Teach everyone a finger hide and seek parent-child game

Teach everyone a finger hide and seek parent-child game

How to play: Sew ten finger-sized fingers with a few light colored cloths, and draw five kinds of small animals on the ten fingers, for example, two thumbs for a kitten, two index fingers for a puppy, twoA middle finger draws a giraffe, two ring fingers draw a pig, two little fingers draw a duck (or other animals), and then put them on the mother’s ten fingers, and start performing: two kittens, where to hideIs it?

(Hids two thumbs in the palm of his hand) Meow-Meow-Meow, I’m here.

(Two thumbs up each) How are you?

Nice to meet you!

(One thumb does Juju) Hello!

I am also glad to see you!

(The other thumb looks like Juju) Goodbye!

(The two thumbs are hidden in the palm of the hand again.) The other fingers play similarly.

After getting familiar with it, try to let your baby practice acting to exercise your baby’s finger posture.

  Development ability:?

Advantages of strengthening your fingers?

Promote the development of language skills?

Tips for cultivating social communication skills: This game is suitable for babies of 10-12 months.

In addition to using small animals instead of ten fingers, you can also use finger names to play games, such as thumb girl, little thumb brother, etc. You can also change to family members, such as where the father is, where the mother is, etc.game.

Men’s healthy 8 hurdles, you need to know

Men’s healthy 8 hurdles, you need to know

After living conditions are good, more and more people are paying attention to their bodies, and many elderly people have begun to maintain health.

At present, men’s work pressure is generally large, and their health is worrying.

Therefore, you are still very young, and you should also pay attention to adjusting yourself and preventing diseases.

8 healthy “calories” for men 1. Reproductive diseases are usually male puberty between the ages of 20 and 20. This is a critical period of physical development. If you don’t pay attention, you will easily develop some reproductive diseases.
You should pay attention to prevent reproductive diseases. Try not to wear too tight pants. If you pass this “can”, your body will be healthier.

2, prostate disease 20 to 30 years old males have a higher probability of suffering from prostate disease, which is mostly related to their usual bad habits.

Many men do not pay attention to their health at this age, they often stay up late, and usually do not like sports, which is easy to cause disease.

Even if you are young, you should also take care to take care of your body.

3, gastrointestinal diseases men aged 30 to 40 are more likely to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases.

Because many men usually like to drink and drink, but also like to eat some barbecue food, slowly, the gastrointestinal function can not stand, prone to disease.

If you can pay more attention to it, you can live a healthier and longer life by crossing this “can”.

In addition to gastrointestinal diseases, this age group may also be susceptible to cervical spondylosis, you should pay attention to proper exercise, do not sit still.

4. After the age of hypertension, the probability of suffering from hypertension increases.

Men in their 40s and 50s should pay more attention to their diets, try to be lighter, eat more vegetables, try to control their blood pressure and prevent high blood pressure.

You can exercise properly according to your physical condition, control your weight, and get through this “can”.

5, diabetes and osteoporosis Diabetes patients are mostly over 50 years old, and male patients are more than female patients, and men in their fifties are more prone to osteoporosis.

If you are at this age, you should pay attention to light diet and exercise.

6, stroke stroke disease mostly occurs between the ages of 55 and 75, and men have a higher probability of stroke.

Want to prevent stroke, usually pay attention to quit smoking.

7, vascular disease people over the age of 70 are more likely to suffer from vascular disease, more men.

Usually you have to control your diet and pay attention to exercise, which can help you prevent vascular disease.

8, Alzheimer’s disease is more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease when it is over 80 years old.

I usually pay attention to controlling certain indicators of the body, participate in some activities, and communicate with others, so as to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Nowadays, many elderly people are more aware of health care. Reasonable health can effectively prevent diseases and maintain good health.

Even if we are very young now, we must know our own body and don’t squander our health because of our youth.

On and off during sleep, be vigilant

On and off during sleep, be vigilant

Some people slept silently, while others snored.

Is snoring sick?

  2% -4% of people have sleep apnea, Professor Xiao Yi, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, told reporters that most of the snoring is simple snoring, benign, while 10% -30% of people snoring intermittentlyThe presence of apnea is a typical symptom of bidirectional sleep apnea syndrome.

At present, two-way sleep apnea syndrome has been paid more and more attention by the medical community. According to foreign data statistics, 2-4 people out of every 100 people suffer from the disease.

There is also a steady stream of domestic doctors.

According to reports, an appointment for sleep monitoring at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital will take an average of one month.

  Sleep dyspnea is harmful to the occurrence of major sleep apnea syndrome. Xiao Yi explained that when a person is awake, the throat tissue is tense, so the breathing will not be interrupted. After sleeping, some people have a loose throat.Down or due to hypertrophy of the tissue, part of the airway is blocked, and snoring will occur; if the airway is completely overlapped, airflow cannot enter the lungs, which will cause apnea.

In the case of severe lack of oxygen, the brain relapses into a short period of time to recover to the point where it can just tighten the breathing, thereby removing the airway overlap, and with a loud wheezing sound, the breathing returns to normal.

This cycle recurs, the breathing becomes shallow, and the sleep is fragmented, which leads to tiredness after waking up in the morning.

In the long run, the lungs, heart and other organs will be damaged due to the lack of oxygen in the body.

  According to Xiao Yi, prolonged sleep apnea syndrome causes daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and decreased memory, which can cause serious problems such as traffic accidents.

Statistics from the United States show that drivers with the disease are three to seven times more likely to get into a car accident than normal people, and account for 80% of traffic accidents.

In addition, due to the lack of oxygen in the sleep of the patient, it can lead to increased blood pressure, which can severely cause blood pressure, cerebrovascular disease, and even sudden death.

It can be seen that sleep apnea syndrome is a disease that must be treated.

  Sleeping can’t rely on snoring alone. Since snoring is a symptom, does the snoring indicate that the condition is getting worse?

The answer is no.

Xiao Yi pointed out that the underlying problems of chronic sleep apnea syndrome are apnea and hypoxia, so the condition is not related to the size of the snoring.

On the contrary, some people are worried that their snoring disturbs them and stop the snoring by performing the operation, but they do not solve the fundamental problem of airway attachments. The family cannot hear the snoring, but relax their vigilance and cannot wake him up when their snoring, More prone to danger.

Therefore, just stopping the symptoms but not the root causes will not solve the fundamental problem.

  In addition, Xiao Yi reminded the majority of patients that there is currently no drug that can effectively stop rickets in the world. Whether it is to control simple rickets or to treat individual sleep apnea syndrome, there is no “medicine” available, and it should be in a specialtyUnder the guidance of a doctor, choose an appliance, surgery or ventilator.

Gym fitness notes necessary warm-up activities

Gym fitness notes necessary warm-up activities

With the improvement of everyone’s living conditions, more and more people like to go to the gym for exercise.

Indeed, the gym has a lot of fitness equipment for you to choose a targeted exercise.

So what do we need to pay attention to before we enter the gym?

What are the benefits of gym exercise?

What about gym considerations?

Today, I will introduce related fitness knowledge.

  In life, you can see many gyms, so how do we choose?

Let’s take a look at some fitness knowledge before entering the gym.

  Advice 1: The “software” of the gym is higher than the hardware. In addition to checking the hardware of the environment and equipment, it is more important to look at the level of the gym coach.

You know, people are very bored when facing cold exercise equipment, but a fiery and dynamic group course can instantly ignite your fitness enthusiasm.

  In addition, a competent coach is both a mentor and a friend who supports you, and at the same time supervises your chief, which plays a vital role in your fitness process.

  Wrong way to choose to visit the gym with a fancy look.

Just pay attention to the size of the gym, air circulation, cleanliness and comprehensive fitness equipment.

  The right way to choose is to check the outside of the above goals. It is more important to check the coaching information of the fitness club, find your favorite items, and at least once to experience it.

  Advice 2: Choose a fitness card like a fund If you choose the right fitness card, it will help you “value up” like a fund!

Of course, the appreciation of beauty and health.

For those entering the gym for the first time, remember not to rush to get the annual card, it is best to choose a secondary card first.

  The reason is very simple. If you have one year to do one thing, you will unconsciously push the time back. After pushing and pushing, the result is that the card is quietly placed in the corner of the wallet.”Appearance” opportunity.

  Wrong choices. Carefully study the price list of the gym. It is found that the annual card is the most cost-effective compared with the decline. The greedy and cheap mentality is a trick.

  The correct way to choose is “saving is waste”. Price is not the first priority. Choosing the method that suits you is the most important.

  Advice 3: Fitness, the success rate of fat reduction should be higher if you over-test fitness.

  For example, if the body is not flexible, Pilates or yoga training is needed; if the content is small, the equipment should be used to reduce fat.

  The wrong way of choosing didn’t know his own physical condition at all, and blindly chose fitness items based on the first impression.

  The right way to do a comprehensive fitness test with your coach.

Find problems and solve them quickly.

  Advice 4: Take a shot, exercise is not a panacea. Many people come to the gym with the confidence to lose weight and take exercise as their only hope for losing weight.

But the truth is, you will still face the threat of calories in your daily food.

So fitness is not the only thing you need to do. It is also very important to adjust unscientific eating habits.

  The wrong way to choose is that you have already started exercising, and you can relax your vigilance about your diet, which can be consumed through exercise anyway.

  The right way to choose is to maintain scientific and regular eating habits.

It is best to ask a personal tutor to help you develop a diet plan that matches your fitness plan. The effect of healthy weight loss will be better.

  Advice 5: At the beginning of your health, give yourself a peaceful mind. Healthy weight-loss must give yourself a peaceful mind.

Note that this is not your fight in the mall, nor is it the superiority or inferiority of professional competition. All you have to do is relax and exercise as easily as entertainment.

  The wrong choice has a quick-minded mentality for fitness, but it is difficult for the body to reach in actual operation, causing anxiety of “eyes and hands low”, and gradually lose confidence in fitness.

  The right way to remember is not to rush to achieve success, keep the frequency of exercise at 3 every week?
Just 4 times.

In terms of exercise intensity, you should follow the coach’s instructions to find the fitness intensity that is best for you, step by step.

  Advice 6: Step by Step As many people do not see a significant weight loss effect within a short period of exercise, they slowly slack off and even lose confidence in fitness.
In fact, this is not necessary, you must understand that Rome was not built in a day, and your aunt also needs to be removed a little.
  Gym fitness precautions 1, the necessary warm-up activities to know, this is not the time to comb the fragile child, drink a glass of water, this is a necessary process before starting to exercise.

As muscles become more relaxed, they are more likely to overcome being driven and expanded, and doing these exercises will reduce your chances of injury.

  Therefore, it is best to spend 5-10 minutes to let your body move fully and feel a little sweating earlier.

You need to understand that this step is a good start for your fitness exercise.

  2. Extremely Necessary Contraction Exercises There are always things that are easy to do in life, but squeezing after fitness exercises is not that simple.

When you exercise a muscle, it becomes tight and contracted. Contraction exercises help you relax your muscles and prevent muscle soreness the next day.

  It should be noted that the best time to do this is after you have completed the warm-up exercise, and at the same time, last for 20?
For 30 seconds, this will cause muscle relaxation and allow you to get an alternative reduction exercise.

  3. Overweight lifting. When you see that more than 30 candles are inserted on the birthday cake, you ca n’t help but wonder how many years have passed, instead of rushing into the gym and grabbing the dumbbell you saw at first glance.It is not an excuse for you to whim up and make a fitness plan that exceeds your abilities.

  You need to start slowly and increase the amount of exercise step by step. The fitness instructor will warn you that taking your time is the key to exercise.

Because you may not imagine what kind of pain you will feel within 24 to 48 hours after exercise, you need to be careful at the beginning.

  In addition, if you blindly try to lift a weight that exceeds your body load, you may cause muscle strains, sprains, and even injury forwards.

  It seems that choosing a weight of 3 to 6 pounds would be more suitable, usually repeating the action 15?
20 times, if you want to get a replacement muscle, you can also choose a slightly heavier weight but just repeat 8?
12 times is enough.
  Remember, don’t rush to achieve success, you will achieve good results by completing your exercises sparingly.

  Benefits of gym exercise 1, reduce uncle This is the purpose of supplementing people to enter the gym, insist on aerobic exercise for a long enough time, you can easily achieve this goal.

  There are aerobic equipment in the fitness club. You can choose to experience the joy of gradually losing weight on the treadmill, experience the fun of indoor skiing on the elliptical machine, aerobic bicycles so that you do not have to worry about the route you ride, and of course, such as mountain climbingMachine, rowing machine, fitness machine and so on.

  In addition, there are a variety of fitness courses in the gym that will not blind you to exercise equipment, such as bodyjam, bodypump, bodycombat, aerobics, Latin dance, belly dance, hip-hop, yoga, towel exercises, etc.To bring you more rich fitness fun.

  2. The strength equipment in the gym for muscle growth is an excellent weapon for muscle training. You can exercise on the weak parts according to your needs.

  If you don’t know how to use the various fitness equipment, you should consult the coach in the club, because the wrong usage method is often the first injury.

Generally speaking, under the condition that the nutritional supply is reasonable, the muscle will grow rapidly under strong training.

  3, strong physical fitness If you want to improve your strength, then it is recommended that you hire a professional personal trainer.

  With their help, you can complete the seemingly impossible weight over and over again, which will obviously help your physical capacity and make it easier for you to complete your daily work.

  4. Strengthening the bones If you are not satisfied with your bone density, you also need strength training. After 6 months of strength training, you can increase the mineral density in the spine bones of practitioners with insufficient bone density by 13%.Effectively correct the symptoms of osteoporosis.

  5, reduce the risk of diabetes After 4 months of systemic strength training, the body’s replacement ratio to blood glucose can be increased by about 23%, which has an important role in preventing the occurrence of diabetes.

  In the cold season, if you don’t want to do outdoor sports, choosing an indoor gym is also a good choice, but you can’t choose a gym blindly.

The above mentioned the gym precautions and some other fitness common sense, hoping to help you exercise better, and I wish you good health!

Newcomers in the workplace

Newcomers in the workplace

Newcomers in the workplace, you must not do this, otherwise it will be difficult to gain a foothold in the workplace.

  1. Be consistent with your boss whether you are there or not 2. Do not chat with colleagues 3 during working hours 3. Use a positive attitude to face your work with a good mood 4 Do not covet the company’s property 5Stick to your loyalty to the current service company6, be good at controlling your emotions, don’t bring bad emotions into your work7, and don’t perfuse any suggestions or reports to your boss.

Rigorous, responsible, and attentive is the style of work that every boss likes.

  8. Don’t disappear as soon as you get off work. Be responsible for everything you do.

And let your leader know what you are doing.

  9. Don’t see credit for yourself.

  10. Never be an answering worm without thought.

Don’t make the taboo of Chinese herbal slimming tea


Don’t make the taboo of Chinese herbal slimming tea

The slim waist is not in a firm grip, and the weak willows help the wind to drag the lotus-this realm is almost desired by all women. Today, with the “Hanfang” leading the trend, Chinese herbal medicine is more favored by women.Women who have pursued beauty throughout their lives have been rushing, so more and more self-made weight-loss herbal teas have emerged endlessly. As everyone knows, medicines are divided into warm and cold, and the same medicine is eaten by different people.He wins.


Weight loss misunderstanding A-Rhubarb Name: Rhubarb[sexual taste]tastes bitter, sexual cold.

  [Function]Xiere Tongchang, cooling blood detoxification, Zhuyu Tongmeng.

  [Application](1) It is used for dry stool, stagnant diarrhea, and constipation due to heat, yellow fur, and so on.

  (2) It is used for fiery hyperthermia, forced blood overflow, red eyes and severe pain, heat and sores.

  (3) For postpartum stasis and abdominal pain, stasis and blood stagnation, menstrual dysfunction, and bruises, stasis and pain.

  [Should be avoided]Take care if you have no evidence, blood deficiency, qi weakness, spleen and stomach deficiency, no real heat, stagnation, stasis, prenatal and postpartum.

  Internet rumors of consumption methods: rhubarb + honeysuckle, boiling water for tea, multiple times a day, can lose weight.

  Use rhubarb to lose weight, mainly with its laxative effect, but its strong diarrhea, coupled with the nature of cold, so cold people are no different than pouring oil on the fire.

Furthermore, although rhubarb has a laxative effect, it is a medicine that converges. It is easy to form after taking it for a long time. Over time, it will not show up.

  Rhubarb contains anthraquinone components that are hepatotoxic and can cause liver damage.

Clinically, there have been reports of hepatitis B patients’ deaths due to taking rhubarb-containing traditional Chinese medicine, resulting in sepsis and various organ failures.

The rhubarb-containing anthraquinone component also has nephrotoxicity. In animal experiments, it can cause swelling and degeneration of renal tubular epithelial cells in rats.

  (2) Myth of Weight Loss-Cassia Seed Name: Cassia Seed, Grass Cassia[Sexual Taste]Bitter, slightly cold

  [Function]Clear liver, eyesight, laxative.

  [Application](1) For redness, swelling and pain, shame and tears.

  (2) Laxative effect, can treat dry stool.

  Internet rumors of edible methods: Cassia seed + green tea, boiled water, drink several times until the taste is light, can lose weight.

  This tea does have the functions of clearing heat and calming the liver, lowering blood pressure and lowering blood pressure, moistening intestines, purging the eyes, and improving eyesight, but then it is prone to abdominal distension, diarrhea and dizziness and nausea in the early stage. For a long time, it will definitely cause irregular menstruation and irregular menstruation, And then make the endometrium abnormal.

In addition, after all, it is a laxative, which is bad for the body and can damage the body’s righteousness.


Weight Loss Misunderstanding C-Aloe (Poisonous) Name: Aloe[Function]The method of consumption of heat and purging fire network: raw food, tea replacement, various brands of aloe capsules, detoxification and laxative.

  Aloe has significant defecation effects, but should be used with caution for those with weak constitution or spleen and stomach.

Those who vomit after eating fresh leaves of aloe vera, or cause retinal abdominal pain and diarrhea should also be banned.

Aloe vera is a medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification. It is more convenient for strong constitutions (ie, empirical type), but for weak constitutions (ie, deficiency type), the effect may be unsatisfactory. Only by understanding the adaptability can it be better played.effect.

Pregnant and menstrual women should avoid taking aloe vera.

  Too much aloe vera has good nutrition and moisturizing effect on human skin, less irritation, comfortable after use, rough skin, wrinkles, scars, freckles, acne and so on.

However, fresh aloe vera juice contains a certain amount of calcium oxalate and a variety of plant proteins.

In some patients, the skin is particularly sensitive. After topical application of fresh aloe vera leaves, the skin may feel itchy or have small red rash spots, which are generally not too severe and can fade in half a day.

If you have skin allergies, you can replace the fresh aloe leaf juice with cold water and use it. Those with severe allergies should stop using it immediately.

If you find a small rash spot or feel itchy, you can rinse it with warm water. Do not scratch it with your fingers to avoid scratching the skin and causing a new infection.

  Taking laxatives often can cause drug-induced constipation.

This is because habituation with laxatives will reduce the sensitivity of rectal reflexes. In the future, even feces enter the prevention, which will not cause nerve impulses that cause defecation reflexes, which will cause constipation.

Therefore, if you do not understand the pharmacology, you should never take it casually.

It’s a medicine that is divided into three parts. Remember to follow your doctor’s advice.

New ways for white-collar decompression: tell your secrets

New ways for white-collar decompression: tell your secrets

Until one day, Miss Dong finally posted on the Internet a story about her bullying classmates in her childhood.

“I’m a good friend with her, so I haven’t dared to tell anyone about this, but I always feel sorry for seeing her.

So I also tried to write this on the Internet, hoping that she could see it one day and forgive me for my ignorance at that time.

“After the post was posted, Ms. Dong would go online every day to see what netizens think of her childhood behavior.

Ms. Dong is pleased that her childhood ignorance has been forgiven by most netizens.

“I don’t feel as guilty as before when I see my friend. I’m considering apologizing to my friend and I believe I can get her understanding.

Netizens: It is not ruled out that deceiving click-through rates. For the emergence of secret websites, netizens also take an unwilling attitude.

Netizen Awen told reporters: “For many people, everyone will be curious, which is why I often log on to the website.

But this does not mean that I will believe that all the secrets in the website are real. There cannot be so many sensational secrets in life, and the possibility of some people deceiving clickthrough rates cannot be ruled out.

“After all, the appearance of this website has given netizens an extra place to talk about their secrets. Perhaps some people can rely on this method to reduce stress.

Other viewers can browse the secrets of others and talk about it.

Looking at it in your spare time is also a way to reduce stress.

“Netizens unify that the emergence of” secret “websites provides a place for stress relief.

  Expert: I do n’t know how the decompression effect is. Sociologist of Shanghai University Qiu Liping believes that as a way of venting, telling the secrets in your heart can really relieve the stress, but it is only online, not to find a special directorThis method can be decompressed, and it is difficult to conclude.

  Nowadays, there are various ways of decompressing through the network, and it is unknown how effective it is.

Discharging is not necessarily an insult to the exit, and many people are exposed. In this way, the quality of itself is unknowingly reduced.

Netizens can achieve pressure reduction through personality and consultation.

  Lawyer: If the human rights infringement website is responsible, Lawyer Wu Dong of Huiye Law Firm told reporters that publishing his secrets online is understandable, but it must be guaranteed not to infringe on the exclusive rights of others.

Every secret content is reviewed, and the website’s approach is appropriate.

But even so, there is still no guarantee that some netizens can contact the relevant plot in the secret to check in with a specific person.

Therefore, in addition to reviewing names, addresses, and other information, the site also needs to properly disrupt the plot in the secret.

  In short, if the content on the website is infringed by others, the website administrator needs to bear relevant legal responsibilities.

Fashion OL diet plus yoga beautiful glow

Fashion OL diet plus yoga beautiful glow

Monday Weight Loss Recipes: Morning: Coffee, Apple Lunch: Rice (a small bowl) Stir-fried potatoes with green pepper, a raw cucumber, seaweed soup Late: Boiled shrimp (several), roasted tofu, cold raw onion, celery sprouts Yoga exercise:Use breathing to adjust tension and wear loose clothing to the gym.

When starting a new thing, it is inevitable that you will be nervous. The coach ‘s suggestion is to adjust your breathing first: find a comfortable position (you can lie down and sit, but you must relax your body), close your eyes gently and start deep breathing.When you inhale, shrink your abdomen, and when exhaling, feel a feeling that your nose is being brought to the spine.

  In the process of breathing, try to feel your mood is very good, put aside all thoughts, think about the most beautiful picture in memory, which lasts for about five minutes, open your eyes, do you find that the world in front of you is much clearer than before,My self-confidence has strengthened too much?

  Tips: 1. Driving range: Many people think that finding a quiet, airy cabin or a quiet office is fine.

But for novices, Xiaobian’s suggestion is that it is best to find a professional yoga class and receive interactive learning among the crowd. It is always more useful than a book and a CD.

  2. Practice time: It is best to avoid the period before and after meals. You can choose freely in the early morning or evening.

Do not practice during menstruation, especially during the first three days.

  3. Dress: Loose clothes are enough.

  Recipes on Tuesday: Morning: Oatmeal (one small bowl), Bread (one slice) Grapes Noon: Catfish, radish and tofu soup, Boiled eggs (1 piece), Vegetable salad late: Mung bean porridge (one small bowl), Steamed buns (one), Stir-friedEggplant puree, a cucumber and a yoga exercise: Taking a shower of your own spirit says that yoga can be cleaned through a variety of channels, one is posture, one is breathing, and breathing is to exclude garbage in your airway, and one is to eliminate spirit.Trash.

So today, the brain activity is mainly awakened by neck movement.

Wash your face with both hands, thinking that your loved one’s hand is caressing yourself, and your thoughts move with your hand.

  Then use your fingers to comb your hair from back to back. After the movement is completed, use yoga breathing to adjust the body to relax, let your shoulders relax, turn three times to the left and right, and then lean forward and back, each time try to position, repeat three times, and finally, fullySpit out the stale gas in your chest.

There are a lot of similar movements in yoga, which is not difficult to achieve, but it is very useful for keeping the refreshing state.

  Wednesday recipe: morning: oolong tea, kiwi noon: burn bamboo shoots, cold broccoli, boiled eggs one night: beef, cold kelp shreds.

  Yoga: Women who have tried to lose weight and train for a long time in the office will definitely be troubled by the excess meat in their abdomen and legs.

The weight loss effect of yoga is not as obvious as that of aerobic exercise, but practicing yoga for a long time can modify the uniform lines of the whole body.

After practicing it, you will notice that the waist and abdomen position is obviously loose when wearing clothes, and your body shape is more even.

  Therefore, every day to lose weight: After calming your mind, first stretch your shoulders to pull back the muscles on both sides of the spine, then straighten your legs slightly, hold your hands back and cross, and then straighten your upper body to bend forward.Keep it for 15 seconds, twice a day, four times a day.

Trying this for the first time, although not as light as a bird, can also cause the limbs to stretch very much.

If you can stick with it, you will certainly have a monopoly.

  Thursday Recipe: Morning: Rice Porridge (one small bowl), Whole Wheat Bread (one slice), Orange for one lunch: Roasted Beef, Green Salad, Winter Melon Soup, Raw Tomatoes One Night: Polenta (one small bowl), Steamed Bun (one), Burning asparagus, raw cucumber, a yoga exercise: diet and exercise From the perspective of various books on yoga, yoga is a lifestyle, it is not just a sport.

The yoga diet is also a big part of this lifestyle.

The advice of coaches and friends is to eat as lightly as possible, and clean green food is the best.

Editor’s Choice: Breakfast, Milk Oatmeal, Whole Wheat Bread and Fruit.

  Instead of eating red meat at noon, replace a few whole small fish with green fruit salad.

Many yoga enthusiasts also recommend that drinking a little soup before meals is good for the stomach.

Nuts such as walnuts, dried fruits, and almonds can provide transformation to the body.

The one-day yoga diet and the normal exercises at night make people feel clean from the inside out.

  Friday recipe: lunch: rice (a small bowl), vegetarian lentils, stir-fried vegetables, winter melon soup. Late: chicken, roasted carrots, cold celery. Yoga exercise: say goodbye to insomnia. Dealing with piles of things in the office every day, stressful., People are easily worried.

Do you feel that the quality of sleep is much worse than before? It is not easy to fall asleep at night. Do you often wake up at night?

After finishing the last pile of trivial work for a week’s work day, before the bed, light an incense in the airy large bedroom, sit on the big bed and start practicing a few postures to stabilize the nerves.

After practicing a few easy sleep movements, she lay down and slept with her right body.

Feeling clean in my heart, it is also sweet in dream.

  Saturday recipe: morning: oatmeal (one small bowl) orange noon: boiled eggs one, burned sea fish, mushrooms stir-fried vegetables late: sweet potato porridge (one small bowl), cold spinach, cakes (one or two) yoga exercise: outdoor yoga,Returning to natural yoga is a good practice on any fasting time of the day. The best time is to wake up in the morning.

On Saturday, I stopped sleeping and got up early.

After going to the toilet, brushing your teeth and washing your face, put a cushion on the balcony.

In the fresh air on the weekends and in the morning sun, slowly review each of the previous days.

Although the narrowness of the large classroom is not there, the quiet environment makes it easier to concentrate.The main exercise in the morning is to make the nerves active.

  Sunday recipe: morning: green tea, apple noon: carrots, fried pork liver with celery, boiled eggs (1), tomato soup late: mung bean porridge, garlic mixed with kelp, steamed buns (1 two), raw cucumber one yogaFrom the local to the full body yoga posture, the whole body is full of heart. After practicing abdominal and leg exercises in the morning, I feel that the other joints of the body are relatively stiff.

So I have to comb my whole body in the afternoon.

Before going to bed at night, look at myself in the mirror, no.

Refusing excessive autumn freeze 6 recipes for warming the stomach

Refusing excessive “autumn freeze” 6 recipes for warming the stomach

Chinese medicine experts remind that in such a rainy and snowy weather, we must pay attention to cold, moisture, wind, pay attention to clothing to keep warm in time, prevent colds, and refuse to over-authentic.
在此,为大家奉上初冬中医养生食谱,让您在享受美食的同时,更拥有一份健康……  一、抗风寒:生姜糯米粥  原料:  葱白6段,糯米100克,生姜6片,米醋1 spoon, a little salt, MSG, moderate amount of water.
  Practice: 1.
Rinse the glutinous rice, boil it in a pot, and use simmered rice.

Add scallion and ginger and cook until the porridge is rotten. Add rice vinegar, salt, MSG and stir well.
  Features: This porridge has a good effect on patients with cold and cold.
See the efficacy of onions and ginger, rice vinegar has the effect of activating blood and dispersing cold.
  Second, anti-cold: Angelica lamb soup Ingredients: mutton, spring onion, ginger, garlic, angelica, salt, monosodium glutamate.
  Practice: 1.
Wash the lamb, slice the ginger, and slice it for later use.
  2.Add heat to the wok, add oil, and heat up the oil. Add the lamb, stir fry a few times, add water, ginger, scallion, angelica, and boil over high heat. After half an hour, add salt and monosodium glutamate.
  Features: Tender soup and tender meat.
Lamb has the effect of nourishing Qi and depleting Qi, and Angelica has the function of nourishing blood and activating blood.
The two are matched with ginger and spring onion, which can supplement deficiency of temperature, promote blood circulation and dispel cold.
Suitable for cold and cold patients.
  3. Spleen and stomach: Yam mutton soup Ingredients: 500 grams of mutton mutton, 150 grams of yam, ginger, spring onion, pepper, Shao wine, salt.
  Practice: 1.
Wash and cut the mutton, put it into a boiling water pot, and remove the blood water; wash the ginger and onion and pat it with a knife to spare; 2.
The Huaishan slices are soaked in water with the mutton and placed in a pot, put in an appropriate amount of water, and put the other ingredients together in the pot. After being boiled on a high heat, stew to a simmer and cook until it is ready to eat.
  Efficacy: spleen and stomach, lung and kidney.
  Fourth, anti-cold: Hawthorn silver flower soup Ingredients: dried hawthorn slices 15 grams, silver flowers (ie honeysuckle) 30 grams, 4 spoons of honey, water.
  Practice: 1.
Wash the hawthorn flakes, pit them, put them in a casserole, boil them with water, switch to simmered flames, add silver flowers, and simmer for a total of 10 minutes.
  2.Add honey and mix well to remove residue.
  Features: Sweet and sour taste of yam juice.
Hawthorn has the function of breaking qi and dissipating blood stasis, and Yinhua has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying.
The two flavors are used together, suitable for patients with cold and cold.
   V. Warm the spleen and stomach: mutton porridge Raw materials: mutton, japonica rice, salt, spring onion, ginger.
  Practice: 1.
Take 100 grams of fresh lamb, 100 grams of japonica rice, salt, spring onion, and ginger.
Wash and slice the mutton, and chop the shallot and ginger into pieces for later use.
  2.Wash the rice, put it into the pot with the mutton and condiments, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil over high heat, and then boil it with low heat.
  Features: This congee has the effects of benefiting qi and blood, warming the spleen and stomach, and adding essence and replenishing the marrow.
  Six, Jingjing kidney: corn and longan porridge ingredients: 1 kg of corn, 15 grams of longan meat, and 50 grams of japonica.Efficacy: nourish the heart and kidney, and benefit the waist and knees.

  Method: Remove the shell of the corn and wash it out; wash the hard rice and put it in an aluminum pan, add the corn and longan meat, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it on the fire, and cook it with the simmering heat, add white sugar and stirto make.

  Features: It is suitable for the deficiency of heart and kidney essence, blood palpitations, insomnia, and waist and knee weakness.

Taboo: eating with almonds is vomiting.

  Corn is sweet, salty, and cold.

Into the kidney, spleen, stomach, hands and feet too Yin, Shao Yin meridian.

Its effect is contained in ancient books.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Boil porridge and eat Dandan, tonic, and open stomach.

“It can be seen that winter corn and longan porridge can feed the heart and kidney, and benefit the waist and knees.

Method for preparing health-preserving jieshu home-made sesame noodles

Method for preparing health-preserving jieshu home-made sesame noodles

It’s hot, so eating a bowl of cold noodles is a good choice.

If you want to eat cold noodles and you want to take care of both nutrition and refreshment, you may want to add some sesame sauce, because sesame sauce is supplemented with protein, amino acids, multivitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, etc., and has high health value.

Let ‘s take a look at the practice of hemp noodles: Materials: 150 g of hand-made noodles, 1 cucumber, 1/4 carrot, 2 tablespoons of sesame sauce, 1 tablespoon of raw soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of yellow rock sugar (broken),Deep-fried minced garlic, miso and sesame oil.

  Method: Mix all the seasonings, add 100 ml of hot water and mix well for later use; wash the cucumbers and carrots and shred them for use; boil the water in the pot, add the noodles to cook, remove and strain, and pour onFor the sauce, add shredded cucumber and carrot.