The fate of parents and children

Who becomes whose children? Who became whose parents? I have always believed that parents and children are not only connected by blood, but also by fate.. In this life, when you meet each other, you will be entangled with each other for the rest of your life.. I’m not enough, I’ll never forget my concern until I die.. Is it from the first time the child learns to walk to stretch out his chubby little hand to you, from the first sound of his father and mother, or from an embryo conceived earlier in the happy smile of his mother’s sweet hope father? So, you smiled at them and smiled with tears, and you cried and they struggled with pain in their hearts.. When we were young, they were still young. The love they gave us was trivial, selfless, and long, incomparable, and we had a comfortable life.. When we were young, they were old and still in love, what we remember was in love, what we don’t remember was in love, and we had a feeling of dejection..     Qing’s father’s age is not big either. He’s over sixty years old, because there was a small car accident and his brain was broken. After that, he became fond of laughing and always smiled with han han when he saw people.. In the summer, a melon was picked in the field and given to Qing living in the town by the sun on the roof.. Qing’s family lives on the fourth floor. He knocked and knocked at the door after he came up, sometimes making a noise for the children’s siesta.. Swallow said that sometimes without cantaloupe, his father would come to see him by car, and sometimes he would shut the door without saying a word in advance.. Yan is Qing’s wife. Occasionally, when going out of town, Qing would call his mother: ” We’re not here these days, so let me not come over.”. Many people in our dialect call father’ ye’. Mulan was also called as such in the army. One night it was more than ten o’clock and Qing’s mother was watching TV. Father is fine, suddenly said, why don’t you cook lunch, three son should come back for dinner. Saner is the nickname of Qing Dynasty. Mother in distress situation, you see the sky outside, dark, it is night. Father didn’t believe it and kept muttering, This damn day, in broad daylight, is so dark, even if it is going to rain. His mother couldn’t beat him. He went to the kitchen and cooked a pot of rice. After the meal was cooked, he called his son and grandson to go home for dinner. Qing light said this matter, we also light listen. Qing’s son also added: ” My grandfather is having fun. It’s more than ten o’clock in the night and he called us home for dinner.”. ‘ Qing man’s big eyes were covered with fog. I also turned my head and pretended not to see it.     Fu’s father is in his eighties and his mother is younger. My parents live in a nearby town. They are old and confused.. A blessing came home to see them and saw the lights in the kitchen far away and felt warm in my heart. The lights of this house were waiting for him.. The pot was steaming hot. The porridge is more like a pot of rice. Fu poured some water into it. The father said that his mother knew he was coming back, and she cried out that Fukiko was coming back for dinner and had to prepare early.. So there’s this porridge that looks like a pot of rice. In front of my eyes there was a scene in which white-haired and wrinkled parents and a son who was no longer young drank porridge around the table in dim light.. Fu said that at ordinary times the mother always makes a lot of noise when she goes to bed, and the TV is not good – looking. Why is the outside wind still going on? All sorts of strange reasons. However, on the evening when Fu slept with them in a room, the room was strangely quiet and the mother had no sound at all.. That night, my mother’s dream, like moonlight like water, was like a layer of gauze quietly hanging over the earth, even softly sprinkled in front of the bed through the window.. Perhaps the mother’s thoughts gradually became clear and clear, and a string of memory suddenly flashed into place and accurately connected with the past long years, so that the child could not be noisy, and the child would have to go to school tomorrow.     A CCTV public service advertisement showed that a successful son brought his father with Alzheimer’s disease to dinner. The rich dishes on the table, the dull eyes of the old father, the helplessness and heartache of his son. Who said that the most painful thing in the world is your closest and dearest person, but he can’t remember you when you are in front of him. When the dumplings were served on the table, the father suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed a few of them in his pocket. His son was dumbfounded and felt no face at all.. The father said in a faint voice that dumplings were to be brought to his son, who loved them most when he was a child..He forgot everything. Forget about your son. Memory of the sky is a mass of chaos, boundless darkness, what magic power suddenly like a flash of lightning through his sky?     Ping said she suddenly felt heartache when cleaning at home today, thinking of her mother. Mother was seriously ill and the hospital said it could do nothing to take her home. Ping said that the Spring Festival is coming. In order to enable her mother to survive the Spring Festival, she went to a smaller hospital.. Ping’s aunt came to see her mother and cried, ” Sister, you’ve had a hard life.”. ‘ Ping’s father left early and his family had only a few acres of farmland. My aunt also looked at ping and said that their three children were also suffering. Ping then said a word that made her remember so much heartache and regret so far. Yes, we were bitter when we were young. Ping said, ” I was going to say that our sisters are so bitter, and the mother must be more bitter.”. However, why didn’t I say the last sentence at that time. Mother will think I’m complaining about her, but I really didn’t mean that. When Ping was a child, at the beginning of the school year, people took their tuition fees to sign up. They always go empty – handed. The teacher urged them, and when they came home they urged their mother. Mother was weeding in the field, black – faced, and silent.. If they don’t understand, they insist. Sometimes they complain. Ping now recalls that when her mother didn’t speak, she was probably thinking silently in her mind about how to do it. After her mother left, a neighbor told Ping that when they came to visit her, she said she was in pain. Ping’s heart became a knot. Every time ping asked her if she was in pain, her mother had no strength to speak and shook her head slightly.. Ping is full of tears. We listened with tears in our eyes. Ping said that she wanted to write a few words for her mother countless times, and to write down the strength and forbearance of a mother.. But I can’t write it down every time. I encourage her to write, let your child and many people know that there is such a mother who has lived. Even for the sake of his own memory. Ping finally said, I envy you very much.     Ming’s children are ten years old, and they are still loved by their parents in front of their children.. At noon in winter, they go back to their parents’ home for dinner. Also like summer, like to take a nap in the afternoon. Parents accustomed to farm work are obviously not used to resting in winter afternoons. Ming and his wife slept in the west room. Mother always sliced the fruit, put it on a plate and quietly sent it to the bedside table.. Then he went to the east room to complain about his father: ” TV can’t be quiet.”? The children are sleeping. Ming and his wife heard this and kept silent. Mom helped the younger brother with his children, but the younger brother was thin from childhood. The younger brother who grew up was a husband, a father or a thin one. Mom always picked out big bowls for her younger brother to have rice, compacted it a little and packed it a lot.. My mother always snatched the heavy objects from the downstairs to the fourth floor.. The child woke up and quarreled in the morning. Mom quickly brought the child over so that her son and daughter-in-law could sleep more. This kind of thing, opening every window in the morning and evening, is similar and the same scene is played over and over again in every family, as many stars as twinkling stars in the sky.     Bo said a word, it’s a pleasure to be able to show filial piety in front of your parents. He took care of his father for a month before he died. He saw his father depend on you like a child. He stretched out his hand with clothes and opened his mouth with food.. Sometimes even decline to cannot stretch out his hand, can’t open his mouth. You seem to have returned to the beginning of your life. At the beginning of life, we were cared for by our parents, eating, drinking, pulling and sleeping.. At the end of life, the little children in front of the bed accompany each other and bring tea and water.. Always joking and careless, Bo hurried aside when he remembered his father’s last days and said only those days, who would like to recall them.    The fate of parents and children, whether born or dead, has always been in each other’s heart, and from time to time it makes each other’s heart ache faintly.. As a child, how many times will parents suffer in life? After parents grow old, how many times will it hurt to be a child!