British officials to visit China to seek "stability"

[] Britain’s new Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt ended his trip to China. British Foreign Office stressed that this visit is important for the first time after Hunt became foreign minister to visit international activities, even before he is scheduled to travel to France and Vienna, extraordinary significance.

  Hunter’s visit the main purpose is to seek cooperation in China-Britain bilateral trade, financial services, regional and international issues such as, generally speaking, is to increase the stability of the cooperation with the world’s second largest economy, hedge "off Europe" to Britain instability brought about.

Hunter from the Minister of Health was promoted to Minister of Foreign Affairs itself is because his predecessor, Boris Johnson because of incompatibility with the Prime Minister’s views on "de-European" problem suddenly resigned. British Foreign Office had said before the visit Hunt, Britain and China have played an important role on the international stage, in the "off Europe" and will be the occasion of the economy more "export-oriented", the UK is committed to deepening and China for 21 century global comprehensive strategic partnership. The British government on the one hand and the EU should strive to negotiate, we must also focus on the long term, to create objective of "globalization Britain" in their eyes to go beyond the EU to embrace the world, which brings huge opportunities for UK-China cooperation. According to the schedule given by the official, Hunter’s trip is mainly to attend the ninth China-UK strategic dialogue. Hunter participation in high-level exchange mechanism chaired the meeting in Britain in the humanities Ren Weisheng minister had, this is the first time he played a key role in the Sino-British strategic dialogue. During the dialogue, Hunt held talks with senior Chinese officials, which is an important part of follow-up talks around June this year, China decided to lift the ban on British beef imports. The Chinese measures to expand imports of openness and widely welcomed by all sectors of the UK, British beef producers have called the "landmark" decision, the media is expected in the next five years the British beef trade will more than 2 billion yuan. China is the world’s second largest importer of beef, beef is the world’s fastest growing market, with beef as the representative of Chinese trade and economic opportunities attracted select the "off Europe" in the UK. Not long ago, Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming when talking about the British side to be held in China, "China International Import Expo" attitude towards the said Britain reacted "very enthusiastic, positive," enterprises are very active, involved in high-end manufacturing , automotive, medical equipment manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, travel services, as well as electronics, clothing, apparel and so on.

This fully demonstrates the Chinese market more attractive to UK businesses.

  It is worth noting that Hunter is "Chinese law", he understand China, China’s rising consumer to know who is destined to change the world, know the importance of English in the British trade development. Hunter’s visit, relations between Britain and repeatedly referred to the "golden age", the Chinese side also called for the "golden age" fineness is greater, more highlights, go more stable. But the "golden age" of the cast depends on the two sides meet each other halfway and work together is not easy.

Just before Hunt’s visit, the British government issued "national security and investment," the White Paper, aimed at tightening the review of large-scale overseas acquisitions, public opinion worried this will affect Chinese investment in Britain.

Chinese officials said at the meeting with Hunter "I hope the British side to provide a good institutional guarantee for UK companies to invest in China", it is perhaps for this purpose. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.