“Sure enough, it still appeared!So there are terrible monsters hiding in the darkness!Warriors of my generation,Where to go?”Master Ye Tian from the Jingwu Club also saw this video in front of his apprentice’s computer,Made an extremely angry cry。

Many Zhou Min fans also saw the content of the live video,They are angry,Here is the man behind Ms. Zhou Min’s death!
Simultaneously,They are especially worried about the fate of the young man who speaks for Zhou Min.,Will he succumb to those two red-eyed old monsters?
With the continuous advancement of video content,Many ordinary people on Hong Kong Island,Have seen the content of the video,And worry about the fate of the characters in the video。
“That old nun should be very good, right!She was shamelessly calculated!”
“God Nimiming is to protect that kid,But was tricked。Too hateful!Now they are in danger!”
“Those two monsters,Are they going to kill everyone?Why do you want to swallow other people’s property?,Shameless!Rich people are monsters!”
“Only the young man left,Can he stop those two monsters?”
“He won’t die?If he can’t stop,Everyone will die!”
For a time,This live video has attracted great attention on the Hong Kong Island network,Many citizens watching the video,Even called the police directly,Request the police to dispatch,Save lives。
Until the moment when Lu Menglin took the initiative to say that there was a live video broadcast,The police have received hundreds of calls,And had to form a temporary action team,Head towards the villa area on Lantau Island。
No matter whether the content in that video is real or not,Have caused great shocks and influences in the entire Hong Kong Island society,Whether it’s the police or the government,Must give all citizens an explanation。
now,Phone ringtones ring one after another,Everyone present has relatives and friends,People who care about them,So don’t even think about it,Is calling to ask about the situation。

Those warriors who were originally in lower places began to panic again,Because they don’t know and unimaginable power appears。

Only the powerful have discovered this phenomenon,So they almost said this at the same time。
Just talking,So no one else found any difference,That’s because they didn’t feel that the bodies of these mighty ones were also shaking。
This tremor is not caused by the ground,Because of inner excitement,They are excited,Waited for a month,Finally changed at this moment。
As the sky, earth and moon disappear completely,The first thing that changed was the place called the Forbidden Land,And the warriors who entered there also became all the focus。
They are still absorbing,Reckless absorption,Even if the body becomes swollen under this kind of power,Like a balloon about to explode。
This analogy is not exaggerated at all,Because the next moment what I thought happened。
Those warriors who absorbed to the extreme exploded in the next moment。
The explosion is not a simple gas-sea explosion,But the body directly turns into blood mist,Become a molecule-like existence。
Even if it is night,This unusual thing can also attract everyone’s attention。
Hundreds of people,In the entire middle domain,Dahua Country is nothing,But placed in this Jianshan mountain range is extremely heavy。
Their explosion is more like a sacrifice,It’s a kind of contribution to welcome what happens next。
Perhaps in the minds of those who are truly powerful,They already know that there must be such a process,That’s why I didn’t stop this from happening。
Xia Chenglong and the people behind just watched quietly,Watching that place become unusual。
The person holding the torch in the distance will faintly throw a ray of light into that place,They can smell the faint bloody smell,But I don’t know that this is the guy who bragged and chatted with them before。

Mu Yi took the wine bottle handed back by Brother Hu,A little surprised。So you can hit the treasure?This year’s luck seems to be a bit too much!

The others are also shocked,You can also pick up forty to 50,000 yuan?
“Mu Yi,What happened to you this year?”Big beautiful eyes on a sunny day。
The other brothers in her live broadcast are all fried,Just got a car,Now I’ve sent another 40,000 to 50,000 yuan,This luck is really terrible。
At this moment,They believe a word:Luck is coming,Can’t stop it。
“Fucking!Mu Yi,Come back without a treat,Can’t make sense!”
“incredible,I also want to get closer to Mu Yi this year,Take luck。You count,How many good things he has encountered this year?”
“I’m jealous anyway。”
Mu Yi smiled,Hurriedly put the empty wine bottle into the carrying bag。This thing,He didn’t expect。
Wang Libo and others looked at each other,Unscientific!
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Three Gold lacquered wood carving

“Haha,It seems that brother Qiao doesn’t know much about our university fund circle。”He Junliang said with a smile,“I’ll explain to my brother。”

“Since the pound crisis the year before last,Weak world economy,Financial markets have been hit hard,Our university fund investment is also greatly affected。”
“So last year, the major college funds in Boston united,Spend a year in hiring the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Harvard University,Jointly developed a new data arbitrage model,Gamma model。”
“This year our university funds use the gamma model,Great success,So far, the annual return on investment has stabilized at20%,Has greatly exceeded previous years’ income。”
“So we really don’t need to invest our money in hedge funds,Too risky,Income is difficult to guarantee。”
“Brother Joe,What do you say?”
“Gamma model?”Qiao Tianyu glanced at Li Jiaxing who was concentrating on tasting Chinese food,Then said。
“Guys,Use arbitrage models to find market profit points,Is indeed the general investment trend。”
“But the arbitrage model is too mechanical,No regulations to avoid market system risk,And can’t exhaust all market influence factors,Once a small probability event occurs,The arbitrage model will collapse,Too risky!”
Qiao Tianyu is right。
1998year,U.S. long-term capital management company, one of the world’s four largest hedge funds(LTCM)’S closure,Because of the occurrence of a small probability event,The collapse of the arbitrage model。
“Hahaha,Brother Joe,Don’t worry about this!”He Junliang waved his hand,Said confidently。
“The gamma model was jointly developed by several mathematics professors at Harvard University,Speak unceremoniously,The gamma model even goes through‘Riemann’Li Jiaxing’s verification,Absolutely accurate,There can be no problems!”
“correct,Brother Joe,Do you know Li Jiaxing??That’s a mathematics genius once in three hundred years,No matter what mathematical model,Just pass his eyes,Make sure there will be no mistake!”
“Of course,Brother Joe,We all know that you have a set of investment traders,But you don’t understand math after all,Don’t comment on the gamma model。”
at this time,Li Jiaxing, who is concentrating on food, seems to have seen the reward for Qiao Tianyu“Grace”Opportunity,I saw him deliberately coughing twice,Turned to look at He Junliang。

“Are you her mother??Daughter was taken advantage of,You also helped to hide?Did I spoil you too much lately,Ok?”

Do you pet her?Yang Qiuyun shrugged,Seems spoiled。
Kiss him on the face,“Jinning,I am your woman,Don’t you pet me?Yao’er has Yunhe now,You,Can reduce the burden。”
Hundreds of hardened and tempered into soft,The strong man,I can’t match the gentle smile of a woman。
Lu Jinning is defeated,Whispered whispers,“my daughter,I am willing to spoil my life。”
Right now,When we left our mother and daughter,Why don’t you think about what if we can’t live?
Things are over,Looking back now, I can only add sorrow to myself,Think more about your happiness。
“Jinning,Yaoer is my life,Why would I watch her suffer??”Yang Qiuyun said plainly:“When I was with you,You still have a family,Yunhe is at least innocent,You,Don’t treat people with double standards。”
This is the most immoral thing Lu Jinning has done,Just mention it with a guilty conscience,Will turn to the topic。
This woman must have mentioned it on purpose,The purpose of course is to make him feel guilty,Stop mentioning her daughter。
but,One yard owned by a yard,The two cannot be confused,He admits his fault,I can’t just make a mistake,Just open up to Huo’s kidnet。
“I am a double standard,You are not allowed to tag me at will。”
Lu Jinning’s face has improved a lot,Attitude has also changed,Yang Qiuyun accepts as soon as he sees it,Don’t continue to stimulate him。

Although China’s economy is still very underdeveloped,But Jiang Tao and even the whole demon dare to pat his chest and say:“Looking at the entire China,Our magic city is definitely the most worthy place for foreign investment。”,This has always been the most proud place of the Magic Capital Government,But now,Chen Geng actually said that the COMACF100Localization,The least optimistic is the magic city?

This makes Jiang Tao a little unbearable。
If it weren’t for him, Jiang Tao couldn’t provoke Chen Geng,In all likelihood, Chen Geng’s collar has already been asked at this moment“Why do you say that, our magic capital?!”Up。
“Very simple,”Chen Geng didn’t go around Jiang Tao,Speak bluntly:“You will have McDonnell Douglas soonMD-82Project,I just ask you:future,You demons are all EmmedMD-82Project-based,Or from COMACF100Project-based?”
“of course……of course……”
The words came to the lips,Jiang Tao can’t tell anymore。
He wants to say that the magic city will have a bowl of water,But these words can convince Chen Geng、Make him believe that the magic city will really be smooth?Do not make jokes!do not forget,The Chinese partner of Shanghai McDonnell Douglas:SAIC,But a state-owned enterprise directly under the Magic City,Is the real son of Demon City,SAIC and Falkland-This from United Aviation TechnologyF100Project?
On one side is my son’s business,One side is the neighbor’s child,The fool also knows the stance of the Magic Capital government on the two companies.,Not to mention that the McDonnell Douglas Group and the Dutch Fokker Aircraft Company are in volume、In scale、The gap in international influence……The simplest example:Have a good relationship with McDonnell Douglas,A lot of coordination with the U.S. government、You can ask McDonnell Douglas for help,But can Fokker do it??
of course,Chen Geng and the Pentagon、The relationship with the U.S. Congress and the White House also seems to be good,But everyone thinks,Chen Geng’s energy in American politics still cannot be compared with McDonnell Douglas, a veteran giant that has developed in the United States for decades.。
Chen Geng didn’t seem to expect Jiang Tao to give any answer.,Face to face with awkward Jiang Tao,He just shrugged:“No matter where we put this project anywhere else,Can get one equal to‘Place business card’Treatment,But only in your magic capital,No way,So do you think we will put this assembly plant in the magic city??”
Jiang Tao was speechless。
indeed,Chen Geng is right,What other local governments can give Chen Geng,Can’t give it by myself。
Jiang Tao is still speechless,Chen Hongjun and Yuan Jia are a little embarrassed:The two of them were specially arranged by the Magic Capital Government to do Chen Geng’s persuasion work……Although can you convince Chen Geng,There is not much confidence in their hearts……But who would have thought that Chen Geng never considered the magic city from the beginning?

Pull away,Let’s go back to this economic crisis,we all know,The favorite thing these damn hot money do in the financial market is to drive up the stock price……Do they want to make money……These have no investment direction、The surplus capital that is unwilling to go out does the same,Went around the United States and found:what?The American financial industry seems to be fun,and so……”

Speaking of which,Chen Geng shrugged:“A large amount of surplus capital poured into the securities market,So much capital,Not only matches the real economy of the United States,It directly leads to rampant investment in the financial sector、flood,Debt is unprecedentedly inflated。
So we saw,Before this stock market crash,U.S. financial markets are booming,But we have to understand,This prosperity is a false prosperity,Is a boom full of bubbles,And such a false、A boom full of bubbles is bound to be unsustainable,Sooner or later the day will be pierced,And this day,Is the stock market、futures、The day the currency market plummeted,We all understand,This is actually the market’s own‘Detox’with‘Error correction’。”
No one speaks,Everyone is thinking about what Chen Geng said。
The more you think,The more everyone discovers,The situation seems to be what Mr. Fernandez said,Is exactly the same,The awe of Chen Geng in the hearts of everyone:The mysterious oriental wizard……Is it terrifying??Even such a deep-seated problem can be observed?
Ji Shengcheng,After some contemplation, I opened my mouth to Chen Geng again:“boss,Since there is the first、The second reason,There should be a third one?”
“Yes,There is a third,”Chen Geng nodded approvingly:“The third reason is a deeper reason,The decline of American hegemony。”
Chen Geng’s voice fell,Inside the huge conference room,Everyone was stunned:The third reason turned out to be the decline of American hegemony.?!
The first reaction of everyone is that they cannot accept it:America is so powerful,In the entire western world, only the United States is the leader,America is not only the leader of the world,In the military confrontation with the Soviet Union for more than 30 years, the Soviet Union was left with only half a breath.,under these circumstances,You said the hegemony of the United States has declined?
What a joke?!
Chen Geng’s view,Even Ji Shengcheng couldn’t accept it:“Mr. Fernandez,I can’t accept your point of view,It’s impossible,America is the most powerful country in the world,Our americanGDPOccupy the worldGDPof30%……”
Speaking of here,Ji Shengcheng was taken aback suddenly,He can’t talk anymore,then,The face slowly showed an unacceptable look。
“You also found the problem?”Looking at Ji Shengcheng,Chen Geng knew where he found the problem:“When was the strongest time for us?no doubt,Yes50The period from the middle of the decade to the end of the sixties,That period,Our americanGDPGloballyGDPOf up to40%!And now,Our americanGDPGloballyGDPOnly barely accounted for30%。
of course,You may have to say,even if30%,America is also the most powerful country on the planet!
Of course it’s true,But I remind everyone to pay attention to a keyword:”Speaking of which,Chen Geng,Then he said heavily:“The key word is:Bretton Woods System!And now,The Bretton Woods system has disintegrated。”
Bretton Woods System?
Everyone at the scene,Jerk!

The other one is,heat.Expansion and contraction,The same is true。

Some kids didn’t believe this,I used a hydrogen balloon I bought to experiment。
That’s a doraaDream hydrogen balloon,Little girls like it,But playing,Don’t know how to do it,The hydrogen balloon without any damage,Collapsed。
Little girl feels distressed,But there is no money to buy another one,So the clever little girl thought of a way。
Is based on heat.The truth of expansion and contraction,In the strongest noon of a scorching sun,Little girl with her own DoraaDream balloon,Come to the sun。
Clever little girl,Know how to protect yourself,She hides herself in the shade of a tree,Put the hydrogen balloon tied up in advance under the hot sun,Holding the rope in my hand。
Start,The little girl is a little impatient,Just put down,To see if the hydrogen balloon is based on heat.The principle of expansion and contraction,Swell up again。
but,The result after reading,But very disappointed,She even felt,This is just a lie。
Even so,The little girl still put the hydrogen balloon there,I hide in the shade again。
unconsciously,Time has passed,And the hydrogen balloon that the little girl has been watching,Actually flew again。
Little girl happy,Hold the rope in your hand,Jumping around pulling the hydrogen balloon and running in the yard。
Thought of this,Qin Feng smiled,It’s really hot.Expansion and contraction,Current self,People are quiet,My heart is cold。
Finished a cold shower,Qin Feng came to Jiang Yan’s bedroom again,Qin Feng didn’t think about anything this time,Watching Jiang Yan sleeping,Qin Feng sitting on a chair,Also went to sleep。
in fact,Jiang Yan is not the only tired person,In contrast, Qin Feng is more tired than anyone these days,Fortunately, he is Qin Feng,If you change to someone else,I’m afraid I can’t hold on anymore。
Continuously do not eat or sleep,I’m afraid no one can stand it。
A few hours later,Jiang Yan woke up in front of Qin Feng。

Curse。“What dog thing,You can say this?”

I heard Qin Feng’s words,Angry Xiao Hei rushed to Qin Feng again。
The latter has already been prepared,When you see Xiao Hei moving。
However, Qin Feng placed the submachine gun and sniper rifle in the inner courtyard when he came here.,Just brought a pistol。
But this time,Qin Feng discovered that Xiao Hei was able to completely avoid his bullet trail。
“Humph,What about modern industrial equipment?Firearms have a certain trajectory,Which is the trajectory of the shooting。Old men like us have long been able to take a serpentine pace based on the direction you swing the gun.。You want to hit me!”
Elder Xiaohei just finished speaking,Then he already came to Qin Feng and slapped out again。
Qin Feng was photographed flying again,He doesn’t want to get up now。Because he felt that his internal organs were about to shatter with a palm。
Let this attack come again,Qin Feng felt that he could only go to see King Yan。
At this moment he wants to escape,But it’s hard to get up。
Subsequently,I don’t know why,His ears started to ring in his ears again。
“I go,It’s really negative,Will it continue to become negative after another??”Qin Feng couldn’t help but complain about his own body function。
I always feel like I have discovered something extraordinary。
and so,At the moment when Elder Xiaohei wants to make up,Qin Feng made a relatively rolling motion。It happened to avoid the opponent’s attack because of this action。
Qin Feng stood up trembling again。
“Old thief,I warn you,If you come again,I will let you see God!”Qin Feng said with a serious face。
However, Elder Xiaohei doesn’t agree at all,“Haha,Just because you want to kill me?come,I want to see if young people today have this ability to speak big words。Let me see if your catty is enough!”

So even if you catch up,Can’t change the fact that Su Xuehen left。

Lu Menglin knew this clearly,That’s why I suppressed this impulse,Take heavy steps,Back home。
Three days later,Lu Menglin received a letter from Su Xuehen,Look at the postmark from the Shanghai Stock Exchange。
My dear classmate Lu Menglin,Hello there!When you read this letter,I’m probably already on the plane to the other side of the ocean。Please forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye,Because life has hurt farewell since ancient times,I don’t want to see you sad and sad。
very sorry,I can’t complete the agreement with you。Because of family,I have to go abroad to study,I can’t accompany you in the best college time,This is my regret。
Please forget me!Because i will try to forget you too!High school is an important life stage,But we will have more lives,I will make new friends,Maybe in a foreign university,I will try to socialize with boys,In the distant future,I will get married and have children,Be a happy little woman。
and so,Please forget me!You will have a more suitable girl than me,Please forgive my parting gift,You can think of it as the last self-willedness of the same table in high school。Leave without saying goodbye,I regret that!
treasure!Hope to hear good news about you in the future,Goodbye!
text Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Eight Leave without saying goodbye
now,Su’s living room,Mother and daughter stand one by one,One sitting,It was silent for a long while,As if a silent film is being staged。
“mom!”In the end, Su Xuehen couldn’t stretch it anymore,Can’t help but shout。
Mother Su glanced at her daughter calmly,There was a touch of worry between the eyebrows。