To the youth I will die

The time is clear and shallow, and the flower shadow is cool. The flowers bloom all the time. It’s a cool time for you to pass by me.. With radian eyebrow eye and lip angle, they are swaying from the October light and cool wind, melting the sun and looking for half a promise of lost glory..   It was a season of dreams and flowers, as well as us who braved the wind and broken the waves and were brave and lonely.. Some people all the way through the jungle, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea; And some people choose an all-consuming love and walk slowly.   I think I belong to the latter, in that season with breeze and flower fragrance, brewing a huge unrequited love. The beginning of the story is not from me, and the ending is naturally from me.   Time, a term that people can’t catch, but want to stay but can’t retain. ‘ The sun and the moon are like a shuttle, and time is like an arrow. ” It has become the most appropriate and common description of the world..   I don’t want to use this common term to describe time, but I don’t want to fall into a rut, but I can’t find a proper term to remember time..   After three years of hectic flight, it was the longest summer vacation in a twinkling of an eye.. When the expected things come, but the hands and feet are messed up for a while, how will my sad youth be placed?   I want to write a long novel and write him? Write her down? Write me? Write us down? I started writing and dropped it, but I don’t know where to start.     Every day in the secular wandering, see all flowers bloom and fall, cloud roll cloud shu, unavoidable melancholy in my heart. I have always been unable to understand the role of memory, which is to remind people of past happiness or sadness.? Or give people the courage to live for the rest of their lives.   Through the years of youth and ignorance, we put down all our defenses and failed to defeat the army.. Green is a ray of life, but I never like green, but I love the green T – shirt you wear very much..   I want to write about you, who occupied the greatest space in my past years.   When the past is gradually falling, the flowers are all gone. All I have left is infinite sadness.   Cut a period of time, half bright, a thin and cool, some people, gradually moving away. The world is always lonely, with the ancient saying that there was no one to go to the west tower, how deep is the lonely deep courtyard, and the phoenix tree is a little drizzly.   There is a river-side woman’s desolation and desolation. Some of the past, always remember, some of them were still in the heart, those memories covered with moss will always come after the rain in front of the wind..   Talk is a desire to act according to the opportunity, but I have no courage to remember everything in detail..   My thoughts, which have no basis, are full and willful and can only be planted in the heaven and earth of words. With spring flowers, Xia Feng, autumn leaves, winter snow, quietly, quietly growing.   Thank fate, let us meet, thank separation, let us know how to cherish each other more.   Like light love, every love, love to love is empty, who is the master?   Sometimes I believe that real life only takes time to measure all loneliness. Sometimes I believe that some love, such as the fireworks in the sky, is lost. Sometimes I believe that the world is small enough to have no love.   Life is a journey that cannot be turned back. Both beauty and non – beauty should be appreciated. I want to forget you, just hope to hold a cool hand in the world of mortals.   Winding years of decayed rings, autumn flutters in, evoking memories of the past. Remember that autumn wind, drizzle, maple leaves and red leaves swayed the innocent years we passed together. Broken and messy memories, engraved with bustling touching.   If I am doomed to fail to forget you, then I would like to engrave you in my hand for a warm life. Literature lovers exchange group 92778596