Please do not make hollow human life

Please do not do life of the so-called hollow hollow man who refers to himself than to listen to all the people who strong arrangements.If you are young, from now on take responsibility for my own life; if you are a parent, then please stop and reflect on their own in their children’s education if forced into a hollow man.A 2013, my big cousin died, just over 40 years old.Dead cousin’s a big shock to me, he reminds me of Gillian.A rural primary school teachers in Hunan and Hong Kong actress could do with something to do?I think the old way they speak and look like.Many years ago, I jokingly asked if I was married for many years the big cousin, how you do not catch you like that junior high school female students, he’s wavering and said: My parents will not let it.That expression is almost exactly the same and Gillian, a debut ten years, a 32-year-old actress, a child and a 35-year-old man with a wife of the same expression, a little bloom, I have a little something to do with indifference, as if it Mania is not your own.My cousin is a big idol of my childhood, how old he was older than me, I grew very worship him, because he was handsome, and cool.While other children ask adults to runny nose biscuits, he always took a slight mockery hiding in the side.He got the idea seemed to do nothing, for nothing on tight, there is a joy and your son.In fact, I do not understand people like us ordinary family how this will be his temperament, basically trained Hunan Normal children inside the family, all of them have one thousand heart, mind.But the cousin is not the same, there are one thousand eye his heart, but he also refused to move a.I think it’s because he does not need to move about with people in mind, he is after my uncle had five daughters, managed born son, he is an elderly couple darling children.His classmates recalled that when everyone else was still wearing Nylon pants, wool pants looked forward to put my uncle is the local high school principal, the situation is good, what it comes home to big cousin, are Ken.A child, my favorite cousin to the big room, because there is always the cleanest most beautiful, there are a lot of toys, lots of books, nothing like rural children’s treatment, even better than the city baby.Big cousin were good, kind-hearted, simple, but he is playful, like the relaxed.Parents gave him everything paved, he so far has been not very good, he did not care, anyway, the parents give him a raise.First, get together to work out, he went to college and later get together to learn.He left home to take the relationship to go the right relationship, and finally replace the old father became a teacher.He had a class like the female students, parents do not agree, he did not how to fight, just like a girl and soon married parents phases.According to conventional understanding of marriage also end up with, classes are also on the live well, but he was not.Teacher job, he thinks that low wages, and tired, often do not go along with the village bully who drink every day playing cards.Drinking drinking, just like his wife had a falling out.When drinking drinking, the body is not good, and cirrhosis drinking drinking and ran to a lot of years later, I returned home to see him, he has a little blankly, but people are still very handsome, very good , took us to boating, bird watching.I told him to pay attention again, and he smiled shyly.Later, the situation is getting worse, he had liver ascites, working from the top of his wife, sick leave every day at home, increasingly drink more, drink cerebellar atrophy.Later, his wife heard people say well with others, he was angry and bring a knife to kill, is Quanzhu people, say, you useless, do not let women have a way out.Still later, he became a patient, often taken to the hospital, but to come out and drank.Sisters fed up, my sister once said, you really do not drink, do not drink my sister to send you to the hospital.The results of a prophecy.One night he was vomiting blood, he has always insisted not to let anyone take him to hospital, less than four years old died at his home.I often think of my cousin who, wondering why he had come this far, am still do not understand.For a hard life, he Shuangshouyitan frowned look reminds me of Gillian.Of course, I also think of my life in a lot of other people, such as my beautiful junior high school at the same table.Her father wants her to marry the son of the secretary of the factory, she married.An unhappy marriage, she would blame her father, is my dad insisted I marry, divorce, have been complaining to complain to get depression.There are two of my neighbors, the brother blew a good hand flute, handsome and elegant, the factory turned out to be a good young workers.Girlfriend classmates, dance, posture perfect child, Shenxianjuanlv general character.But do not know why, when he bought fruit stall and women to engage on, one second to go I do not know how it is inseparable.In him, it was just a Aventure, but the woman, but it is to change the fate of the narrow gate.That beauty will pull off the fruit and beat her husband divorced, while wrists, while hanging, have to marry the brother, leaving the whole living quarters are sensational.In the end, he had married her lost lover, lose their jobs, and more cut off from home.When the fruit stall unhappy life, his wife scolded increasingly playing cards drinking, that means: You do not want me to do, you do not want to ruin my life right, then I’ll destroy it to you last time I saw him was in early morning mist, taps day I went to the airport to catch the early flight Changsha, found that he slept in a roadside fruit stand side, unshaven, sleepy eyes dim, being on the side of the road face.It looks like real fruit stall, a little bit there had been an air of the flute.After a child, his wife up, dancing feet swore too lazy son, three people talk past each other, like a wandering soul three home three times I often think of a funny question, what in the end is We decide our fate.Chen was my friend replied, tragic character determines the fate of the tragic, tragic fate has deepened the tragic character.A lot of people in life tragedy is that they do not want to bear their own destiny, so they chose a seemingly very easy to very easy way out of the way, they let others decide their fate.Because this way, they can do most of internal injuries in a crash most fail, and can legitimately point the finger at others.You see, you see, I was so miserable because they are, they want me to do this they usually mean parents, companies, all of their lives in powerful organizations and individuals.Because of them, I do not fared so badly!So, you do not find me, you find them.I call it playing life Lai, who say such things, as adults also like a baby suffered grievances, their hearts empty, like wandering in this world of Hollow Men.China abounds in the hollow men, who are usually hollow especially well-behaved children, parents do not give trouble, not arguing with adults, and hear all these powerful people than their own arrangements.In the hollow man’s world, context is this: I do not choose, I would not be responsible, I do not choose, I would not make mistakes others are wrong committed, or someone else forced me to commit.They can not be called bad, or even be called good, but they usually are nothing.They gave up the opportunity to control their own life, skillfully buck to others, but they are usually lifelong resentment.Psychologists have a word Wu Zhihong impressed me, he said: the meaning of life lies in the choice, the process of continuous self-selection process is to become your own, one of our most important life desire.That is when a person gave up the opportunity to choose life, it is almost equivalent to give up their lives and no one’s self never really lived.Past the end of the opera “catch fish” have such a conversation, ask Guanyin carp: I wonder if you would like the great saphenous or small saphenous?Carp back to ask: saphenous one reason or another, how can the small saphenous?Avalokiteshvara replied: saphenous pull scales three, into the mortal suffering, the small saphenous South China Sea with my practice, five hundred years, attained immortality.Heard this period, very heart shock, we all thought with the Buddha practice is practice, in fact, higher than the level of practice with Buddha practice is practice in the world.Indeed, life is a spiritual, living in the world is a big practice.May have to go through hundreds of billions of years of opportunity, you finally can be a trip to the world, but you have to close my eyes, close the ears, do not fix does not work, follow the crowd, desolate life, what a sad choice.Text / Huang Tong Tong Source: “girl, welcome landed in this cruel world.”