" reform will rely on "one network system" platform, implement dynamic supervision, risk supervision, credit supervision and classification of the overall life cycle of the market Regulatory, providing a strong rule of law guarantee for the construction of coordinates and efficient, safe and reliable risk prevention and things in Pudong New Area.

It is understood that the Pudong New Area will implement the "Shanghai Pudong New Area to deepen" reform regulations in the "Shanghai Pudong New Area", which is closely to the market main body life cycle development needs. Improve system perfect, accurately integrated system supply model, launch market-wide commitment to enrollment, etc. .

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