Broken beautiful

I like broken tree stump, twigs betel, like rust temple bell, decadent break the wall, like a deep courtyard Punta Akigusa, jade stone steps tilt column fracture, like a cloud of cold stars fell moon dried up roots stem Cui Liu defeated flower residue, like a silent old man dressed in faded clothes tattered street to pick up, like a little girl skinny shoulders carrying a cloth piece makes up the old bag to go to school.I even like the mouth of a missing or a bottle of beer cans being crushed quietly rolling on the ground, then rest.Whenever you see these sporadic trivial human things, I always staring intently them until they beheld the realm far, far away to go.  I do not know how beautiful they once had, so I can not imagine their beauty.As a result, I deeply indulge in the beautiful unthinkable not make this source, digging their brilliant past, and then, when I look back, these two life forms pull to the front, suddenly cried.All this inexplicable contains a number of unspeakable romantic joys and sorrows, contains a number of desolation sentimental vicissitudes of things eternal and boundless ah!  I like to see people cried, people like to listen to the sound of roaring mad, like drunk people buried in the bottom of my heart drooling spit out some of the fermentation of the past, like watching a unrequited love of the people who live in the rain on the wedding night beloved’s umbrella stand silent.I like Enron quiet Suri who complained endlessly suffering, joy has always been to meet people suddenly get depressed and frustrated, people remember the old yellow youth, aloof people repent miss love.I like the star fell out of favor after the sad smile, reluctantly look back when old age hero, frustrated by officialdom alone product tea, the roots of the dead beauty in the mirror grief.I like when people are the weakest most defenseless dug their most pain the most painful part of that thing, then tremble and cry, and then let the heart is bleeding.  Whenever this time, even if I know nothing about the person in front, I will believe: the man has a very good and still have a beautiful soul, he experienced the bitterness and suffering, as well as those thoughts is difficult to conceive and touch emotional, his life is the deepest and most cherished mark storage.Only waiting for him when broken, he will release the long-pigeon house arrest, and open the window to expose their truest face.  Can be broken people, will really lived.Lin’s broken, that she had unforgettable love; San Mao’s broken, from the moment she’s been through a lot Ming Che and detached; Van Gogh’s broken, let the sun with his golden knife continued pain in the light; Bedouin Finland’s broken, it is extremely black and white keys of spiritual life of the tragic impact movement.If the ordinary person who leaked the broken is the most beautiful spot the most pure human nature, then these good souls are broken, such as silver ceremony flowers filled the sky above us.How much we learn from life’s dream and the true meaning of ah!  I know that not many people like me can enjoy this unique happiness and joy, not many people know that this is how thin broken beautiful densely covered with fields and pastures in front of us, as thin dense tonight moonlight.  Who said: beautiful flower, is that her bloom.In fact, it is the flower bloom broken ah.  (Text / Joe leaf) paper Recommended Appreciation: Author of the text control, emotion, perception of beauty author.”Broken Beautiful” is a good example.When living things are hard in pursuit of the so-called “perfect”, but Joe leaves on the definition of “beauty” unconventional, that “only broken is beautiful”, “a very good and still have a beautiful soul.” although the author reflects and broken heart, but they also believe that a better world is full of broken.And then leads her own for “Broken beautiful” insights.Follow the author’s strokes, we see the lives of all the “broken” the elephant, and “indulge in this beautiful unthinkable not make source, digging their colorful past, when I look back, these two life forms to pull the front, suddenly tears “, or those who roam ‘outstanding souls’ broken after” full sky blue fireworks’.The middle of a whole segment of “broken” unique description reflects the author’s meticulous observation, “so that the soul is bleeding.”The authors express dissatisfaction with the brutal social and buried in the hearts of pain and good catharsis.  .Joe leaves for the United States gives us a completely different experience.”Perfect” is certainly valuable, but “broken”, then why is not it?”The fact is the flower bloom broken ah.”This is her unique charm, for it was her dust on people for feeling this fickle society.For the “broken” the perfect unique insight.Thus warned people to cherish a rude awakening when the existing better not to come until broken.