Xia Jian takes this opportunity,What Hu Haiquan did was revealed。Hu Haiquan’s arrogant gas filling,Suddenly dropped to half。Which villagers are going to rush forward,Suddenly became more honest。

“Guilty!The people in our village are so poor,You can actually eat more than 20,000 yuan?You really have a big appetite!“Old man Hu Fusheng,Stomp with anger。
At this time,There was a rapid sirens from the village entrance,The villagers shattered and dispersed。
quickly,Several heavily armed police rushed to the compound of the village committee of Huwang Village。The leading policeman asked:“Which is Hu Haiquan?“
Zhao Ling welcomed the past,Said hello to this person。So I told the police about the situation here,After all, they are a system。
The policeman smiled and said:“Hu San explained something about him and Hu Haiquan,We came to catch him too,Since you are one step ahead,Thank you“
The policeman said,He showed his arrest warrant。This time,Not only Hu Haiquan sat on the ground,Even the few villagers standing on the side booing suddenly resembled a leaky ball。Head drooping one by one,No one dares to speak anymore。
Zhao Chunling gave a few words to the leading policeman,Let people put Hu Haiquan,Hu Liuzi who is playing cards and making trouble,And three other gamblers,Hand it all over。
Wait for these people to leave,Xia Jian said loudly:“The villagers of Huwang Village heard。Among you,Many people are Hu San’s accomplices,There are also people who follow Hu Haiquan in the village。But let me explain one point here,You people will take the initiative to explain your problems to the township government tomorrow“
“Explain clearly,Don’t care。but,If you want to get through,Once found out,Photo capture,I won’t keep any affection。and also,Who of you didn’t pay for dinner at Donglin Restaurant,The boss keeps your account。Today, I have to spit out all the money I have eaten.“
“After today,Will double tomorrow。If anyone wants to fall back, I will let the police station assist,Enforce。and also,If you find someone ran out to do business with people from other places, then what kind of shit protection fees will be charged,Once caught,That is going to jail“Xia Jian yelled,So that my throat became hoarse。
These villagers in Huwang Village,I was completely stabilized by Xia Jian’s momentum。When Xia Jian called,Everyone is listening quietly,No one dared to say a word。
At last,Xia Jian said in a hoarse voice:“As long as everyone doesn’t do anything wrong, Not long,I will make your Huwang Village a happy home“
“Everyone must support the work of our head Xia,He was transferred from Pingyang Town。The development of Pingzhen over the years,I think everyone knows。If you want to live the life of the people in Shangpingyang Town,,You have to cooperate with our work。But I put the ugly words here first,If anyone wants to mess around,Then don’t blame me for being polite“Zhao Chunling also said a few words loudly。
Hu Fusheng said with a smile on his face:“Chief Xia!Our people in Huwang Village are too poor,If you can lead our villagers to a good life,I’ll just stare when I die“
“Old man,You have to live well,I want you to live to be a hundred,Witness the happy moments in Huwang Village“Xia Jian was laughing,Shook hands with old man Hu Fusheng。
The villagers have smiles on their faces,Everyone started talking。See here,Xia Jian’s constricted heart stretched out。To be honest,The scene just now,He is really scared。
When coming out of Huwang Village,The sun has hung on the mountain。Xia Jian glanced at Zhao Chunling who was following him,Asked quietly:“How do you know we are in Huwang Village?“
“As soon as you enter the village,Secretary Liu sent me a text message。I know you’re just trying,Bring someone and hurried over“Zhao Chunling said,Took a long breath。

As a Tathagata Buddha with only three steps,Facing such an evil emperor,Have to be cautious。

“What a pity!”Emperor Yequan shook his head,As if still talking。
But abrupt,He directly used his fierce reputation‘Secrets of Night Spring’。
I saw his pale skin,Abruptly expand in all directions,Like a huge cloth bag,The mouth of the cloth bag produces monstrous suction and envelopes the Buddha。Look inside the huge white cloth bag,Can only see darkness。
The huge white cloth bag flew quickly,The cloth bag mouth envelopes the Tathagata,At the same time, an ugly huge face suddenly appeared in the mouth of the bag,That is the face of Emperor Yequan,That face with open mouth,The teeth in the mouth are like endless blade purgatory,Bite directly towards the Tathagata,I want to chew and eat the Tathagata。
Amitabha!”Face such an attack,Tathagata did not keep any hands,His hands folded,Then take a palm shot。
Of means‘Complex’,He is the weakest among the three realms,Even if you are now the Three-step Taoist,The means are still very few。
But means‘less’Which means‘fine’!
That is the continuous sublimation of a simple palm。
In the realm of true gods,The palm of the Buddha is a big world。
Now three steps,The palm of the Buddha,Close to one territory。
“boom~”The palm of his hand collided with the secret technique of Emperor Yequan,Tathagata took three steps back,The bag failed to swallow him and chew,Bombarded again。
“Snapped~”Another palm,Tathagata once again opens the distance with this secret technique。
Tathagata,It’s all in one palm of attack, defense, suppression!

NS1089chapter The pen stop is not as good as a gun(superior)

Ah,You are on,Why can’t you??
At this moment, Li Delin wants to express it.,Is the face of the sole plate fan Yang Wei。
Since you can’t be responsible for the Political Agency of North Qi,So,Don’t say some extra。You have to refuse Wang Lin,I have to have the ability you refused.!Otherwise, what big tail wolf is installed?!
Li Delin finally was made by Gao Baoyi“Scare”Someone,But in fact,Then give Li Delin to solve!If it is in the future, Yang Wei retals Li Delin,It will be considered by the world.“Brain”。
Convinced:Prime minister can support the boat。Your belly is so small,How to make a slaughter?,Wash and sleep!
One time,In addition to Gao Baoyi,All ministers present are asking yourself a question。If Wang Lin really turned his face,Northern Qi Zheng earthquake,Can yourself in this earthquake?“Safe and sound”?
problem occurs,Always accountable,Now jumping,At that time, the clearer is。Fine arm thin legs,Still don’t participate in it.?
“Just now Li Di Cao Li Delin’s official position has just been said.,You don’t have worry,Just intentionally。No matter what Wang Lin gets out,This king,He can’t turn out,Will you go to the front line to talk to those squid。”
Gao Bao said unresponsible。
His surface is talking“Laozi hooded you,When the spray of peace of mind is”,Mean behind,In fact, it is said“You can’t use it all.”!
Magnification you also。
“Yang Zauxian,How to reply Wang Lin,what do you say?”
Li Zuyi saw the situation stalemate,I have a doubt.。
“Back to the ever,Ministers think,Although Wang Lin is accompanied by government affairs,But this man holds tens of thousands of soldiers,It is a member of a member。Minishen did not speak in military affairs,It’s better to let Greetor Chen talk about your thoughts.。
Even if there is repeated,Gao Caalthuo also has a way to share。”
Yang Yu’s words,It can be described as soft belt hard。
You said that I can’t do it.,Then I will let you come.。
“Chu Wang,what do you say?”
Li Delin’s fancy“Soul”,Gao Bo Yi’s intentional avoidance,In fact, this is this sentence.!
“Too,Allocate,Wang Lin held heavy soldiers,and,At present, there is also a courter who belongs to me.,at this point,We can’t deny。
In the truth,Wang Lin is the courter of Qi Guo,So,We have no reason to reject him into the hinterland of Qi Guo.,at this point,I think there should be no controversy.。”
Gao Baoyi’s words are very calm,Falling in the group of ministers,It is not as a thunder.!
This,I want Wang Lin to enter the attitude.!
only,Wang Lin,What is the benefit of him??Many people in the scene don’t understand why。
Seeing that many ministers have no standing to refute,Gao Bao continued:“If we reject directly,Wang Lin will definitely have actions。
He is not a person,He is gone,All are Huainan Huaibei,Directly refuse,It is equal to saying that it is broken their minds.。
Wang Lin, even if it is modest,He wants to give him a meeting,This,Can only be in Qi。”
Gao Bo Yi put Wang Lin’s situation,Said that the minister who was present,Some deeds including Wang Lin,The introduction of the summary。
This,Originally uncomfortable,I also serve now.。

Full set of viruses,Autofein series

ChestCT:Double lung texture increase,Interstitial change。Upper abdomenCT:Fatty liver。
“CRPandPCTHave some high,It seems more like a bacterial infection。”Ma Dabao facing this subconscious。
At this time, there is only Ma Baibo and Zhou Ye in the office.,Others have not come yet。
Zhou Ye also knows that he is some complained before this horse.,Take advantage of no one now,He wants to alleviate the enemy of the sword between the two people.。
“Big boy,I have a suggestion,You can draw a blood culture,Maybe it will be good.。”Zhou Ye is half jokingly reminded。
Yes,This patient will have a different effect.。
Blood culture can also detect infected bacteria,For patient treatment,Have a certain effect。
Ma Baobo listened to Zhou Niwu’s suggestion,Not only didn’t grateful,Instead, cold miners:“Are you taught me??Have you done a license??”
Zhou Jiwu said so,There is also a bit uncomfortable in my heart.。
Blame me?
Good heart as a liver lung。
Qianlong’s inside is also checked.10Minute,I am tired that I’m looking at the Yuli standing behind.。
He suddenly hurts the horse.
I have encountered this patient who can be oscillated.。
Qianlong is like learning the meaning of cross talk,Always interact with Ma Baobang。
Ma Baobo no matter where the hand is put,Qianlong will look very itchy,While shouting:“Itch”
“Cooperate with,I will check it immediately.,I will check the muscle strength.。”
“it is good,what,How can I have no strength?,I am not no musical strength.。”
After the Ma Baobang checks all the projects,Long Shu,I know that I can’t pick up this order.。
Isn’t his face??Luck!
Ask all the medical history,Everyone will return to the doctor’s office.。
“Big wave,Check and inspect,Waiting for this result,We will continue to discuss the condition。”Chen Riyuan sits on a chair,The case of opening the money dragon refreshed the doctor,I finally didn’t take a doctor。
He wants to leave a doctor to leave this opportunity to Horse Baobo,For small doctors, the most learning is to open a doctor.。
Ma Baobang was originally died of money,I have to hear a doctor now.,Mercure moments are much more。
Since the last male patient, I asked the menstruation history.,He once became a laughter of the department。
Now the opportunity is coming!The chance to turn over, just in front of you
How can he not cherish it?。
“it is good,director,I think the Qianlong may still consider the newGPneumonia complications,I have a lot of new presentations.GPatients with pneumonia also have abdominal pain such as a typical manifestation”
“I will give him an antibiotics and protective gas.,Then make a sputum culture。”
Ma Baobang is skilled in the doctor。
This is the first patient he accepts.,Before, every day is symptomatic support,This time I finally handled a patient.。
“Big wave,A snow shame。”Yu Shiya smiled and said on the side of Ma Baibo.。
Ma Baobo listened to this,The face is green.。
“Let you be old,I don’t allow me to 怼 you.?Falling the stone, this collar is still what you learn?。”Yu Shiya smiled very brilliant,I am proud to look at the horse big wave。
Under this situation,He is really unable to have no mouth.。

Like this nuclear submarine project,Always under his watch。

He just learned that there was a problem with the nuclear submarine program,Hurry over and prepare to solve this problem。
Liu Shiqiang is no better than Ye Zhenxing。
not to mention,What Qin Hao didn’t know was,Liu Shiqiang was a student of Ye Zhenxing。
Only from here,You can tell Ye Zhenxing’s ability。
“Ye Lao,”Know the identity of Ye Zhenxing,Qin Hao also bowed respectfully。
“Not bad,not bad,Can be a big responsibility,Worthy of being the grandson of that old man。”
suddenly,Ye Zhenxing said in his excitement,Then he realized what,Changed the subject。
“Qin Hao,Would like to stay and join us,You must know that the contribution of our scientific research is definitely not smaller than yours。”
“not to mention,you need to know,Generally speaking, people in our scientific research field will not encounter danger。”
What Ye Zhenxing said,Make Liu Quan and others look ugly,Isn’t this a blatant snatch??
But facing Ye Zhenxing,They can’t stop with words,After all, what Ye Zhenxing said was the truth。
Qin Hao may really be able to achieve a career in scientific research,You can tell from what just happened。
But even knowing what he said is true,But it makes them feel very uncomfortable。
“Don’t you think what my old man said is not good,This kid is a piece of research material,I am willing to do everything,Take him to a career。”
Liu Quan and they heard Ye Zhenxing say this,Even more embarrassed while shocked。
Although Qin Hao’s performance in scientific research is not bad,But Qin Hao’s performance is not bad among them.!
When everyone is in distress,Qin Hao spoke up。

Wang Guilan’s husband sees it,Rushed up,Chao Xiajian shouted:“Give him to me,I am going to abolish him today,Let him die off”

“slow!He hit my car,Crashed my car。So you are chasing him,Just let him hit my car。I don’t care about his injuries now,But I need you to pay for my car repair,You all want to run,I’ll call the police”Xia Jian said,Let go。
Wang Youcai is really smart,Plop and crawl on the ground。Pretending to be seriously injured,My husband Wang Guilan panicked。
“This guy slept with my wife,We still need him to settle accounts,Best if you call the police”Wang Guilan’s husband wants to scare Xia Jian。But he forgot,People who can drive a big run are naturally not low。
Xia Jian sneered and roared:“joke,He slept with your wife, you drove him into the car?Another point,It’s hard to tell who is sleeping,As the saying goes, one slap can’t make a sound,Just wait to tell the police!”Xia Jian really took out his mobile phone。
This frightened Wang Youcai who was lying on the ground,What if Xia Jian really called the police,Isn’t he finished?。
Who are the people with Wang Guilan’s husband?,Xia Jian really wanted to call the police,They came and ran away。Wang Guilan’s husband, who has lost the support of everyone, has no square inch for a while。He made two turns in place,Also ran away。
Wang Youcai squinted half his eyes,Lying on the ground and humming。Xia Jian walked over,Kicked him and said:“Get up and fuck off,These people ran away“
Wang Youcai was overjoyed,Hurriedly got up from the ground。He didn’t even say thank you,But I looked around,Suddenly bowed,Opened Daben’s car door and got in。
First1475chapter Kiddy
Xia Jian received a call from Qin Xiaomin early in the morning,Let him come to the city government for a meeting。He just walked here in the car,Unexpectedly, someone hit his car,He was really taken aback。
When he finds out that this man is rich,Xia Jian felt angry,Feel funny again。What happened in this world is really a coincidence,He never expected,The person who hit his car turned out to be Wang Youcai。
“What do you mean?Are you trying to corrupt people?“Xia Jianla sat in the driving position,He is going to the city government for a meeting,Can’t hold this person。
Wang Youcai smiled awkwardly and said:“You saw it too,I must not get off,You better drag me to a safe place!“
“You really can’t change eating shit。So many unmarried women in Pingdu,Why do you sleep with someone else’s wife?I’m not afraid that people will castrate you”Xia Jian started the car,No angry scolding。Anyway,The two of them belong to the same village,Situation like this,Xia Jian couldn’t bear to drive Wang Youcai out of the car。

this matter,Tuco knows。

So he was very worried!
In case it fails,Forget it in his life。
If you don’t have surgery,He can live happily for a while。
Tangled ah!
Fang Yu is here,Tuke is a little calmer。
“Is it troublesome?”Suo Mu asked。
“Just cut a knife on the back of your neck……But also very accurate。There are too many nerves in this place……”Fang Yu explained。
“No wonder,You let me eat and drink……I was really lucky!”
Tuco finished,Burst into tears。
Feeling wronged like a two hundred catties child!
of course,Suo Mu and Fang Yu both looked at his chubby appearance。
More than two hundred catties!

Chapter five hundred and twenty seven First call

Li Tianchou was shocked,Just now*He knows the strength of hitting the opponent,But it’s like hitting a rock,My hands are numb,Not only did not cause any damage to Yuan Hua,Also inspired his ferocity。
Facing a swift volley attack,Li Tianchou’s first reaction was to avoid using both hands and feet quickly.,That kind of jade rabbit and eagle’s moves are absolutely useless,The opponent is too fast,I won’t have time to kick off my legs,I might be broken by the sharp claws。
After the fishy wind,Li Tianchou can roll three or four meters away,Suffocated again,The other party is like a ghost, and seems to violate the laws of gravity,Stepping on a tree trunk,Pounce again in midair,Sen cold eyes are bright and scary。
Can’t hide,Li Tianchou burst out,The dagger in his hand shot out,At the same time the lower abdomen and waist contracted suddenly,The power of the whole body is concentrated on the feet,A winding dragon kicks the opponent’s arms。
“Bang bang”After the muffled,Brief collision,Body shapes separate again,It seems that Li Tianchou is a little bit cheaper,The dagger was inserted into Yuan Hua’s armpit,It seems that the strong skin after mutation is not without weaknesses,At least the key joints still have a chance。
And Li Tianchou also discovered another weakness of Yuan Hua,That is, the upper limbs are far less flexible than the lower limbs,All the feet he just kicked out hit the target,Although it cannot cause substantial harm to the other party,But it can effectively destroy the opponent’s attack。
of course,Li Tianchou doesn’t take advantage,The left calf was scratched by the opponent’s claw,Suddenly blood flowed,By coincidence, the old wound was also torn open,The piercing pain instantly calmed him down。
After this clash,Yuan Hua seems to be a little weak,Not tireless like a machine,Its body is so good that it rolls a few times,Back to the place where I just crouched,Shrunk into a ball,Quietly watching Li Tianchou look embarrassed,The dagger inserted under its armpit seems to be nonexistent。
ferocious、flexible、Abnormal speed and strong defense ability,This is the characteristic summed up by Li Tianchou and Yuan Hua in just three interviews,But I don’t know what I’m thinking,Seems to have lost the desire to attack,Squat quietly,like a statue。
“Yuan Hua,Do you remember your name?”Exit a sufficient safety distance,Li Tianchou tried to communicate with each other,“Or old Wu,Wu Fang, you should always have an impression?”
The other party does not seem to respond,But Li Tianchou caught the imperceptible head tilted,So he was very excited,“Wu Fang,Your old buddy,Stupid one,Scold you every time,In Fukuyama,Did you forget?”
“Bang!”A gunshot,Instantly broke the short silence in the forest,The sound source is from the direction of Taniguchi。Yuan Hua suddenly raised his head and screamed,Body suddenly rises into the air,Like a big bird, pounce straight on the low slope not far away,Extremely fast,Going far in a few ups and downs,Li Tianchou almost yelled at this damn gunner。
Almost awakened Yuan Hua’s memory,At the critical moment, a gunshot caused a loss,The fucking bastard in Li Tianchou’s mouth is Hu Dehai。
It was so easy to get to the periphery of the opponent’s encirclement,I didn’t expect the messy gangsters because‘Predator’Suddenly left and quieted down,The idea of fishing in troubled waters is temporarily suppressed。
Hu Dehai did not see Yuan Hua clearly in the distance,I don’t even know where Li Tianchou is hiding,But I accidentally saw a middle-aged man in black。
He recognized the other party’s identity almost at a glance,Face down,But standing like a javelin,And a black dress,Mottled flower hair,It was the mandrill-like opponent who raided him by the mountain road at night,Hu Dehai, who suffered a great loss, subconsciously covered his mouth,Buried his head deeply in the grass nest。
As a senior agent,Hu Dehai never frightened the enemy,But now it’s an extraordinary period,This person has strong perception,You will be found if you are not careful,It’s fine to find death by yourself,Li Tianchou will die if he is tired。

As for this bone, no one has passed,that’s not important,Handed bones,You can also lick again.,May not be more fragrant,Right?

In short,Wooden sweat, even if you all join Zhou Guo,In fact, I can’t see the country.,Insert a nail in the Yuxi and Yindian brothers。
What is more than a female two?,The cost spent is low,And what is the result??If you really want to get up,Turkic custom,A woman,I even serve my brother to take my brother.,Serving the younger brother again to take the sage,Allome。
This matter,Yu Hao is dumb loss,Even the anger of the stomach,Also try to swallow the teeth to the belly,Never confront to Turkic!
Almost a moment,Yuxi understands the sinister heart of the wooden pole,Bias,He can’t attack。after all,Now this princess,The name is A Shi Niyi,Instead of Amina。
As for why she is exactly the same as A Shizuz,this problem,Um,Just see how to understand。Anyway,Two countries and pro,Understand,If you don’t understand,Give yourself a few fists,Also learn to understand。
Uncultivated,Situation is strong,It’s that simple。
Yu Hao’s fist,Suddenly just released。His face showed a strange smile,Sighing Yang Jian said:“This matter,I am more uncomfortable in the hearts of the descendants.,朕 是 is the second。”
He also opened it,Give your brother with green hat this kind of thing,He didn’t think about it before.。But now I think,It seems that it is also very interesting.,Anyway,Not that he takes the initiative to do this。Don’t you marry the queen?,I have been watching?
There is a difficulty in mind。
“His Majesty,There is another thing to say Minha.。”
Yang Jian color tangled,His five senses have always seen some old,It looks now,It is like the old man.。
“Have something to say,Don’t swallow。”
Yu Yu is not good.,Almost on the edge of the fried hair。
“His Majesty,In the meeting,Turkic princess more than once vomiting,Weekly experience”
Yang Jian did not say,There seems to be not needed to say anything.。
“What did you say!”
Yu Yu stands up,A charging Yang Jian’s collar。His face,The arms are shaking slightly。
If it is just sending A Shiza jade,So Yu Yu can think that it is wooden foot to sweat, I hope to play a balance game.!However,Pregnant woman who sent a downlink,This is really a hidden disaster!
“This matter is really?”
“Minister seemed to see,As for true,Minachen also dares to determine。”
“Turkic,Deceive too much!”
Yushu pushed Yang Jian to the ground,Hard students who have neverned them before going to punch the impulse。
He is like a hurtful beast,Standing in place。
obviously,A Shi Nati is not aware of,Some people around Zhou,Especially in the royal family,An attitude towards wild,It’s totally different from the grassland.。
This involves just rigid,Relationship to the throne inheritance,Not far from picking up, simple。
For example, Gao Huan,For when the pick-up is not placed,It’s even more than the son who is suspected.。From this perspective,Gao Huan this person is really a big person。
Northern Dynasty Relie,However, it is not a barbarian society that is rampant.。When the traditional thought system is disintegrating,Often it will be replaced by other new ideas。
For example, Buddhism。
Looking at the people in the future,Often not get the correct conclusion。
However,Yu Yu is still anger by such a behavior!