Rhubarb cures less than constipation

Rhubarb cures less than constipation

The neighbour Xiao Wang always felt that his stool was dry and unobstructed. The old Chinese medicine doctor carefully touched his veins and prescribed 4 Chinese medicines.

But after Xiao Wang took 4 decoctions, the condition not only did not improve, but it became worse.

The old Chinese medicine explained that it was not due to the wrong medicine, or Xiao Wang’s improper cooking of Chinese medicine rhubarb.

  Rhubarb tastes bitter cold, enters the spleen, stomach, large intestine, heart, liver meridians, is a traditional Chinese medicine used to clear heat and relieve fire, and stagnate laxative drugs, and has a very good effect on gastrointestinal fever or constipation caused by other symptoms.

However, in order to achieve the desired laxative effect of rhubarb alkaline, scientific cooking methods need to be mastered.

  In decoction, rhubarb is most suitable 10-15 minutes before other medicines are cooked.

Modern research shows that the main component of rhubarb-causing diarrhea is anthracene compounds, which easily decompose water. If the frying time is too long, the anthracene compounds are destroyed, and the astringent and antidiarrheal component contained in rhubarb — preservativesDissolution not only loses its purgative effect, but also causes constipation.

During the decoction, Xiao Wang boiled rhubarb and several other medicines for more than 40 minutes, so not only was he unable to urinate, but he also made constipation worse.