“I really don’t understand your name!Where did I hear the name Barry,The puppy of a colleague before me,Called Barry!”

Fang Yu slowly said。
Barry looked cold,I’m all annoyed。
Fang Yu dared to scold him!
colleague,He still feels pain in his right hand。
Fang Yu’s strength,How could it be so big!
“Shirley……Time is almost up!We should go!”
Fang Yu feels Guo Xueli is embarrassed,Reminded。
“You are leaving so soon?”
Barry is a little depressed。
He still wanted to be alone with Guo Xueli。
But never thought,Suddenly a Fang Yu appeared。
Changed the way and scolded him!
“Yes,Coffee you can enjoy slowly……Barry!”Fang Yu said。
“I am not a dog!”
Barry displeased。
“Mr. Barry,I never said that!”
Fang Yu finished,Pulling the stupefied Guo Xueli away。