Interesting stories shrimp fishing

Childhood is a wonderful and unforgettable memories, childhood parents work in the field left me in the country’s grandmother, one old and one less of each other and a lot of fun but poor spring day over the mountain digging shepherd’s purse, fishing for shrimp catch crickets summer, autumn collection berries winter snowman..The most interesting than most memorable shrimp fishing, and there are three reasons, one: in the era of the poor can improve the food; Second: learn the use of waste; Third: Tell me Eat Hot Tofu!    I remember when we often see water scarcity broth meals naive my grandmother is protest and refusal is often confused grandmother at a loss, but fortunately the summer has finally arrived, I can catch delicious shrimp and improve the food my grandmother.To prepare the shrimp fishing bait first, followed by a small bamboo, as well as a string bag line.The bait is the most difficult to prepare, and delicious shrimp favorite frogs and earthworms make their meat wired tightly tied on the pond or river on a bamboo pole can catch shrimp (I was watching someone else do it ) but was still not going to work for me are the children, whether in the water or the former rice fields clever, jump I can only catch the latter earthworms underground are everywhere really can not bear to see them start with.How to do?Want to give up but the enemy could not greedy addiction, sun in the sky in front of me around the pond looking for a miracle, he found he found they saw floating in the pond being discarded several people in a small bamboo seems to move, I quickly walked over and shoved a mention, but we started a Daqing are enjoying a delicious shrimp shell and before I could react it had fled the. I am not willing, he gave a few discarded bamboo people gathered under the shade of the weeping willow pond sinking could also prepare the shrimp pots, on the lack of a string bag, the beginning, I do not have experience, that bamboo moved means shrimp bait could not wait to mention fierce, the result is a sieve, almost bitterly, but the thought of the delicious shrimp, I stayed patiently, quietly waiting, we saw the left the gentle touch of bamboo, I suppressed excitement learned the lessons of the previous two wait until then slowly lifted when the pole is dragged seeing the magnitude of increase in the harvest can be delayed because there is no net bag net income alert shrimp escape again, but fortunately bamboo pole on the right are moving just let me forget regret, with the magnitude of bamboo dragged more and more time has come for my right hand gingerly lifted his left hand to pick up pots when bamboo string bag with the perfect cunning shrimp has finally been Chachinantao pot of my income, clapped and cheered blessed me, so I followed suit waited patiently, in less than an afternoon full of pots of shrimp caught and they are all green shell shrimp, The so-called net bag afraid not afraid of shrimp do not bite!Shrimp can not afford to eat, Grandma half sell half burnt taste had enough of my greedy addiction I still remember food for thought!    Hang some long years rush memorable childhood memories is interesting is the eternal warmth!