2018 Nationale website Platform Knowledge Skills Competition eindigde met succes

Op 30 november, gehost door het Central News Network Office, China Internet Development Foundation, Jiangsu Provincial Party Network Network Office, Jiangsu Radio en Televisie Trial Association, 2018 National Website Platform Knowledge Skills Competition Final eindigde in Nanjing.

Na een felle concurrentie won een netwerk van Wu Qian website de GUI Guan, krachtig Shenzhen-website, WU Yan Feng Website Joint Team won de tweede prijs, het UC-team, de locatie van de Henan-website, Zhejiang Laba Site heeft een derde plaats toegekend. Het is duidelijk dat de Nationale Website van 2018 National Website Knowledge Skills Competition is "mooier voor het online huis". Gedurende 4 maanden, alle lokale netbriefkantoor zorgvuldig georganiseerd en de platformplatforms hebben deelgenomen, in totaal meer dan 2.500 websiteplatforms, 10.000 Veel spelers nemen rechtstreeks mee.

Voorafgaand hiernaar heeft de wedstrijd alle lokale selectie, innerlijke Mongoli?, Shaanxi, Guizhou, HEEEI 4 resort en Guangdong semi-finale, een felle, opwindende concurrentie toegewijd, een leerbedrijf, solide foundation, verbetering van een sterke sfeer toegezonden . De laatste finale werd gehouden in de "One Stop" van Jiangsu Satellite TV. Zorg voor de concurrentie.

Bounce, elk team heeft een bamboe, gestaag vooruitgang; in de vraag Link, concurreren de spelers voor de tweede, zowel de "handsnelheid" en vechten "hersenen", het onderwerp is net begonnen, er is al een team begonnen te antwoorden Het antwoord; Risicoprobleem De link is spannender, en de uitdaging van de uitdaging zal de bijbehorende score van het uitdagingsteam aannemen. Het is de uitdaging om de overeenkomstige score van de uitdaging te winnen. De scène heeft herhaaldelijk het spannende moment omgekeerd; de Spraakvraagslink, het on-site bepalingsetoespraakthema Hoewel de spelers speelden, zagen ze de stress niet, en de prachtige toespraak won het applaus. Dit evenement heeft geleid tot de vorm van kennisvaartvaardigheid, die niet alleen het websiteplatform promoot om de onderhavige verantwoordelijkheid beter te implementeren, meer aanmoedigt en drijft de website van de website-platform om het politieke bewustzijn, verantwoordelijkheidsbewustzijn en positiebewustwording te versterken, en voortdurend het leren van de verantwoordelijkheid, en continu te versterken , en verbetering van professionele vaardigheden. Niveau, verdere promotie netwerksynthese, onderhouden een goede netwerk-ecologische omgeving, om een ??fundering voor de netwerkruimte van de Tianlang te bouwen, de concurrentie te bereiken, om de goede resultaten van de competitie te bevorderen.

(China Net Letter Network Xie Bolong).

Another pilot shopping mall realizes the upgrade of the princess grave, the department store new debut

  Cuiwei Building reloaded, creating "Technology Landscape +" multi-channel experience, sculpture digital light and shadow, AR yuan universe, cultural display light and shadow, digital screen and other technical applications bring to consumers’ new shopping experience.

Our reporter 阎 彤 摄 技 感 品 品 品 品 品 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改

As one of the traditional shopping malls of this city, one of the upgraded projects, the princess of Cuiwei Department Store has become more fashionable in the image, the business is more abundant, the newly stationed brand reaches nearly 100, and consumers have more Yuan’s shopping experience. The Cuiwei Department Store, opened in 1997, once known as "Jingxi’s most luxury department store", is one of the preferred land of Jingxi residents.

However, with the rise of other business districts, the online shopping tide shock, the Cuiwei Department Store Princess Tomb Store is slightly old, and it is urgent to transform.

On March 28 this year, the Cui Min department store has temporarily closed the store, launched the upgrade and transformation, and the B is working properly.

  The reporter visited that the Cuiwei Department Store Princess Tomb Store has just begun the trial operation, the shopping malls 1 to 4 layers and the underground layer have appeared, mainly the retail industry.

The relevant person in charge introduces that the mall will also create a gourmet city at 5 floors, and introduce a cinema; a layer will introduce an electronic bookstore, in addition to paper books, and e-books for readers. After the upgrade, the new introduction of the princess of the princes, including 37 brands in which the department store has introduced 37 brands. There are 12 brands for the first store in Beijing or Haidian, and the shopping atmosphere is more international and fashionable. Catering industry has introduced Ding Taifeng, Deichuan family, etc. "I saw it again, I saw it again, so I came in, I used to feel tradition, this time I opened a lot of new brands, the whole is more young.

"Ms. "Strolling in the retrofitable shopping mall, you can see the technology element everywhere. On the column of different floors in the mall, the number screen is embedded, and the flowing picture forms a cool" technology landscape ". Future can hold a digital light and shadow, cultural display light and shadow Show, etc. In addition, the 4-storey patio forms a public leisure area, not only poses a table and chair, but also sets a screen, consumers can play games through the pedals. Future, shopping malls will continue to implant Multi-dimensional cultural series activities.

  The princess grave businesswood will accelerate the promotion of overall upgrading.

According to the preliminary design of the Haidian District Bureau of Commerce, the princess of the princess will realize the transformation from the traditional department store to the integrated experience of integrated business.

Among them, Cuiwei Building and the North side of the urban and rural Commercial Building planned to build a night consumption gathering area, and the South side plans to create quality leisure blocks, combined with a diversified manner, reshape the "Beijing West First Business Circle".

Averaged in Guyuan reduced more than 20 million tons into the yellow mud

On October 27, Zhuangzhuang Village, Baoyang Town, Pengyang County returned to the forest, and the cadres and the masses waved the iron shovel, and the autumn replantation completion project was implemented. Guyuan City has implemented the construction of the southern water source, the construction of village greening and the construction of the courtyard economion, the construction of eco-economic forestry, has completed more than 560,000 mu of land greening projects.

Over the years, the people of Guyuan cadres will take a generation, and a blueprint is painted in the end.

Focusing on the Six-Pile Mountain Ecosystem, implementing the creation of Liupan Mountain National Forest Park and the Shanshui Lin Tianhu’s Ecological Protection Repair Project, "Sanbei" protective forest engineering, natural forest protection project, water source conservation forest project, retreat land, 400 mm precipitation line Green afforestation project, forest grass industry demonstration project, etc., continuously strengthen soil and water conservation, water conservation, water quality improvement ability. With the focus of Qingshui River, the Hulu River, Yuhe, Yuhe, Ruhe Wuhe River Basin, coordinate the integrated governance of Mountain Waterland Tima Lake, implementation of soil erosion of soil erosion in small watershed and returning to forests, and the sludge dam default Strengthening, sloping cultivation, etc. Adhere to the main line of guaranteeing and maintaining ecological function, constructing the ecological space pattern of "two-screen Sichuan" maintained by Liupshan Soil and Water Conservation Ecological Corridor, built into the mountains and small rivers as the main line, small river is the network, Beautiful ecological corridor.

After several generations of people, green becomes a heavy base color.

As of the end of 2020, the total land area of ??Guyuan City reached 6.68 million mu, accounting for% in the city’s land area; forest coverage reached 1%, forest grass covers 73%; the total area of ??wetland is 10,000 hectares, national focus protection wild animals The protection rate reached 96%.

Through biological measures such as planting, planting, Guyuan City accumulates the area square kilometers, the degree of governance reaches%, the potential of soil loss is fundamentally improved, and the average annual reduction of more than 20 million tons, annual average increase production of 100 million kilograms , Basically reach the comprehensive protection function of "flooding without mountains, sediments, heavy rains", and realize the goal of "mountain change green, ground, water, and smooth".

At the same time, the blue sky, clear water, and the pure land defense, "13th Five" have reached more than 97%, and the number of environmental air quality in Guyuan City has reached more than 97%, and the atmospheric environment has been ran in the region for 5 consecutive years; in addition to the water quality of Qingshui River, The water quality of the river, the Hulu River, Yuhe, Ru River is a class II.

In recent years, Guyuan City adheres to ecological priority, green development, and in-depth development of ecological system, ecological environment, ecological space, ecological economy, ecological life, ecological culture, etc., promoting mountain green and people, ecological protection and high quality development Organic binding. Recently, Guyuan City successfully selected the fifth batch of national ecological civilization construction demonstration zones. (Reporter 剡文) (Editor: 梦 婕, 容) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Beautiful to suffocate! Autumn sunset leaves amazing time

Beautiful to suffocate! Autumn sunset leaves stunning time http: /// TECH / 5_IMG / UPLOAD / 3911B535 / 403 / W2048H1555 / 20211116 /: /// N / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535 / 403 / W2048H1555 / 2021116 //: /// N / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535 / 403 / W2048H1555 / 403 / W2048H1555 / 2021116 / / November 16th 08:56 Local time October 30, Germany Sieversdorf, vine plants on the exterior wall of autumn small house. 117002 beautiful suffocation! Autumn sunset leaves stunning time http: /// TECH / 5_IMG / UPLOAD / 3911B535 / 254 / W2048H1406 / 20211116 /: /// N / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535 / 254 / w2048h1406 / 2021116 //: /// N / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535 / 254 / W2048H1406 / 2021116 / / November 16th, November 16th 08:56 Unconscious, it is a deciduous autumn, the wind is scraping, willing to fall or not, may it Creating a spring mud.

117003 beautiful to suffocate! Autumn sunset leaves stunned time http: /// TECH / 5_IMG / UPLOAD / 3911B535 / 211 / W2048H1363 / 20211116 /: /// n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535 / 211 / w2048h1363 / 2021111 //: /// N / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535 / 211 / W2048H1363 / 2021116 / / November 16th, 08:56 Local time September 20, Germany, autumn leaves colorful. 117004 beautiful suffocation! Autumn sunset leaves stunned time http: /// TECH / 5_IMG / UPLOAD / 3911B535 / 213 / W2048H1365 / 20211116 /: /// N / tech / 5_ori / up2048H1365 / 2021116 //: /// N / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535 / 213 / W2048H1365 / 2021116 / / November 16, November 16th 08:56 The late autumn is the most beautiful when the new bridge is the most beautiful, in the sun, look at it, a golden yellow. 117005 beautiful suffocation! Autumn sunset leaves stunned time http: /// TECH / 5_IMG / UPLOAD / 3911B535 / 335 / W2048H1487 / 20211116 /: /// n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535 / 335 / W2048H1487 / 2021116 //: //// N / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535 / 335 / W2048H1487 / 2021116 / / November 16, 2016 08:56 Local time October 30, 2016, Germany Sieversdorf, aerial photography. 117006 beautiful suffocation! Autumn sunset leaves stunned time http: /// TECH / 5_IMG / UPLOAD / 3911B535 / 295 / W2048H1447 / 20211116 /: /// n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535 / 295 / w2048h1447/2021111 //: //// N / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535 / 295 / W2048H1447 / 2021116 / / November 16, 2017 08:56 local time November 8, 2017, Kashmir area, French phoenix Golden red.

117007 beautiful suffocation! Autumn sunset leaves stunning time http: /// TECH / 5_IMG / UPLOAD / 3911B535 / 178 / W2048H1330 / 20211116 /: /// N / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535/178 / w2048h1330 / 2021111 //: /// n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 3911b535 / 178 / 3911b535 / 178 / W2048H1330 / 2021116 / / November 16, November 2, 2020 November 2, United Kingdom, Petrio, a cockapoo Among the golden fallen leaves, the picture cures. 117008.

Anhui KFC launched the "Little Swing Mother Theme Restaurant" in Fuyang

On the morning of December 11, Fuyang Women’s Federation Guo Chairman issued a plaque in the small martial arts mother’s theme restaurant, which was officially launched by the KFC Anhui Saicheng Bird Mom Theme Restaurant. In 2017, KFC began to pilot the public welfare model of the small martial arts mother restaurant. At present, more than 750 restaurants in Hunan, Chongqing, Henan, Hubei and other provinces have been opened. In order for a long time, parents who are willing to return to their children will provide employment opportunities. .

At present, all KFC restaurants in Fuyang (including urban, too harmonious, Linquan, 颍, etc.) are prioritized to recruit left-back and mobile children return home, welcome the return of the small martial arts mother, so that love is no longer absent.

Fuyang City Women’s Federation Chairman Guo Lin gave a card to KFC’s Colorful World Restaurant Manager from Zhejiang to go to the country to return home to Fuku Restaurant, KFC, KFC, Li Juan, who took the 12-year-old daughter to witness the KFC Little Swing Mother Theme Restaurant Mosage Ceremony.

To put back home, it is from the March to visit, seeing her daughter into mobile games. The results of learning achievements have also declined. After exchangering my daughter, I know that there is a lack of companionship, I have no relatives can always spend any time. . After discussion with the husband, Li Juan decided to resign to the foreign work and accompany the child.

When I took my daughter to eat KFC, I found the restaurant mother, let the love home recruit, Li Juan appointed.

In the past six months, the changes in children have been witnessed: learning scores are gradually improved, and they also take the initiative to learn guzheng. On the road and under the road, they have a chat, and the seeds that have been chatted with their mother. The seeds of science and technology dreams are also held. Troubleshooting the world’s small camp activities, 16 have been together with their mother, together with their mother, and visited 2021 China Aerospace Science Exhibition (Fuyang Station). He is very interested in these space knowledge, and he is very expected on the way. When the 10-year-old Yishangn and the 5-year-old sister, they have been linked to all space exhibition areas. When they excitedly visited and experience, their mother Wang Xueqing has been with the child. In November last year, Wang Xueqing was determined, and his husband returned to his hometown.

She found a job in the KFC restaurant, her husband continued to do decoration, so there is time to accompany the children.

It’s amazing, the original space is like this! I have to study hard, exercise your body, and grow up to be asking for astronauts! The little swings have expressed their moods and dreams, an aerospace journey, in the hearts of the small swords, have already broadcast the seeds of chasing space dreams. The public welfare of the growth, KFC’s Little Swing Bird Fund has its own thinking 2016 KFC China and China Children’s Children’s Children’s Foundation jointly launched the establishment of a small migratory bird fund, from germination to growth, affirmative public welfare concept of love, KFC’s small migratory bird fund is always explored Attitude, providing practical care and help from different dimensions for more small migratory birds.

Behind this kind of dynamic, in addition to the initial heart of public welfare, persistence, there is also a cautious thinking and heart.

At the beginning of the establishment of KFC, the Working direction will be placed in how to establish a systematic, long-term and affiliated group communication channel.

Based on the network and system of the National Women’s Federation of Women and Children’s Children, build a small migratory bird love book corner and continuously supplement quality books in the basic model, and the grassroots party and the women’s party will enter the resignation, mobile children ‘gathering community, and left-behind, Mobile children’s small migratory birds have established a higher efficiency and high interaction. At the same time, KFC has played brand advantage, relying on restaurant channels and brand influence, so that KFC’s small swing birds care for public welfare to radiate throughout the country, introducing various advantageous resources, and enriching the eyes of small migratory birds, enriching their experience. Up to now, the KFC’s Small Swong Bird Fund has donated more than 700,000 high-quality children’s books to the 900,000 books in the 900,000 books, and established nearly 2,000 books and cooking activities, accumulated. Hall all 4 million children.

The era is changing in a moment, and the public welfare is not a constant. In the face of new sites, new trends, especially the new environment after the epidemic, KFC’s small migratory bird fund boldly innovation, breakthrough thinking restrictions, boldly in the form of epidemic, the literary training team to go to the countryside, the Internet live cloud performance, etc. Love is definitely walks into the mountainside, walking to the small swing birds, and let their voice have been seen by more people. In recent years, the development of rural revitalization and rural education has touched countless Chinese hearts.

The Small Swing Bird Fund has been joined in 2017 to launch a kimono reading bucket, creative auxiliary teaching aircraft and vivid education methods, enhancing the country teachers to enhance children’s classroom interaction.

Recently designed to promote rural teachers to strengthen the education of primary school aesthetic education, designed to dig their children’s appreciation and creativity. I hope that these small migratory birds can become the reserve power of rural residence, and they are better tomorrow.

In the past five years, the KFC’s Little Swing Bird Fund has continued to approach the left-behind, mobile children, create more warm, love, and visible to these children. At the same time, the KFC’s small migratory fund also actively played its own resource advantage, through the national 300 million stores and over 300 million online platforms, to more public, the growth story of the small migratory bird, showing the power of public welfare Active changes, thereby advocating more people to join the vulnerable group care, helping to promote the spirit of the whole people.

Just as Huang Yutun, KFC said: In the future, KFC will adhere to the public welfare, join hands with the same-minded public welfare partner, continue to send love to more left-behind, mobile children, lead the small migratory bird to discover, to hug more colorful The world and better yourself, let more daemons can embrace the sun and grow up.

7 Medische instellingen in Dongcheng Suspend Business

Originele titel: Dongcheng 7 Medical Institutions Suspend Business News (Reporter Sun LEQI Correspondent Lu Jing Ting) Dongcheng Endo Conservering Office voltooide het volledige dekkingstoezicht en inspectie van 286 sociale kantoor kleine medische instellingen in het hele district, en ontdekte dat er een epidemische preventie was en controleprobleem in de inspectie. De medische instellingen worden beschreven, en de administratieve straf en opdracht om het bedrijfsleven op te schorten.

  Om de medische instelling aan te sporen om de preventie en controle van de epidemie te voorkomen, consolideert u het onderwerp van de epidemiepreventie en -controle van de medische instelling, de Dongcheng-district Wei Prefare-afdeling mobiliseert dringend 40 werkgroepen en 3 professionele afdelingen en de sociale school van 286 Kleine medische instellingen in het hele distributiecontrole van het districtsdekking.

De belangrijkste problemen die in de inspectie zijn gevonden, zijn: 11-type symptomen zoals hoog-risicogebieden worden niet in de tijd bijgewerkt; 10 soorten symptomen zoals koorts en droge hoest zijn niet ingevuld zoals vereist; het personeel is niet perfect gezond; desinfectie Records; Medische schoonheidsinstellingen hebben uitgewone maskers.

  Dongcheng District East Guide is geconcentreerd op de verantwoordelijke persoon van 17 medische instellingen in het bestaan ??van epidemische preventie en controle, en 8 medische instellingen prominent, de East 50 medische instellingen hebben administratieve straffen, en de Peking Pingxin Turki Interpretatieafdeling, Peking Yong’an Medische keten 7 medische instellingen zoals de Oost-48 Chinese geneeskundekliniek werden gelanceerd volgens de wet, besteld om het bedrijfsleven op te schorten.

Tijdens de schorsing van het bedrijfsleven moet de medische instelling de vrijstelling van de epidemische preventie en -controle herstellen. Nadat de supervisor wordt herzien, kan het worden geopend nadat de supervisor wordt herzien. Het is niet toegestaan ??om de diagnose zonder beoordeling te openen.

Vervolgens zal Dongcheng District East Guide Station "Terugkijk" Supervisie-inspectie voor medische instellingen die in de vorige inspecties zijn gevonden, en de medische instellingen die weigeren om te verhelpen, zullen worden behandeld, en er is een ernstige kwetsbaarheid voor de preventie en controle van de epidemie . Krijg het. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Beware of "credit card stolen brush" Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau prompts "three major attention"

People’s Network Beijing September 22 On September 22, the Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued a risk prompt, consumers need to be able to guard against credit cards.

When consumers dinner at night, I suddenly received ten text messages sent by the bank, showing each amount of 5,000 yuan consumption record, and the total brush is 50,000 yuan.

Dingmou immediately opened the wallet and found that the credit card was still around, but the card forgotten the card in the cashier before recalling the card before recalling.

After Ding Mou, immediately dial a call for the card issuance and dial the alarm phone under the guidance of the bank staff, and communicate with the bank staff and police comrades.

The credit card is an important financial instrument, which is convenient, satisfied with payment, consumption, and staging, etc. in daily life, but it has been used by some criminals. There is a safety hazard. The credit card is stolen. It is usually two situations: one is a criminal card or disabled. This situation is much because the cardholder lost the credit card and leaked the password; the other is a criminal copy forged credit card, and steals the password, stealing the brush on the ground or line, the case in the case is this situation.

In order to safeguard consumers’ property safety, the Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau suggests consumers, prevent credit cards and stolen brushes, and three aspects should be paid: First, keep it safe. Custure credit cards and corresponding documents, keep the information on credit card, and password, keep the mobile phone number reserved when the card is kept. Don’t use the credit card to use or inform others password, apply for mobile banking or online banking, you must be vigilant when you operate transactions, and pay attention to account changes in time.

The second is the standard payment.

Go to a regular merchant for credit card, pay attention to there is undoubted equipment around you, pay attention to keep your secure distance from others to prevent the password from being peeked.

Improve the vigilance of phishing websites, insecure links, fraudulent calls, do not enter passwords in an unsafe environment to avoid information disclosure.

The third is to open SMS reminders.

Try to open the credit card SMS notification function and pay attention to it, keep the funds change, improve the reaction rate, prevent loss of loss.

Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau suggests that once the credit card is stolen, consumers should keep in mind three measures: one is to freeze or report in time. I found that the credit card was stolen. The first time called the issuer bank official customer service phone, informing the abnormal transaction, freezing the account or the lost card in time.

If you involve a third-party payment platform, please contact the control money immediately. Second, immediately report to the public security organ. Retain the case receipt.

Details the stolen brush, the certificate of credit card is still kept by himself, and the consumption of theft is not. Some payment agencies need cardholders to provide a case-requested a certificate of proof as a denying transaction.

The third is fixed evidence.

Immediately go to the near-ATM or POS to make a credit card transaction, prove that the card is not lost, and the fixed electronic evidence caulsted that the person card is not separated.

If the card has been frozen or lost, the credit card will not succeed. When the ATM machine transaction, the card may be swallowed, please don’t panic, follow-up processing according to the bank’s relevant regulations.

(Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Traffic investment exerts "stabilizer" role in some areas to achieve high-speed growth

People’s Network Beijing October 28 (Wang Zi) Today, the Ministry of Transport held a press conference in October, introduced the economic operation of transportation transportation in the third quarter of 2020. Wu Chungeng, Director of the Ministry of Transport, said that the main transportation of transportation in the first three quarters of this year, "first drop, rise, tend to normal", and do "six stable" work, implement "six guarantees" "The task, especially in terrestrial investment, steady employment, has played an important first engineering role. Specifically, this year’s economic operation in the first three quarters of the transportation is presented in the following characteristics: First, traffic investment has played an important "stabilizer" role. Despite the influence of new coronal pneumonia, the investment in transportation fixed asset investment in the first three quarters of this year maintained a high level operation.

The traffic fixed asset investment in the first three quarters is trillion, and the year-on-year increase.

This growth rate is not easy to get in the influence of the epidemic. At the same time, this growth rate is the highest level in the same period in the past three years. In the first three quarters of 2018, the increase is%, and the growth in the first three quarters in 2019 is%.

Among the completed trillion yuan investment, the road waterway completed the investment probably trillion, accounting for the total target tasks of the year, completed%, completed the annual target task in advance. Invest in high-level operations, to do a good job of "six stable" work, implement the "Six Bao" mission played an important support. Second, the whole society is growing for five consecutive months.

The whole society in the first three quarters is declined, and the decline in the same period last year, but this ratio is already small.

From the perspective of moonlight, it has achieved a good situation that the cargo volume has been negative, and in the past five months. In the third quarter, the amount of freight volume reached%, gradually, and basically returned to the level of normal growth.

The third is that some areas have realized high-speed growth. There are three highlights in the third quarter of the third quarter, and the three areas present high-speed growth trend. The postal express delivery industry, completed the traffic volume billion in the first three quarters, increased year-on-year; China-European class has opened 8756 columns, an increase of 46% year-on-year, and the increase is faster; container iron wire transportation volume reaches a widaking box, a year-on-year growth.

It can be said that postal express, China-Europe class becomes a typical case of cross-critically ventilation and challenge, and accelerating development.

The fourth is the high-speed rail, civil aviation and other fields present a rapid recovery.

In terms of civil aviation, the domestic route passenger traffic has returned to 98% in the third quarter, and the plane has not felt that the plane is not good to buy.

In terms of railways, at the end of the third quarter, the traveler’s passenger delivery returned to 80%.

In a sentence, "the traffic is a barometer of the economy". From the metrology of the first three quarters, the indicators of transportation development are good, and the operational trend is stable.

To a certain extent, the traffic front has become a bright landscape in the economic operation. In the first three quarters of traffic development indicators and stable operational trends, on the one hand, the good operational situation of my country’s macroeconomic economy was also firmly confident in the completion of the year-round development.

(Editor: Wang Zi, Li Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Chengdu strengthens air pollution prevention and control with scientific and technological means

As the temperature is gradually rising in summer, high temperature and high radiation can easily throw ozone pollution. To this end, Chengdu uses atmospheric environment with a three-dimensional navigation observation vehicle to strengthen air pollution prevention and control. Recently, the atmospheric environment Stereo observation car passed by a company, a company, a company, a corporate, and found that VOC was seriously exceeded.

After the on-site verification, the company violated the inception of open-air spray paint, and the observation vehicle staff will report this situation to the Chengdu Ecological Environment Bureau.

Hu Xiang, staff member Hu Xiang, the staff of Chengdu Ring, said that VOC is an important precondition of ozone, and excessive emissions will cause ozone step by step, affecting air quality. Through VOC navigation monitoring, the distribution of key regions VOC and odor gas can be found, emission law, enrichment of environmental air quality monitoring, and enhance environmental air quality abnormal point reasons for investigation and emergency emergency monitoring capabilities. According to Hu Xiang, atmospheric environmental stereo observation vehicles have been monitored to VOC, and the 3D aerosol container radar is also equipped with a real-time navigation monitoring of aerosol and particulate matter. (Queen) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia).

Toyota will launch four new SUVs and hurry to see if you like it?

For Toyota Motors, this year is a high-yield year. Not long ago, Crown Lu Anti and the new Hanlanda have just been listed, followed by the Toyota game in the MPV sector, and in the case of the new car, Toyota has once again enabled "lunken trick".

The Guangzhou Auto Show, Toyota will launch four new SUVs, two of which are compact SUVs, which are priced, and two are medium-sized SUVs between honor and Hanlan. Toyota is riveting, let go of the rhythm of life.

Everyone in Carolola should be unfamiliar, this is a global selling model, and Corolla Cross is his SUV version.

Although the new car is called Carolla Cross, but the shape is very different from Carolla. The front of the new car adopted a large smoked black gas grille, the front surrounding, surrounded, the lamination was surrounded by a large "black" panel, and overall looks very thick, full of wild. This is a larger difference in this and fashionable Carolla.

The Carolla Cross body size is 4460/1825 / 1620mm, the wheelbase is 2640mm, positioned as small SUV.

Such a body size is more than a small SUV such as C-HR, Yuze, etc. In terms of power, Carolla Cross will carry engine, maximum power 171 horsepower, peak torque 209n · m, match CVT gearbox.

As for the price that everyone cares, do you think of how much is appropriate? Toyota’s dual-car strategy should be familiar. FAW Toyota has Carolla, Asian dragon, 泽 and honor, then the corresponding Guangqi Toyota has Lei Ling, Camry, C-HR and Willanda. Similarly, FAW Toyota has Corolla Cross, then Guangzhou Automobile Toyota has Fengnda.

Therefore, as the sister model of Carolla Cross, Fengnda also uses the same design elements, including the size of the body, power system, etc., all of the Corora CROSS is much different.

In fact, Toyota has a model of C-HR, Yuze, and other models in the small SUV field, with a price of 14-..2 million yuan. Therefore, the sharp edges of the dimensions are bound to C-HR in pricing. However, it may be C-HR and 泽 造 个 personality, the positioning of slightly small people, the market performance is a bit embarrassed. So size and space larger Crom’s CROSS and Fengnda’s arrival, can you capture more cakes in this segment? In addition to the above two new cars, there are two larger SUVs will be unveiled in this Guangzhou Auto Show. One is FAW Toyota Ling, an air, GAC Toyota Wei.

These two cars are sister models, positioned between honors and Hanlan. Rongji / Wanta is a compact SUV positioned as 200,000 levels, and Crown Lufang / Hanlan Da is a medium-sized SUV positioned as 300,000. Although the two segment prices can just be connected, but for the 25,000-level market segment, there is still a new car to continue to be consolidated, so Ling and Wei are coming.

Both new cars use slipped styles, and also use the current popular running tail light, it seems to have a fashionable atmosphere.

The lingering body size is 4755/1855 / 1660mm, the wheelbase is 2690mm; the long-width height of the might is 4780/1855 / 1660mm, the wheelbase is 2690mm, so the Wei Wei is 25mm longer than the Ling. From the data perspective, the wheelbase of these two cars is the same, but the body size is more than Willanda and honor, so space performance will undoubtedly better. In terms of power, Ling and Wei Wei will carry the fuel and mixed version of power.

Among them, the pure fuel model is equipped with an engine, a maximum power of 171 hp, peak torque 209n · m, matches the CVT stepless gearbox. Mixed version of the model is equipped with an engine-based THSIi mixing system. This is also a power system that is honored and Wanta.

The SUV market has always been a must for the vehicle enterprises. For the joint venture brand, the 15-300,000-level SUV market needs to strive for "treasure". From this time, the Guangzhou Auto Show Toyota’s lineup, for 150,000 SUV market, Toyota is about to launch two rooms in Carolla Cross and Fronta, with a larger compact SUV, to supplement C-HR and 泽 空 房 短.

In the 250,000-level SUV market in the defensive slightly weak, Toyota is about to launch two models of Ling and Wei. Since then, Toyota 15-300 million SUV market will be more stable.