College student physique testing and diploma directly linked, it is time to really

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If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page "Physical test hook diploma", it is time to real grid, if you are the big new life of this "double first class", your middle and long run, pull up, sit-up Sitting, standing long jump, sorry, 4 years later, you will not get a diploma! This is not a joke.

The university issued "the most strict sports school rules" is Yunnan University. The school began in the fall of 2021, and the physical fitness test and diploma were directly hooked.

  In the past two days, the news of Yunnan University issued "the most strict sports school rules" caused attention. According to reports, the new sporting regulations of the school, all grades of undergraduate were opened in sports must be repaired, and the four years of total 200 hours.

The content of the sports class exam in the semester is divided into "sports skills + physical test + usual results", if the total score is not good, even if you have achieved good results, you can’t get the cloud big diploma.

  "Physical test link diploma" is not the first initiative of Yunnan University.

In 2007, the Ministry of Education has proposed this requirement. In 2014, the Ministry of Education issued the "basic standards" of higher education institutions ", clearly stipulates that" the "National Student Physical Health Standard" management system is established, and the student test score is included in the student file. Evaluation, the important basis of the evaluation. When graduating, the student test results can not reach 50 units. " However, this provision has not been fully implemented, some universities are worried that if strict implementation, it will lead to a considerable number of college students can’t graduate, so they often have only eyes, or use physical examination instead of physical test . Despite the continuous improvement of social living standards, the continued decline of college students is not struggling. In September this year, the Ministry of Education issued the 8th National Student Physical Quality and Health Survey. Compared with 2014, there are many indicators of the national 19 to 22-year-old college students in 2019, and men and women have different degrees of decline in different degrees of decline in men and women. Representing the 800m of girls with endurance quality and 800 meters of the girls fell second, seconds.

  The root cause of college students’ physical health level continues to decline is the life of life and poor life. On the one hand, the courses in the primary and secondary schools have been heavy, health awareness has not been formulated, causing students to form a long-lasting behavioral habit, lacking awareness of health care for physical exercise.

Unhealthy lifestyle that is insufficient, insufficient sleep, irregularity, and dietary unreasonable, affecting students’ physical fitness, affecting physical and mental health.

At the same time, the development of the Internet has made many college students into the virtual world, and there are very few time to go outdoors.

As the Dean of Yunnan University, Wang Zongping said: "Now college students need to enhance their physical fitness, they are willing to play games in the dormitory, and they are not willing to go out.

"Enhance students ‘physical fitness, contain continuous decline trends, in addition to strengthening publicity, more need to be transferred to the system, stimulate students to strengthen exercise, develop good habits. The status quo of college students’ group mass, shelving" physical test hook diploma "The implementation of the rules seem to be love for college students, the fact is a kind of harm.

Over time, it has formed a vicious circle, and colleges and universities are increasingly daring to be realized, college students are increasingly paying attention to physical health. Yunnan University is worth promoting, it is time to really grid.

"Physical test link diploma" is not a flood beast. As long as you open the sports class, make full use of the good sports classroom main position, plus the active cooperation between students, actively exercise, students’ physical fit can be effectively improved, realize the "small goal" of the graduation certificate. There are college teachers’ direct words, "99% of students can pass after exercise." The standard acquisition certificate is only one aspect. More importantly, through this "good fortification" to help college students develop exercise habits, they will benefit for life.