I love her more than 18 years

That year I was in High School.I dated several weeks for that plan.La Chena agreed to come out and meet me.School people know that she is a proud girl.School people know her parents very strict discipline her, like my parents were very strict discipline, like I.  I lied to parents, the school will organize a short trip, so I fight for appointment to the day.  I and La Chena in a small restaurant to eat lunch, and then hand in hand to a movie.In the evening, we walked walked and talked in the street.Life suddenly becomes very wonderful.  Suddenly, the pedestrian across the middle of the road, a figure popped into my eyes and my heart whom shocked.Unfortunately, this man was crossing the street toward me, he is my father.  Suddenly, all the romance gone out clean from my heart.Instead of fear.I know that I will not tolerate strict father lie, but do not tolerate my puppy love back, will scold me under a large crowd, embarrass me, let me make a fool in front of La Chena.  I can not wait to have a crack on the ground, so I got to get away.However, I have nowhere to escape.  My father walked around pedestrians and other strange, like, pass from me, as if they did not recognize me.I mentioned throats of the heart fall, then not tell what kind of mood.  In the evening, I came home, the fear of attack on the heart again.At dinner, I have no appetite.What surprised me is that all the usual.In addition to me, the whole family look easy, talk and laugh freely, no one mention I did that thing.I hurried meal, ran into his room, more hearts uneasy.  After a child, my father came into my room, sat down beside me.I was too frightened to say anything, but I saw his eyes from soft.His calm tone asked: “Young man, about what will happen today?She looked beautiful, but also very cute!”Like being live hypnosis confused, like, what I lay it on my first date to come clean, and added:” Dad, I’m a day passed quickly, as only a few minutes like, flash and over.”My father laughed:” You know, Einstein said, when you hand on a hot pan for a minute like one hour; when you talk with a beautiful woman, an hour like a minute.This is the theory of relativity, it shows that you appreciate what you have is a good feeling.”My father never talked to me like this.At the moment, he is more like my friend, rather than a guardian.I feel compelled to speak his mind in front of things.  We talked for more than an hour.In this one-hour conversation, I want to tell him many times, I should not lie, should not puppy love; I want to ask him why there are only two of us, he is not clear that I am wrong side.  When his father left the room, said something, so I still ringing in our ears: “Young man, your girlfriend love you, but your father love you more than her 18 years.”