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Cover photo design | Holly Zebian | Seino good depth of 2041 text: 3153 words | 5 minutes to read the whole network starting · “chaos” · Commercial paper thinking freshness: ★★★★★ + Taste: sirloin steak monarch invites you notes, first thought: like the sort of people who work really higher efficiency it?Do a good job every day close of the work plan is really useful?Anti-jamming capability shortcomings of poor really do?I have a friend small A, Virgo type of obsessive who can not appear a little chaotic life.Spotless clean up the desk, in accordance with color-coded folders, placed neatly written work plan also notes serious than my high school, do anything to be out a good schedule, a small armor was deeply addicted to the lifestyle off Sheli.Recently, however, some anxiety a little armor.After graduation, a special effort has been little armor, work life programs listed airtight, for fear of wasting little time.This arrangement did not bring much success to the so-called A small, four-year graduation Seeing as their own hard-working colleagues, rise higher and higher, but still stay put yourself.A fact is a small microcosm of many young people: they are obsessed with clean and orderly way of life, they believe that finishing operation, storage methods, tables and daily task list will bring a tidy desk, fresh living environment, they are afraid of disorder, fear no ability to respond to disturbances, fear of chaos suddenly appears.However, such a lifestyle did not bring much comfort, efficiency and no higher, more and more people say their own anxiety, and fear of accidents and the more confusion, the more unexpected to.First, like the sort of people who work really higher efficiency it?In the confusion between law and neat, tidy and most people think the law to make their life better, work more efficiently, become more successful, in fact the opposite.Whether or office desk, cluttered not only reveals the way we work, but also improve efficiency.Sometimes, classified indeed help us, but do not ignore the cost of time, that is, the time saved exceeds the time spent sorting?Studies show that people in the workplace, some scholars are sometimes divided into two types of employees: sorting and stacking those who.A few years ago, ATT Labs researchers Steve Hui Cote (Steve Whittaker’s) and Julia Herzberg (JuliaHirschberg) studied how a group of employees handling paper documents.Who prefers stacked files?Who’s file cabinet higher utilization?When the company relocated to, who can in the shortest possible time to pack away important documents?Finally, the answer to a problem far beyond the expectations of two researchers: “We would have thought finishing’s performance will be better, because they will evaluate each document and then New archives, should be able to find more in a short time all the important file.”The truth is just the opposite.Trimmer only in mechanical work, any document – important good, no use, whether you – will archive.Many file after first use has lost value, still occupying space.Thus, in a short time from finishing it difficult for an entire cabinet file quickly pick out important.Will organize so much time and effort spent on filing, so that some people even had obsessive-compulsive disorder, not finishing is not comfortable.And finishing by contrast, prefer the documents stacked on the table, picked up the next time, glance, useless directly into the trash, it is useful to continue on the table.If the combined method Abrahamson and Freedman mentioned, I recently used on the top, to move the office, they relaxed, and take the document away half heap layer file can, under pressure the matter will be.As the stack’s office area is always a mess, I could not stand some of the colleagues could help them organize secretly, for the stack are concerned, which is equal to the deliberate destruction.Headache, as well as e-mail archiving in modern society, not only paper documents.How do e-mail archiving?That was a huge and complex project.For finishing are concerned, increasing not only the document, as well as folders.One study found that people will create a new file folder to save e-mail every 5 days.Xerox PARC researchers found that e-mail archiving time accounted for 10% of the total processing time of e-mail.Some people may think, okay 10%.wrong!Steve Cote benefits and IBM joint Research Center researchers published a paper titled “I’m sort mail in a waste of time?”.The answer they give is: In general, yes.After obtaining the consent of the hundreds of white-collar workers, benefits Cote and colleagues on their computers to install tracking software, software to track a total of 85,000 times to try to find e-mail, browse the folder either one by one or by other means, such as direct viewing your inbox, locate the sender mailbox or use the search function.Cote found search Hui folder each time spend an average of close to a minute, while other methods just 17 seconds.Those folders categorized by mail looking for white-collar workers spend a lot more time to file, to improve the success rate has not.In other words, even if you put all the files in a file folder, save time but also save the score level.Second, do a good job every day close working plan is really useful?For without distraction, we always work in accordance with the priorities set out plans for themselves, but plans to keep up with rapid change out.Schedule management are basically two methods.The first is a matter of record only strictly determined time, such as doctor’s appointments and flights as well as business meetings, other things flexible arrangements.The second is both big and small, are scheduled well in advance, a period of time to schedule a task.Which method do higher efficiency?Psychologist Daniel Kirschenbaum (Daniel Kirschenbaum), Laura Humphrey (劳拉汉弗莱) and Sheldon Mallet (Sheldon Malett) to find the answer.They got a group of college students study a short course, the course aims to improve students’ learning skills.The students were randomly divided into three groups.The first group is a control group (control group), researchers have only told them some very simple time management skills, such as every half hour to hour and a half to rest for 5?10 minutes.The second and third sets of experimental group.The researchers not only told them time management skills, and gave them about exactly how.The researchers told the second group on a monthly basis to develop learning plans and objectives, told the third group in days develop study plans and objectives.Researchers predict the performance of the test group should be better than the control group in the two control groups, the third group will behave better than the second group.The results overturned three psychologists default.The worst performance in the third set.At first, the third group of students study 20 hours a week, but to post reduced to 8 hours.The performance of the control group were also not good to go, although students learn more coherent, but the study time from 15 hours per week reduced to 10 hours.The second best performing group, they are on a monthly basis to develop learning plans, learning 25 hours a week to the end of the course learning time also increased slightly.You can see, the second set of learning time is twice the third set.After the experiment, the researchers continued to follow for a year, found that three trends indicate that student achievement was found still in the continuation: the second group of the best student achievement, student control group of marking time, while a third group of student achievement continues decline.Why is it so?The researchers offer two explanations.First, develop a daily study plan takes too much time and effort, most of the students abandon this practice is a matter of.Second, once the students did not keep up with the progress of the schedule, they will feel disappointed in myself, nor the power of learning.Both are quite reasonable explanation sounds.This leads to another question: Why always students to plan a day to keep up with the progress it?Accidents will happen.You have a cold today, tomorrow plumber to come to repair water pipes, the day after a friend suddenly coming to your city.A too specific schedule is no place for these emergency situations.So, we plan to loose a little, to leave more room for the unexpected trouble, but also to leave some room for the unexpected opportunity.Third, the anti-jamming capability shortcomings of poor really do?Many people believe that the weak anti-jamming capability is a disadvantage, but in fact, these people just have more creativity.The researchers did an experiment, 25 showed an early talent and creative students, 22 people have the ability to filter interference source weak.They are easily distracted, it is susceptible to interference “do not care” of things.But who can be sure these extraneous things that really has nothing to do?From the University of Michigan Holly Wright (HollyWhite) as well as from the University of Memphis Pratt Shah (PritiShah) in the experiment has also been a similar conclusion.They studied some adults with severe defects in attention and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), who are already receiving professional help.And Shelley Carson experiment subjects, as this part of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in patients with more creativity, and therefore more likely to succeed.From the works have been published in the “New Yorker” poet, the Broadway theater director, there are indications that difficulty concentrating people tend to be very creative people.Clearly, attention deficit did not become a stumbling block to their success on the road.When we fell to the valley, in order to reach the inevitable need to climb mountains.Look at what these people made, “hyperactivity” is more like a strength, not a weakness.American Onion News Network published an article, titled ironically – “eating methylphenidate (Jun note Note: Methylphenidate is the main component of the treatment of ADHD drugs), it could not become a Picasso.”.Psychologists also found through experiments, interference or challenge can inspire people’s creativity.In Charan Nemeth (CharlanNemeth) Julianne Kirwan (JulianneKwan) and experiment, two subjects as a group, the staff play blue or green slides to a subject, a subject in need color aloud see slide.The subject does not know is that his partner is posing laboratory personnel, they deliberately give misleading, such as seeing a blue slide is hard to say Green.After some interference, the researchers asked the subjects of green and blue to make them think of what?Someone replied: sky, sea, or eyes, those who are deliberately interfered given more creative answer: jazz, flame, sadness, Picasso.Studies have shown that the interference deliberately created to open up the imagination of the subject.In experimental psychologist Ellen Langer (Langer Ellen) tissue, the researchers will give subjects assigned different tasks, then continue to interfere with their subjects while on duty.For example, one subject received the task is to draw a cat, painting half, the researchers said: “ah, you have to draw the animals living in the water!”There are some subjects received the task is to write an article for ‘breakfast’, and then he was told that temporary researchers have written articles and ‘morning’ about.Wrote half of the subjects they were asked to quickly complete a questionnaire describing writing and “Green Orange” articles about how feelings.The researchers pointed out that if the subject repeatedly on the proposition, the researchers will explains: “People make mistakes, try to work them into it.”Studies have shown that this is subject to appease had better complete the task, but also during the experiment got more fun.World Wide Gang said: “Behind the neat is conformist, a man mechanization; behind the confusion is free and independent, is more like people who!”Modern society needs chaos, some confusion can bring freedom and independence to stimulate the imagination, excessive pursuit of clean and orderly like a waste of time, and prone to anxiety.From the beginning to try to lay down the rules and framework today, the liberation of autonomy, embrace chaos, not only can improve efficiency and creativity, but also an independent lifestyle.After “Undercover economics” sold 1.5 million “Financial Times” very popular Undercover Economist – Tim Harford lurking five years, offer a unique insight into the complex world of thinking, reducing confusion runaway nine important scenes teach you to meet the changing world of nine key positions, to adapt to chaos, to deal with chaos, confusion, using it to get rid of confusion.Good text recommended Xia notes: “the principle of” Da Liou latest lecture 2 million words the essence: on success in life and investment principles of 85% from the personal connections, why are you trying to not find opportunities?Depth interpretation of “principles”: to master higher order thinking Man notes the strength of good courses: ↓↓ a lingua franca of business class, not a drop of chicken soup ↓↓↓