What kind of woman is she?She did,What do you want to do??She originally had a good working environment,But she requested,But ran to Donglin Township。Everything is connected,Xia Jian feels very contradictory。

Just when he was thinking about these messy things,His phone rang。Xia Jian took out a look,The phone number is Qin Xiaomin’s office number。Qin Xiaomin hasn’t called him for a while,he knows,Qin Xiaomin may have seen which tabloid too。
Don’t let him think about it,Xia Jian quickly answered the phone,Qin Xiaomin said coldly on the phone:“Chief Xia,Please come to the city hall at two o’clock in the afternoon。It is best to summarize the recent work progress,Bring it together”
Qin Xiaomin is still so domineering,Xia Jian can’t say a word,She has hung up。Xia Jian shook his head helplessly,Took out the notebook,Put the work in the recent period,And put it in a small bag。
At lunch,Met Liu Zimin in the cafeteria,Xia Jian told him to report to the city government in the afternoon。He did,I just want to tell everyone,He went out to work,Instead of playing。
back to dorm,He rested a little bit in bed,Drove the car to the city hall。He calculated the time,Never be late,He can wait if he arrives early。
Qin Xiaomin saw that Xia Jian was here,Although his face is unhappy,But she still got up,Made Xia Jian a cup of tea in person。
“Chief Xia!You are really promising now,Became the cover character of the tabloid,There will be your report in three or two days,Fortunately, you work in Donglin Township,Otherwise there will be a good show every day”Qin Xiaomin said,Butt twisted,From Xia Jian’s side。
Xia Jian picked up the tea cup,Took a sip and said:“Don’t you say that,I want to hide this,But can’t hide。Secretary Wang is leaving,I asked everyone to sing a song,did not expect…”
“No one said you can’t sing,But you went to the hotel with a woman on your back,Or some messy group stay,Do you feel glorious like this?”When Qin Xiaomin said this,,The tone was full of anger。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“Everyone is so happy,I didn’t control it for a while,Basically drank too much。Feng Xiaowei can’t take the road,I don’t carry her?”
“Humph!If you love memorize it!I hope there are some things you can say clearly”Qin Xiaomin said,I turned my face a little angrily。
Xia Jian was a little embarrassed and took out from his bag, he reported that he had worked:“You see for yourself?I’ll report to you face to face?”

Julan whispered to Wang Youcai。

Wang Youcai hugged Julan fiercely,He lowered his voice and said:“Not in a hurry,Let’s do business first”
Chrysanthemum orchid**With a,Did not refuse。The two hug each other,Step by step into the north house where Julan lives。Upon entering the door,Wang Youcai couldn’t even close the door,I have reached into Julan’s clothes。
After a while,The big wooden bed made a creaking scream。The noise stopped after a long time。Julan Xiang was lying sweaty in Wang Youcai’s arms,She said shyly:“The door is not closed,Xu Lihong might have heard it”
“cut!Hear it,What is this?You think Xu Lihong has never seen anything?”
Wang Youcai smirked,Just reached out。suddenly,There was a rapid knock on the door,And it’s loud。Listen carefully,I feel that someone is calling Xu Lihong’s name。
“not good!Where did Xu Lihong come here?”
Julan said,I got up in a hurry and looked for clothes to wear。Wang Youcai was stunned,And got up quickly。Swearing in his mouth,It’s nothing more than this lack of eyesight delaying his good deeds。
The knock on the door is getting louder,I saw the door of the west room opened with a crash,Xu Lihong’s curse came from inside,Then there was a sound of footsteps。
When Wang Youcai got dressed and got out of bed,The big iron gate opened with a bang。It feels like several people are coming in,And there is Xu Lihong’s screaming。
Wang Youcai is shocked,Put on your shoes and ran out。I saw people shaking in the yard,About five or six people。One of them is holding Xu Lihong’s hand,It seems to be pulling Xu Lihong out。
“Let go!What do you guys do?Do you want to go in and stay inside for two days?”
Wang Youcai yelled and walked out in two steps。
First2646chapter Arrow on the string
The man holding Xu Lihong is short and fat,The hair on the forehead is almost gone。Wang Youcai approached with the light from the room to see clearly,This guy is less than 40 years old。

Take a look at Li Mozhen’s teammate、Take a look at your teammates,Chu Deirers feel that they are targeted.。

“Respecting husbands can temporarily and,Go on the side talk?”Chu Deirers don’t want to pick up the enemy directly,Otherwise, the problem。
Especially opposite two poisonous,Really,Chu Deirers are poisonous,Lu family also has a martial arts couple who can live and die.,Therefore, the speech has also stayed in a room.。
Wu Sancong looked at the Chu Deirers,He was crazy before,Naturally, I will not read the chivalrous list.,I wanted to hold a big,Top Li Mozhen,but……Seeing that Li Mozhen is still known as ten years ago.,The other party’s martial arts must be more refined than ten years ago.!
Take a little one hesitation,Wu Sancong nodded:“it is good!Mai palm door!”
“Humph,It seems that I have retreat too long.,A big head of the family,I also forgot the power of plum boxing.。”Mei Fang said disdain.,But still by Wu Sancong。
After all, they are only temporary.“Team”,Prepare to give the slag men’s day justice,In fact, there is no cooperation between martial arts.,Telling with a pot of porridge,Not as good as the enemy。
The most is the most conferred that Ho Red Medicine and Li Mozhen are familiar with,After Li Mo, Li Mozhen completely left the ancient tomb.,Because of its encounter,Got He Red Medicine Height Resonance,Extraction of the master of the elderly,will《Five toxicity》The five poisonous gods passed to her.。
Today’s teacher Lan Phoenix,After all, it is her niece.,In fact, many years ago, Blue Phoenix has been ignored.,Just He Hongsi’s own stubborn,And also want to continue to find Xia Xueyi,So vowes the three treasures、She is not return……
“Chu Hexia,Then are we??”Lu Guan Yingmu felts to watch He Red Drugs。
Chu Dee,White eye:“You protect your uncle’s family!Cough,Li girl’s hand print naturally can’t press,Zhuangzi burned directly!”
Finish,Chu Deiren turned his mouth to change his mouth,Word of flowers……
Although it is only fifteen years old,But there is no shortage or a keen feeling,Chu Deiren seems to be a cool look,It seems that some are not good……
“Gale,You look at this beautiful big sister,She won’t shoot for a while,However, the sword is free,You help me protect her good?”Chu Deirers said。
There is no shortage of spending——I don’t seem to be for this.?
Just look at Wang Yin……
kindness,female,Live——Category of protection!
“it is good。”There is no shortage of flowers.。
At the same time, the Chu Deirers also secretly secretly:Phrase,I can’t live in a moment.,You will immediately grab the floor、I don’t have alone without me.!
Wang Yizhen:……
Chapter 105 Grove War
“Ant antion、Lower rib……Bibill Shadow、Volume left leg……what?Make a boxing method,There are also shadows of the Dingjia Jinlong whistle.?Be careful!”Wang Yizhen stands in the flower,Constant analysis of the other three people。
Reduce some pressures for Chu Deirers and Wujia couples!
Wang Yizhen is also specially trained by Chu Deirers.,Nowadays, when you look at,What do you say?“Chu Da Ge is careful”、“Oh, don’t”some type of,War change、Timing a longitude,Specially pickedly。
“Wang girl……”Flower is helpless, watching her。
Don’t you say it is nothing??
Don’t intervene,But your mouth is not idle.!
The original flower is no longer wants to help,However, now……Guardian,Andchu deer protector“Assist”What’s the difference?
However, it is the dangerous place to,Not in line with his values。
Wang Yuchen hesitated himself,See Chu Deirers to Li Mozhen、He Hong medicine,Obviously,And the two are still practicing,The situation is not too wonderful,A bitter:“If you die,I……I will not live alone.。”Speech,How to be ashamed。

“Well,Still want to give him something to eat。”Ritual,

“Already told it,Do not worry,Long pool,We have a lot of this person,I will never let him do something.。”
“Well,I want to see someone who sells Wu Tianbao.,I have something to ask him.。”Qi Rui knows who is selling Wu Tianbao,This is also Xu Baichuan wants to know.,Because this is directly related to the security of him and the six brothers。
“Long pool,Miss Yazi came with me.。”
Junxiu in the well with two people came to the Mansion,Say:“This person is called Fanjin,A small special agent,Is Wu Tianbao’s hand,It should be that it is just until he is not.,I know much about Wu Tianbao.。”
“He didn’t explain others??”
“A few,We also caught it back.,Because there is nothing to have been processed。”
Door opening,I have seen a young man who is almost alive.,He is very fearful at this time.,It looks very fearful。
Rui Rui walked into the room asked:“What’s your name?”
“My name is Fanjin,Twenty-four years old this year,The hand of Wu Tianbao,But I haven’t participated in what big action,Wu Tianbao does not talk to us.,So I really don’t know what plans he have.,real,I am really truth.。”
Hurry continues to ask:“In addition to Wu Tianbao,Have you seen it in Shanghai??”
“I have explained it.!”Fan Jinhao tried to control his fear,But the more this is the more fear of him.,Be shaking,
Rui Rui is very strange, how is a small person to work hard?,Asked:“How did you enter the special agent?”
“Taking excellent results,Just I have never thought of I will be caught.!”
“You have seen Zheng Yao first,Xu Baichuan,Is Hazhengchu??”
“I have seen the sea.,Zheng Yaoxian and Xu Baichuan have never seen。”
“Wu Tianbao stayed in Shanghai to do what mission did you really don’t know??”
“Taijun,I really don’t know,I only know that he is very mysterious every day.,But I know that he often goes to Bailemen.,I guess he should see anyone.。”
Well Jun Xiu listened to the anger:“asshole,Why do you not say these!?”
“Taijun,I just think of it.。”
NS145chapter brainwashing (Recommend,Monthly ticket)
Paramount,Before he has been,There, I have encountered Li Xiaoyu.。
Seeing that the well-in-life surprises appeared in a hurry.:Wu Tianbao chose such an occasion to meet what you have went.。
Rethinking the well, Junxiu has been published in the newspaper on the newspaper on the newspaper.,The twenty-six people he are responsible should see the newspaper who dares to sway,I am sure all praying Wu Tianbao, don’t put them out.。
Looking well, I saw this Fan Jin said to Qiushan Yadi.:“Look at him, don’t know what!Yazi,let’s go。”
Junxiu asked Qi Rui:“Long pool,Since I have seen the Shanghai Station, Wang Chang Zhichao,So what are you going to do next??”
“Today, Yaizi has sent them to them in the two sons of the same text.,I think they should find a way to send people to Shanghai.,I suggest give them a little time,And we also need to wait for the first Zheng Yao first,Zhao Ji is not to say that he will arrive in Shanghai for two days?!”
“Long Pool is the meaning of Zheng Yao, we don’t have to do it before.?”Well Jun Xiu asked,
“Yazi,What do you need to do??”Qi Rui,
“unnecessary,They will be invested!”Qiushan Yadi said,
“I am like the idea of Yadi.,Well,I feel that you have a good well in the Well.,Don’t be rescued by the special agent,Because I have told Wan Zhizhao Wu Tianbao to detained in the Well Mansion.,Maybe they don’t wait for Zheng Yao first to act in advance.。”Ritual,
“I feel very reasonable.,Yesterday I met that Wan Zhichao,At first glance, it is a arrogant person.,And I see that he seems to have not put Zheng Yao first in his eyes.,So I also feel that he may act in advance.,Well!I also remind you to be ready,Don’t really let some of the people will save people.。”
“They want to save people to be a dream!Do you feel relieved?,As long as they dare to come, I will all destroy them.!”
“That is a good guidelines.,I am walking with Ya Zi.,I hope that this is not so stupid to bring people.。”

First1352chapter Donkey

In the empty compound,Standing with such a group of people,It’s like making a movie。
Sun Yao heard Xia Jian’s question,He couldn’t help but laughed and said:“Make a mistake?I can be totally wrong about other things,But I won’t be mistaken for 10,000 people。Qin Xiaomin’s mother likes me very much,So I tried to match the two of us。But your accidental appearance,Everything changed。You have to take full responsibility for this”
“Is it a bit too domineering?,If Qin Xiaomin knew about this,,Guess what she will do?”Xia Jian was very patient with Sun Yao。
Suddenly,Sun Yao stepped forward,He grabbed Xia Jian by the collar,Gritted his teeth and said:“What do you say she would do?”Xia Jian saw his vicious side from Sun Yao’s face。Xia Jian’s mind was spinning fast,He must not make this person angry,Otherwise it would be really difficult for him to get out of this compound。
“The first thing to declare is,Qin Xiaomin and I are only at work。She is now the deputy mayor in charge of agriculture in Pingdu,And I’m just a little village head,This time I went to the provincial capital to find her,Because there is a big project invested in the village that needs her help,Only second”Xia Jian looked calm,He said to Sun Yao word by word。
Sun Yao holding Xia Jian’s hand,Slowly loosened。He asked coldly:“According to you,There is really no relationship between you,Because the gap between this is really too big。If put before,You can still try your identity as the general manager of the startup group,But it’s really impossible now”
“This is not right,You treat me like this,After Qin Xiaomin knew about it,,She must have had less influence on you than before,You are shooting yourself in the foot”Xia Jian said rudely。He is most uncomfortable with such rich and powerful people,If it wasn’t for the other party to bring too many people tonight,He definitely wants to teach Sun Yao this high cadre child。
at the same time,Qin Xiaomin sitting in a hot pot restaurant like sitting on pins and needles,She will jump up soon,Sit down for a while,Her heart is up and down,I really don’t know what to do。
She kept calling Xia Jian,But Xia Jian’s phone has been turned off。Arranged a place and time,Even Xia Jian’s walking time should come。
Did he have an accident?This question came out of her brain,Qin Xiaomin’s little heart jumped wildly。what should I do?Call the police?Or ask someone to find it。
Qin Xiaomin walking around in the private room,No idea for a while。Time goes by,She still knows Xia Jian,Even if his phone is dead,He will try to contact her as soon as possible。
Nothing happened for such a long time,It seems it’s definitely not as simple as a dead phone。The time limit for reporting missing persons is more than 24 hours,This is obviously not enough to call the police。
Qin Xiaomin is almost crazy,She has never cared so hard about people。I remember when my mother and biological father divorced,She spent less than a year,I forgot my dad who had lived with her for several years。For this,Her mother also said she was cold-blooded。
But from Xia Jian’s case,,She is not so cold。Thinking about the past,Worried about Xia Jian again,The deputy mayor of this flat city almost collapsed。
suddenly,A person jumped out of her mind,Sun Yao who thinks he is extraordinary。This guy has been bragging about how hideous he is in the provincial capital,Now let him go to Xia Jian,Is also to give him a chance。
Since the police failed,Then let Sun Yao find。Qin Xiaomin thought of this,Flipped on the phone,Once she found Sun Yao’s phone number,So he hit him immediately。

Seeing Li Tianchou’s straight punch is unremarkable,Not fast,But Huo didn’t dare to neglect,Dodging sideways and punching out,The punch is moderate,Keep the stamina to deal with。

A Huo and Li Tianchou have the opposite ideas,Not in a hurry,If you don’t find the perfect opportunity,Won’t go all out。in other words,Li Tianchou must be consumed even if he consumes his energy。
Li Tianchou’s on-the-spot response,A Huo saw the clue as soon as he shot it。There was a sneer in his heart,Doesn’t avoid the opponent’s fist,Hands quickly retracted,Change fist to catch,Put one hand on Ahuo’s wrist,The other hand stretches toward the opponent’s armpit like itching,Extremely fast。
When A Huo was stunned,The fist has hit the opponent’s cheek,But it feels wrong,Suddenly his wrist numb and he was caught by the opponent,Hurriedly break free,At the same time kicked Li Tianchou’s belly,Also very fast。
Unexpectedly, Li Tianchou would still not evade,Slightly raise your leg and press down on your knee to block,The other hand has clasped the inside of Ah Huo’s upper arm。Sudden force,Rush into the arms,A Huo’s upper body suddenly lost his center of gravity。
At the same time,Ah Huo felt an unprecedented dangerous breath,He quickly raised his hand to clasp the opponent’s wrist,But the moment I touched the opponent, my eyes suddenly went black,Li Tianchou’s head has been hit hard on his bald forehead,“咣”The sound of,A Buddha was born,Like a pestle,Ah Huo feels like a mountain collapsed,I was shocked to see Venus;
Haven’t breathed,Again“咣”Bang,Ascension of two Buddhas,A fire’s eardrums hum,My scalp exploded, Want to break free,Helplessly, the opponent’s hands are like iron hoops.。In the beginning, I can beat the opponent a few times with my other hand,Later, I lost my energy。
one more time“咣”After the impact,A Huo feels chest tightness,Nausea in the stomach;“Bang bang 咣咣”Three times in a row,Compare harder,Ahuo started rolling his eyes,“puff”The sound of,Hot under the crotch,Piss came out。
Everyone was stunned,The smelly people forget to hold their breath and cover their noses。Peng Weihua slaps his tongue straight,I really didn’t expect Li Tianchou to be so tough,Even the unruly Qi Baozhu was shocked,He followed Uncle Geng from birth to death,I have experienced many battles,But I have never seen such a simple and bloody melee。It is really……My grass。
“Pull away,This idiot is going to be abandoned。”Peng Weihua reacted,A wrist clasped Li Tianchou,Break out,Drink at the same time:“Tian Chou,stop!”there,Qi Baozhu didn’t care about feces and urine,I was stunned by pulling Ahuo out of Li Tianchou’s hand。Both people’s heads are bloody。
A Huo has collapsed underground,Li Tianchou was supported by Peng Weihua,Still wobbly and unable to stand。Two people fight each other for a short time,No more than two minutes,But the intensity and thrilling level is too terrifying,Even watching the lively crowd is over before the excitement just now。
“Small steel column,Call an ambulance。late,This old clapper is about to return to the West。I take Tianchou away。”Peng Weihua picked up Li Tianchou and went into the crowd,A few flashes disappeared into everyone’s sight。
When Li Tianchou woke up,Limbs and weakness,Headache,The only thing that feels good is that he is very sane。The head can also move around,Look around,Found myself in a strange hut,The dazzling sunlight and scorching heat coming through the small window,It can be judged that it is noon。
A hand-to-hand fight with Ahuo in memory,I don’t know why I suddenly became agitated,I don’t know if the old guy is dead or alive,I’m afraid the disaster this time will get bigger。
Very strange is,The moment before,Didn’t habitually appear that nightmare,Even the scene in the dream did not flash,This is the first time。Did that nightmare escalate?Already able to control oneself in some consciousness?Li Tianchou tried hard to remember and think。

“Don’t pray,Asyed with you,adaThe farther, the farther, the fare of Wang Bi can’t throw it.,But Amin’s cousin is miserable,Back to the black pot。”

“Humph,妒 使 使 面 面。”Zhou Xingxing snorted。
at this time,Room ring,The characters who have never thought of two people pushed into the door。
“Hello,Zhou police officer,I come”
sandyHolding flowers,Push half of the gates,Looking up, Liao Wenjie,Instantly move no eye,After the brain throwing the star star。
some days ago,Liao Wenjie was invited by Zhou Xingxing to the school to help,Surveysandy,After that, he didn’t have it.。
Pay a first kiss,sandyEveryday tea meal,Interrogative training director,That is, Cao Dawei is undercovering.。
Liao Wenjie said,He is the nephew of the school training director,this issandyUnique clue。
Cao Dahua,Undercover School Playing Training Director,so,in a sense,Liao Wenjie did not lying。
Can Cao Dada doesn’t know this matter,The people of Miss Bang are located in London.,Higher education,Go to the top society,Confucianism,Wild intronious,Never spread in front of the outside。
Character,Emotional level complex plurality,Very tested acting。
whensandyInquire,Cao Dada,He is so perfect,Must be nine generations,How can there be a nephew?,I immediately said that Liao Wenjie has heard of this name.。
sandyDisappeared,More tea rice,Then the flying tiger team battle terrorist,Take all annihilated dramas。
When I saw the colorful wolf classmate Zhou Xingxing is the police,Cao Dada, director of the training, is also a policeman.,sandyI want to pass everything.,Liao Wenjie is also a police undercover,That day encounter is in exploration information。
Several turnover,She passes through various channels,Shuixi to the ward of Zhou Xingxing。
original,She wants to contact Liao Wenjie through Zhou Xingxing,it’s good now,I saw the prostitute directly.。
“Ax Xing,You calculate me again?”
Liao WenjiesandyThe hot eyes are not comfortable,Doubt Zhou Xingxing is helping him Zhang Luo Girl,Otherwise it is not so clever。
Besides,If it is this quality girlfriend,Trouble again,He is bitter, no problem。
“Jiege,Marolle!I don’t know what happened.,Trust me,I don’t have any relationship with me.。”
“I remember this thing.,Please ask me to eat in the next day.,Otherwise I will take Amin.,After you talk about my girlfriend,How much is it?。”
Liao Wenjie whispered threatened,Smilesandy,Plug her flowers in the door handle,I walked out the ward with my shoulders.。
“I rely on,This guy did not talk about love?,Skilled look!”
Hospital garden pavilion。
Liao Wenjong started,Ambient:“sandy,actually, I”
“Jiege,You don’t have to explain,I understand,do not blame you。”
sandyBroken red,Awareness:“You are not convenient to disclose your identity that day.,I am a little angry.,I will later see that the school is so dangerous.,I suddenly realized,You are not willing to say it is for me.。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,Movement:“Since you all know,Then I will not say more.。”
“Ager,Who is this crush?,Your friend?”
Men’s fragrance fluttering,Tang Judi does not ask,Run your hand, the top of Liao Wenjie,Eye:“introduce,Introduce it to it quickly。”
Liao Wenjie:one`′one
He is looking for Judi,I only feel that the man is in the case.,In fact, it is a crown of birds.,The eyes are full of people.。

Even the second woman also paired the eye,It seems to reach what agreed。

“breeze,Since you come over,So you are alone.,Just we also want to verify that the other party is not so accurate.。”
Say,Lei, Li Hui, refused,I took Li Hui and took the wind.。
When I am rolled with Li Hui,Just twelve o’clock,Because this temple also has the rules of Temple。
That is not given after twelve o’clock.,Every day in the first one, all the days, don’t give out people.,That is, this rule will make the temple to break down.。
Otherwise eloquence,It is a lot of money to make a lot of money.。
“Long,You gave us this friend.,He also wants to see marriage。”
Xu Ru smiled and pushed Li with the wind to the front。
Zhang Qiling has a bit of wondering a look,When he saw Li Hui Feng,The expression is a horror,Then slowly become fear,Finally, there is a bit respectful。
“Little brother,But the person of cultivation?”
Chapter 779 Zhang Lingling
I heard Zhang Qiling.,Li Hui is laughing.。
He knows that this place is actually faster.,Then the people in this temple are definitely not ordinary people.。
I can see that he is cultivation.,He is even curious.。
“The road is also cultivating people?”
Li Hui is not directly nodded,But this question is directly proved a lot.。
“Can haha little brothers can tell me to the backyard,I am also a young man who hasn’t met you many years.,Seeing your bones should be twenty-three.?”
“Taoist is really god.,I am just twenty-three years old.。”
I heard Li Hui Feng so recognized,Zhang Qi Ling is also a breather。
He is most afraid of others come to find trouble,Smashing a sign,However, Li’s bones faintly faintly,This makes him surprised。
I want to know people ‘s life and death.,Skeleton is a crucial part。
If Li Hui’s bones are permanent in twenty-three years old,Then it is possible that Li Hui is likely to have a long life.,But this kind of thing seems unlikely。
He knows the ancestors of the ancestors seek to be more than 30,But not permanent,The last specifically the feathering is flying or really driving the crane.。
Most of the Taoist people think that Zhang Sanfeng is really a realm.,However, the ordinary people in reality are considered that Zhang Sanfeng has found a Feng Shui treasure.。
What is the specific situation, no one knows?。
“Little brother,Hoi He?”
Zhang Qiling invited Li Hui Hui and two women arrived in the backyard.。
Then take out the tea of the tea, please。
Take water,It is also the water in the backyard.。
“Hey-hey,Unforgettable,Is a self-made one。”
Li Hui is also very ideal for Zhang Qiling.,Many things in cultivation are also known.,But Jiang Shuyan said with him.,The world he doesn’t know is in the world.,A lot of people,Many things are no longer talking through modern science.。

The car has not driven past,See from afarADong312Dusty。There are a lot of security personnel and some surrounding owners。

Something like this,Heiwa’s face is naturally very unsustainable,He parked the car,Rushed up quickly,He shouted loudly:“What do you security guards do??Bring the dog and rush for me,Get all these disobedient guys down”Heiwa speaks,Naturally works。
First0766chapter The contest between good and evil
More than ten security personnel holding shields,Rushed up with the police dog,The trash thrown down suddenly stopped。
With a few shouts,Five or six renovation workers came out of the building,One of them has a bald head,Looks like he’s in his thirties,His clothes are neatly arranged and you can tell that it is the head of these people。
“Who made you do this?”Heiwa stepped over,Asked loudly。
Sure enough, bald head came out,He said with fierce eyes:“Don’t do that,How did the decoration garbage come down here??Your building doesn’t even have an elevator”
“Don’t you know the decoration management regulations in the market??I’ll stop you verbally,Have to make some noise。How about this!Don’t do it here”Heiwa said with anger。
Bald eyes roared:“who are you?You say you don’t let it do it?”
Xia Ying walked over,Asked with an unhappy look:“Hu Huaping!Don’t be shameless,You have violated the rules multiple times,We have given you the greatest tolerance,Today is so arrogant,In this case,Then please get out of here,Never think about working here again”
This guy named Hu Huaping,Don’t give Xia Ying face to everyone,His eyes turned and roared:“You are just from the management office,Do you have any right not to let me work here?”
“You guys will check his qualifications for decoration right away,See if there is a fire extinguisher?Has the staff applied for the pass?,The two are the same,Limit the water and electricity to me”Xia Ying said,Took out the phone again,She is about to dial out,A middle-aged man in his fifties ran over。
“Manager Xia!What’s going on here?”The middle-aged man shouted while running。
Xia Ying glanced at Xia Jian at this time,Then turned around and said:“Mr. Zhang,You have gone through the decoration procedures and paid the deposit。Today, your workers throw decoration garbage at high altitude,Not only do not listen to advice,And blatantly confronted our managers。I will fine you two thousand yuan first,After the rectification, I will send someone to send you water and electricity“
A middle-aged man,His face changed immediately,He shouted at bald Hu Huaping:“Who made you do this?Didn’t I tell you?Since you don’t listen,Leave immediately,I don’t want to make so much trouble“
“No problem!Then you have to pay!We can’t work for you in vain!“Hu Huaping said sharply。
The middle-aged man sneered:“Are you wrong!What money do you give?How much work have you done?,Gave me a fine of two thousand yuan,You can count the wages,We pay the fine first“
“Shit!What a shit fine,It’s not that you colluded,I’m going to the venture group to find a leader to complain to you“Hu Huaping roared loudly。

“Ok,Put my coat with your brother,Let us start.。”

Say,Li Hui Feng is also the clutch of the hand.,Motorcycle is slowly driving out。
All the way,Li Hui ride is not fast,He is afraid of riding a few children.。
If the two children are purely walking back,It is definitely not cold,But on the motorcycle,The calories on the body will definitely be blown away by the north wind.,Especially the thin body with thin clothes,It is even more let Li speaks from the wind.。
Under the command of the little girl,Li Hui also came to Yao Jiawang。
Yao Jiawang is located at the foot of a hill,The surrounding land is not as good as Lotus Village。
And the little girl’s home is the last side of the village,It’s just about the hill.。
The little girl’s home is still the soil wall.,The gate is also a wood door,Even the house can also see that it has not been repaired many years.,Even the land is obviously collapsed.。
This is very dangerous in Li Hui’s eyes.。
Little girl is somewhat happy in front,Push wooden door。
Entered the yard,Li Hui Hui saw that the yard was cleaned up.,There is also a string of hot peppers under the roof.,As well as corn。
“grandmother,I will take someone to see you.。”
Little girl’s voice revealed happy,This is completely different in front of Li Xiangfeng before Li.。
Such a girl actually knows how to make advice.,Li Hui’s heart is also very touching。
When he was at school,Also hidden parents don’t let parents worry,And each call,It’s all expressive,Never say bad。
“Cough”“Small peace,Where did you find a doctor??
Does our doctor not say to give one hundred??
Grandma is not looking,Waiting for the spring yourself.。”
I heard a somewhat old voice,Li Hui is also a little curious.,But soon he is stunned.。
Because the old man from the door,Actually trembled with the body and went out,What is the most surprised is that the other’s eyes seem to have been blinding.。
The same single thinity,Patch patch patch。
Such situation,Li Hui Feng is also the first time.。
Immediately don’t wait for the little girl talking,He took the initiative to help each other.。
“grandmother,I am a doctor brought by Xiaoping.,Not charge,Just come over to see the disease,I will walk after reading the disease.,And I am a rivers and lake.,You have to rest assured,I will give you a look.?”
“willing,willing,I am not willing to have a old lady.,Come,Fast entering house,I am this eye.,It’s not as good for a day.。”
Holding the house by Li Hui Feng,The old lady is also directly letting Xiao Ping to pour the water.。
Xiao Ping is also very well。
Li Hui Feng see each other’s eyes,The heart is also a sigh,His heart suddenly did not grasp。
“Grandmother,Your eyes go to the hospital to have seen it.?”
Chapter 699
“no,Go to the hospital too expensive,You can buy three packs of instant noodles to children.,And I will not be able to cure it.。”
I heard the other party, Li Hui Feng felt some sour。
“Hey-hey,Grandmother,Then I will show you,You can rest assured?”
“rest assured,rest assured,I can’t see it.,But my heart is the same as the mirror.,You are a good child,And I am worthwhile to be deceived.。”
Li Hui also felt some of his own questions.。
I immediately laughed:“Hey-hey,Then I will give you a pulse first.。”
Soon, Li took the wind and frowned.。
He didn’t think that the old lady’s rheumatism is so serious.。
Especially the other eyes are also a long-lasting day month.,I want to cure,The root is not a thing in a short half.。