“Since awake,Don’t play dead!Tell me where did your brother go,I’ll make your death easier!”

Talking,Xiang Chen also pierced the dagger in his hand directly into Yan Zhengyi’s thigh。
“You are not qualified to refuse,I believe you should know!”
Huaxin hasn’t fallen yet,Xiang Chen pulled out his dagger and stabbed again,Then said:“I heard you can bite your tongue and kill yourself,Do you want to try?”
The dagger was once again scratched with the righteous wrist,Xiang Chen sits beside Yan Zhengyi。
“Do you think I will betray my big brother?”
Yan Zhengyi smiled at Xiang Chen,Then he got a knife from Xiang Chen,This time his limbs were completely abolished by Xiang Chen。
“Now this era of technological progress,Do everything yourself,It’s really hard!”
living comfortably without anybody’s help,In the end, Xiang Chen took out Yan Zheng’s phone by himself。
“You didn’t save your elder brother’s phone?”Xiang Chen asked suspiciously。
Why Yan Zhengyi refused to cooperate with Xiang Chen,Xiang Chen, who can’t get the iris, can only retreat to second place,Endure the nausea, pick up Yan Zhengyi and slumped his palm to unlock the fingerprint。
During the period, I was afraid that justice would use water escape to spit at myself,Xiang Chen withdrew a piece of carpet and put it into Yan Zhengyi’s mouth。
After searching through Yan Zhengyi’s phone for a long time, I couldn’t find the phone number that was lacking.,Xiang Chen had to call them one by one。
“While I am applying makeup,suddenly think of,When this guy used his back throw just now,Did you fail to react?Until he lifted it up,You just broke the jar,Take advantage of the strength to stand firm?”
Yao Yao, who had finished applying makeup, looked at Xiang Chen,I also briefly reviewed the battle between the two people just now。
I feel that Xiang Chen’s speed has dragged her back。
“That’s changing,It’s not a broken jar!”
Xiang Chen rolled his eyes,There is not a bad voice on the other end of the phone,He stabbed Yan Zhengyi again。
Yao Yao counted silently,Yan Zhengyi probably already had thirty holes in his body,If you can’t find the phone number,This buddy can be properly stabbed by Xiang Chen until he lost too much blood and died。
“Should you consider giving him some blood??I rolled my eyes when I stabbed you!”

This negative energy is different from the red mist energy,It’s also different from the space energy in the dark one,It’s a spiritual force that is more biased towards intelligent creatures.,It’s just a negative mental power。

Maybe as He Yueyingzi introduced,The terrain of this forest is special,Magnetic field disorder,People who enter the Aokigahara Forest are prone to negative emotions,And the negative energy generated during suicide is condensed but not dispersed,Locked in this forest,Accumulate deeper,Then it turns into a dense fog。
but,Lu Menglin is not an exorcist,He is also not obligated to wipe out these mists of wraiths,Besides, the negative energy here has been deposited for hundreds of years,It’s not easy to eliminate。
“Trigger hidden tasks,Purify the source of Aokihara’s grievances,System rewards a lottery chance once。”at this time,There was a long-lost ding sound in Lu Menglin’s mind,And announced a new system mission to him。
Chapter Eighty Five All plants and trees
Hear this system hide mission,Lu Menglin was speechless immediately。
I’ve heard of this green woodland,The grievances inside,Accumulated for at least a few hundred years,How could I be purified??
And I am not a monk,Not a Taoist priest,This kind of task should be almost the same for Taoist Li Shixing to try!
As for the prize of the lucky draw, what the hell is it??Who knows what unreliable stuff will be drawn?
So Lu Menglin immediately ignored this so-called hidden mission。
Strange,When this bus convoy passed a turn,And after a long slope,The scene in front of you suddenly became clear。
Those haunting mists stop on the slope behind them like psychic,Picturesque ahead,Tian Lang Ni Qing,A beautiful pastoral scenery。
Turquoise rice fields on both sides of the road,The paddy swings in the wind,Exudes alluring vigor。
A farmer with a hat is working on the ridge,Their rickety back,As vivid as an oil painting,Give people a very real smoke。
The bus passes through the town at the foot of the mountain,The road is neat and clean,There are not many pedestrians on the road,Children in groups occasionally,Carry a small school bag of uniform style,Line up to cross the road,Looks calm and harmonious,Live and work,Leisurely and affluent town scenery。
Compared with the gloomy atmosphere of Aokigahara Forest just now,This is simply the kingdom of gods blessed by gods,The gap between the two is huge,The soul shock caused to people is also quite big。


First0303chapter Something big
“Hahaha,Qiao Tianyu,I have to say that you are really a talent,The vision is indeed vicious,It’s not easy to lie to you!”Lily is not upset after being exposed,Suddenly raised his head and laughed。
“But then again,What if you know I’m lying to you?I admit that I lied to you,I also admit that we have set up a net in the international foreign exchange market,Just waiting for you to vote!”
“Lily,Thanks for telling me the truth,In that case,Then I don’t have to be polite to you anymore,Let’s see the winner on the investment field!”Qiao Tianyu’s face suddenly became gloomy。
“Win or lose on the investment field?Qiao Tianyu,You look down on me too?”Lily glanced at Qiao Tianyu contemptuously。
“Qiao Tianyu,I am a woman too,I also know makeup,I also know that some makeup masters can indeed、Body type、Two people with similar appearance pretend to be the same person,So only one of you four Qiao Tianyu can be true!”
“Qiao Tianyu,You just kept saying how much you know me,How much do you know about Yamaki Kobayashi,But don’t forget,My behavior and trading tactics,As well as analytical and coping skills。”
“Just listened to your analysis of the whole incident,I also have a full understanding of your analytical and coping skills and trading techniques。”
“Now I have very confirmed,You are the real Qiao Tianyu,New York、Chinese、The three Qiao Tianyus in Dubai are all fakes!”
“Hahaha,Lily,I’m underestimating you!Unexpectedly you found so many!”Qiao Tianyu raised his head and laughed,“and then,I would like to know,Even if you know that I am the real Qiao Tianyu,What can we do?”
“then?Hahaha.”Lily is suddenly a tiger,I snatched the phone next to Qiao Tianyu。
“And then this!”Lily shook the phone triumphantly,。
“Qiao Tianyu,Don’t forget,Your only contact with the outside world is this phone,I believe that the fake Qiao Tianyu in New York can imitate your appearance,But it can’t imitate your trading ability。”
“As long as I take your phone away,Your contact with the outside world is completely cut off,Then that fake Qiao Tianyu can only catch blind,Just wait to collect the dead bodies from the top five investment banks on Wall Street and a group of international hedge funds.!Haha.”
“Oh?is it?Then let’s wait and see?Hahaha.”There was a cold smile across Qiao Tianyu’s face。

Although Liu Neng is now,Still looks very suspicious,But even if it is suspicious,I can’t understand why Xiao Fan suddenly persuaded Lin Yuner and Liu Chunlan to change their minds.,But as long as the money arrives in my account after a while,Then everything is easy to say, right??

Only when the money is in your account is it true,Everything else is fake。
Liu Neng noticed that everyone was silent,So he smiled and came to Xiao Fan’s side,And then said to him:“Xiao Fan,Grandpa doesn’t believe you,I just want to confirm with you again,The investment you just mentioned must be true,Not teasing grandpa,is not it?”
Xiao Fan smiled,To Liu Neng:“Grandpa,Look at what you said,Yoona said just now,Let me represent him,If you don’t believe me,So Yuna, the chairman of the Lin Group,You should believe it。”
Liu Neng looked at Lin Yoona who was sitting next to Xiao Fan,Look left and right,I didn’t see half of Lin Yoona’s unwillingness on Lin Yoona.,The stone in my heart that has been hanging in the air,Also disappeared immediately。
He glanced at Wang Dahua and Liu Guangguang triumphantly,These two people are also very excited at this moment。
The two held each other’s hand excitedly,Especially Liu Guangming,In addition to excitement, there is a hint of regret。
Looks like Xiao Fan agreed so well,The two million I made just now seems to be less。
I blame this Lin Yoona,I’m joking with myself when I’m idle,Blame her,This stinky girl,See how you can fix her when you look back,Let’s make you comfortable for a while,In a while,After the money is in my account,Let’s take care of everything else。
Lin Yuner looks at Liu Guangjing,Relying on her years of experience as the chairman,For Liu Guangguang’s thoughts at this moment,Lin Yuner estimated that it was only able to come out seven to eight points。
Although I don’t know what Xiao Fan is going to do,But as far as she has always understood Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan would never let his family’s money be stolen by the Liu family so easily。
“Xiao Fan,Do you need to discuss with Yoona again?,This investment,How much do you plan to invest,Although at least two million is enough,But since it is a 100% money-making project,I suggest you guys,It’s better to vote more,After all, such a good opportunity is not common,right?”Liu Neng can see Xiao Fan and they agree,and so,A reserve price of two million,I suddenly became unbalanced in my heart。
so,He didn’t give up on one of his actions,In Liu Neng’s opinion anyway,Even if Xiao Fan disagrees,There are at least two million,But seeing their family promised so happy,At this moment,In case I’m happy, Liu Cun has a lot more,Maybe it’s,dont you agree?

As an elite among professional managers,Don’t need to say too much by Chen Geng,Just a little bit,Rosemary instantly realized how big a business this is:You’re welcome,Working well,I’m afraid I’m making no less money than selling used cars now。

the most important is,This business sounds better than selling used carsBMuch taller。
Rosemary nodded immediately:“OK,I know what to do……boss,To this hypermarket,What are your requirements?”
Chen Geng really has a few requirements:“the first,The location of the hypermarket should be located in the core business district as much as possible;second,Choose to rent as purchasing agent in hypermarkets as much as possible;third,Among these potential customers who are interested in buying a computer,Very few people really understand computers,So buying a hypermarket must have a dedicated consulting department,Provide consulting and customized services to customers。”
Rosemary frowned。
She can understand the first and third requirements of her boss,But why the second point,Why does the boss want to rent as an agent?
“Oh,I just hate those damn landlords,”Chen Geng’s hateful way:“These bastards are just like vampires,Every time we see our business is getting better,These damn bastards will definitely raise their rents。”
Ok,This is indeed a reason,And it’s a very powerful reason。
For those damn landlords,Seeing the tenants who rent their own properties start their business、Raising rents after they grow up has almost become the only way for them to suck the blood of tenants,And each time these landlords increase the rent, the rate is just at an acceptable level that makes you uncomfortable but gritted your teeth,Really a headache——If signed“Purchase by rent”protocol,As long as the rent is paid for several years, the property will be owned by the company,It’s a good thing。
A deep and powerful roar from a diesel engine quickly approached from a distance,At last“Creak”Stopped beside Chen Geng and Rosemary,Chevat·Egaford’s flushed face came out of the window with excitement,Shouted:“boss,This car is too exciting!”
Chen Gengxiao asked:“Feel good?”
“More than good,Compare with it,Other off-road vehicles on the market are just a pile of shit!”Excited Chevat·Egarford made a few swear words:“boss,Will you launch a civilian version of this car??”
“Of course,”Chen Geng nodded:“Regardless of whether it passes the Department of Defense test,There must be a civilian version。”
He will not only launch a civilian version,And I already have a complete set of civilian versionsHMMVPromotion Plan,of course,Never repeatAM GeneralCompany in civilian versionHMMVThat’s it……In Chen Geng’s view,AM GeneralThe company isHMMVThe promotion plan developed by the civilian version,apart fromhummerBeyond the fame,Other promotion and marketing are no different from shit。
“yes!If you push the civilian version,I must buy one!”Chevat·Egarford shook his fist hard。

He is not an investigator,Naturally, there is no need to use evidence to convict others。So Qin Feng didn’t feel any guilt at all at this time。

“Don’t go?”
Qin Feng understands Chu Xiao’s meaning,This guy won’t back down easily。
Even if the situation on the field is not good for him!
“Ha ha,Qin Feng,You came just right!”At this moment,A voice came。Qin Feng saw Zhang Qiang standing in the crowd。He was so ordinary in the beginning,Even in the crowd like ordinary people。Until he speaks,Until he no longer suppresses his temperament,Just for a moment,He is like a king over the world。
He just took a step,Makes people have an urge to bow down。
“I go,Can you reach this point just with aura??Zhang Qiang is so strong?”Qin Feng is very depressed,Because he and Zhang Qiang are about the same age,But it’s in the combat power,Qin Feng knew he was not Zhang Qiang’s opponent。
He had this idea in the battle with Zhang Qiang’s mercenary group.。
“Qin Feng,Don’t look around,Your opponent is me。”At this moment,Another voice sounded。
Qin Feng looked over,I found out that half of the speaker“acquaintance”。
“It’s you?Iron hand?”
Of course Iron Hand is just a code name,This person is the player who was the deputy leader of the Zhang Qiang mercenary group。At the beginning
In the first battle with Qin Feng, it can be regarded as both losers.。

But then Qin Feng returned to the original state and said:“No no no,It’s not about money,It really depends on fate,Some people have an effect on this,It works quickly after use,But some people,Use it for nothing,No reaction at all。”

“Wow!Look at her face!”At this time someone in the crowd noticed,The face of the woman who Qin Feng gave before,There was a long scar before,Is recovering at a speed that the naked eye can see。
“three million,You sell me a bottle,Even if it doesn’t work,I won’t blame you。”Liu Huimin said eagerly。
“Three million is not a small number,Can you be the master?”Qin Feng deliberately loses his appetite。
“can,This is my money,I spend whatever I want。”
Indeed, Liu Huimin has a lot of pocket money,But I took out three million at once,If you let her do something else,I believe she will not agree,But for
Beautiful,Even if you spend more,She didn’t hesitate,This is a woman’s nature,Especially rich women。
“Ugh,alright!For your sincerity,I left this one for my sister,Sell it to you!”Qin Feng thought for a long time,Take out a small bottle that is different from before,I can’t bear to play around in my hand。
“Why is this not like before?”Obviously Liu Huimin also noticed this。
“I said it all,This is for my sister,For your own family,No charge,I don’t need to make packaging!”Qin Feng thought,This is not a little resurrection liquid at all,It’s just spring water from Qin Yan’s house。
If it’s not for myself, I’m using money now,Qin Feng really reluctant to give it to her。
(End of this chapter)

“Ergouzi,Bring me a basin of water in!”

at this time,The voice of the old man came from the interior,Zhao Feng hurriedly replaced Ergouzi,I used a tub to receive the hot water originally prepared for him,Then came outside the inner door,Asked:“Zhuang Lao,Ergouzi is busy,I lifted the water,Can you go in?”
“……Did you carry hot water??Drain,Go pick a basin of cold water and come again。”
Zhao Feng was taken aback,In his impression,The doctor treats the patient,If you need to catch water,Almost all hot water,So I subconsciously received hot water。
Zhao Feng responded,Then hurriedly brought hot water into the kitchen。
There is no running water in the village,The villagers’ daily water is taken from nearby mountain springs,Store in a water tank。
After all, Zhao Feng was born in the countryside,There are many similarities between Zhuanglao’s house and his old home,Naturally, I found the water tank smoothly。
“Zhuang Lao,I came in……”
After a reminder,Zhao Feng used the wooden basin he was holding against the wooden door,And slowly push it away,A strong smell of herbs accompanied by a rush of heat,The interior is dim,Although there are two windows inside,But it was blocked by the heavy black cloth,And Mr. Zhuang sat on the side of the bed,Holding a fan,Looking solemnly at the patient on the bed。
“Excuse me, soak this towel in water,Wring out and put it on the head of the bed。”Elder Zhuang ordered,With a certain stable frequency,Fan in no hurry。
Zhao Feng quickly picked up the white towel beside the bed,One start,Rushed to the abnormal sultry heat,But I can’t even think about it,Soak it in cold water、Rub clean、Wring out,And fold it。
“Excuse me, put the towel on my granddaughter’s forehead……”
Zhao Feng listen,Holding a towel,Patient bending over close to bed,As the eyes adapt to the dark,Finally found the patient’s forehead,After putting the towel,I noticed that the patient looked like an eight or nine year old girl,And his face is very thin,The frowning eyebrows temporarily calmed down after putting a cold towel on his forehead。
Zhao Feng got up,Thinking for a long time,Asked:“Zhuang Lao,I don’t know what disease your granddaughter is suffering from?”

Gave Xiangchen a fist,In no words。

Xiang Chen nodded slightly,Bai Lu and her mother have followed the doctor,The doctor returned to the ward with Bai Lu’s father。
Xiang Chen guarded the door,Don’t know what to do。
Soon after,The door of the ward was pushed open。
“My dad wants to talk to you。”
Bai Lu’s eyes are red,Obviously just cried。
Not long,Bai Lu’s mother also followed,Looking at Xiang Chen, nodded,Then made a way for Xiang Chen。
Lean slightly,Xiang Chen walked into the ward silently。
The ward becomes extremely quiet now,Only Xiang Chen and Bai salute lying on the hospital bed。
“You find me。”
Xiang Chen came to the bed and stood still,Did not sit down,Just bow。
“sit down!Thank you just now。”
Bai Lu’s father smiled at Xiang Chen,Although Xiang Chen’s age is quite controversial,,But it’s not difficult to see that the person in front of me has real abilities,Otherwise, Dean Zhang won’t nod and bow at him。

Sure enough, as the system inferred,After entering the earth world,Not adapted,The energy of this low-level plane is for them,Too low end,Even harmful。

Humanity,In the end, you have to rely on yourself!Lu Menglin sighed secretly in his heart。
The four masters of the gods have tried their best,Their appearance,It was just a shock to the leader of the dark dragon,The only thing that played a role were the two poisonous powders flowing in the shintoist wind,It’s a temporary reduction in the defense of the Dark Dragon Leader,And suppressed part of its physical recovery.
but,This is for the unfathomable dark dragon leader,It’s just a trick better than nothing,I’m afraid it doesn’t even care about it itself。
“Humanity,You surprised me again,You can drive those proud gods。I decided to change my mind,As long as you submit to me,Fight for me,I can make an exception to spare you,And give you strength!”
This time,The leader of the Dark Dragon in mid-air did not attack again,But became interested in Lu Menglin,Actually planning to talk to him。
obviously,It already felt,The human race below,Is a very special existence。
Not only does this human race far exceed the general human race powerhouse,And also owns a warship that he has never seen before,And can control the gods,With its wisdom,Hard not to associate,Once this human race surrendered,May bring unexpected huge benefits。
“is it?Just surrender to you,Don’t die?And get stronger power?Such a good thing,Then I have to seriously consider it!”
No one thought,Lu Menglin would actually answer like this。
Suddenly,All humans on earth are stagnant,Speechless。
They dare not imagine,If even Lu Menglin surrendered,So is there any hope for mankind??
Chapter one hundred and forty seven Sleepy beast